Model ID Request


I don’t think I’ve put out an ID request for a very long, long time. So I get a free pass with this one. If you name her, I’ll give you 4037 brownie points, which you can cash in for brownies from your wife. She said it’s cool. I did a few image searches to see what came up, and I found websites that had her picture with text on it, so I Google Translated it and got this:

“The characteristics of non-specific vaginitis”

So unless her parents absolutely hate her, chances are her photos were stolen and used for spam. But hey, I never understood Chinese names.Photos:








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  1. She looks far too sweet and innocent (read ‘virginal’) to be associated with “The characteristics of non-specific vaginitis”. Although, maybe her pic was used to advertise a product to fix that problem.
    On that note, I chuckle when I see, on this particular Chinese site, product advertised called ‘Strong Root’ (ginseng probably) – a sort of Chinese viagra.
    Lots of unidentified NAKED Chinese models there as well. And I have no idea who this pretty one is.

  2. Not suggesting you go to that site, I mentioned, but I just noticed that an ‘a’ attached itself to the end of the URL.
    And after a closer look, I still don’t know who she is..but I believe she gets prettier.

  3. I like everything about this mystery girl. Size of boobs or butt is a non-issue here. She’s so pretty and innocent looking, she looks like an actual girl-next-door type that you might meet here in the SF bay area, which is the real appeal in my eyes.

  4. Looks corruptible… she’s perfect… haha! I’m wondering about those amazing eyes, though. While I’m not against the Western look…

  5. Really pretty girl, and yes wholesome too. A little to thin/skinny for my taste, her arms especially in pic 4 are just odd.

  6. Was looking at this one and another you had made a request about. But all I could find out was that she’s probably Taiwanese. Sorry I couldn’t find out more but there’s only 24 hours in a day.

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Model ID Request


Well, I don’t know who this cute (Japanese?) model is, but she rubs me in all the right places. I was hoping one of you out there could ID her for me. She may already have an Asian Sirens Post, but I don’t recognize her at all. If you can ID her, I’ll try to give her another special post in the not too distant future.












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  1. The photos are too heavily touched up as usual, but I nevertheless feel confident in saying this girl is exceedingly cute, even by JAV girl standards.

  2. I agree. Her face is wonderful, and her body shape is perfectly acceptable. There is no way her skin is that perfect though or that vibrant, which is where the photos are clearly the most misleading. Still, I have to imagine that if I can find out her name, and she has enough galleries, chances are she is going to have some great additional photos as well. I’ll gladly be giving her a second post if she hasn’t been featured here already and we can find out who she is.

  3. I do not know who she is.

    But some thoughts…
    “” is the tag on the pics. Looks like this is a site that get photos for beautiful asian women from everywhere… so not much help.

    The site has her pictures under “Cute” and “Japanese”…

    But there is something “un-Japanese” about her… to me anyway. She looks familiar in a Chinese/Korean way…

  4. Her face still looks semi-Japanese, but more so the type of photography – classic Japanese. The Chinese use different airbrushing and poses, and the Koreans are just tremendously different.

  5. Thanks Halapo! Although a lot of these girls are fairly average, there’s just something about them in their ao dai…

    And while the subject of this post certainly could be Chinese, I still think Japanese is by far most likely.

  6. Yeah, still, if the website says Japanese, and the photo style says Japanese, we should all agree she is Japanese right?

    I am willing to bet there is some kind of story here…

    My GF says if she is not Japanese, then probably Singapore… ( but my GF has never left China, so I have my doubts on that one too). She does think I am crazy about the Chinese… but I won here over with “Well she is almost as cute as you, and you are Chinese”

  7. her face looks similar to my girlfriend’s. similar eyes and features/bone structure. she is Chinese, but everyone says she looks like she is Singaporean. so Halapo i think your girlfriend may be correct.

  8. Even though its obviously a staged shoot. I still think that the products lacking any chinese characters, helps to rule out the possiblity that she is is Jap/Chinese.. I know its not certain, but its atleast a consideration

  9. There are several areas of Japan where the women look Chinese, so this is likely not a conversation that is going to be solved, or likely that accurate. A better use of time would be to ID her =). Go for it!!

  10. Some clues:

    That’s a studio kitchen with 3/4 size fridge and a monstrous full size dishwasher you would never see in Japan in a thousand years, even in a studio kitchen.

    The pizza flavored Banochips in the yellow bag (also available in Chicken or Tomato flavor), are made in Thailand, but exported on a limited basis.

    Her microwave is almost too small to fit one of her shoes inside.

  11. All this ‘detective’ speculation is fun: The open cabinets reveal a lot of products with labels in English: the dishwasher looks to be a Whirlpool model of 1980s; the fridge has a Frigidaire crown with a pull handle from the 60s; don’t recognize the exhaust fan hood; there is a wall oven, not often seen in China; the white shag was pulled in from the living room for the photos, and so on.

    Despite the clues…who’s to say she’s not visiting her cousin in San Fran?? Certainly is a universal cutie…wherever she is from.

    The Hawk gives 9 (of 10) squawks!!

  12. FOLLOWUP: Travis,Candyman, Seems provacative to our listeners to have a “mystery-guest”. Perhaps we should do it more often??

  13. Nice creamy legs with an innocent looking face. She could probably fool a feller with them eyes. At least, put you in a trance.

  14. Ditto what everyone says about her cuteness. She has the classic cutesy look that East Asians go for.

    @Dr. Lee: true, the photoshop soft focus effect is overused in general, but in this case I think it adds a lovely glow that works well with this lighting & skin tone.

    As far as race… well judging by the kitchen, I would say Japanese. I’ve never seen a Chinese person’s kitchen this clean, even in the States. πŸ˜›

  15. Uh, ethnically, Singaporeans _are_ Chinese (if they aren’t Indian or Malaysian).

    For some reason, she gives off a “Chinese cutie” vibe and not a Japanese one.

    The English-labeled products would suggest this was shot in Singapore.

  16. try a model id request over on scanlover forums, those guys know far too much, they have a subforum devoted to id requests

  17. I know Tiger likes blonds, but we haven’t seen all of his ladies, yet. Maybe Asians are a little too close to home, though.

  18. I think she is Vietnamese, but as the purpose of propaganda is to portray some sort of Western kitchen, there are those utensils. She must have had manytouches in their pictures, both surgical and digital … but do not know who is she … maybe more investigation!

  19. All of Tiger’s chicks have been Caucasian. I thought he would be at least into Thai chicks, but oh well.

    And this chick is Japanese. Don’t know who she is though.

  20. As far as I can search from internet. She is Chinese, her name mabe is 超靓性, roughly translated as Chao Liang Mei. Don’t know if it’s correct or not ^^

  21. Comment on Halapo’s link to the traditional aodai. Wife #1 refused to either buy one or wear one, regardless of the occasion (her relatives would always wear one at a wedding or for the lunar new year.) I saw a few pictures of her in her school days with both long hair and in the school uniform (white aodai.)

    This model is certainly a cutie. Maybe someone here has a contact in the FBI or CIA, where they have that facial recognition software that they use on NCIS.

  22. That facial recognition software fails any field test.



    Bangs (hair).

    Dry skin with a matte finish.

    Wet skin with a glossy finish.

    Eyebrow trimming.

    Facial recognition only works for babies.

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Model ID Request

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  1. asian should stop doing hip hop πŸ˜‰
    soo bad
    anyway model ????

    another korean model for K-hiphop

    everytime the same…

  2. i will add that opposite to japanese girl korean girl know how to walk correctly and sexy with high heels.

    it makes me happy πŸ™‚

    the silhouette in the video is very pretty & sexy.

    she is a nice lady.

  3. chea Big Bang! I like Last Farewell better though, good music to get people hyped up at ktv.

    “Asian hip hop” isn’t that bad. A lot of good beats.

    anyway the song is called Lies that could help.

  4. Confused little dweebs. Just as bad as watching white americans rap. A bit like cheddar with just a tad of swiss mixed in. Maybe muenster. πŸ™‚

  5. Don’t use 빅뱅 (Big Bang) as an example for all Korean Rap, it’s probably the worst of it all. It’s a foggy mirror image of bad American pop music. If you’re looking for good korean rap, I can recommend Jinusean, MC Mong, MC Sniper, Outsider, MC BK, and many more. πŸ™‚

    Korean male pop music stars are really lame right now. Female scene is on fire though, 소녀시대 <3 <3 <3. Lexy <3 <3 <3. [omg, posting ideas…]

  6. I don’t know if anyone is still concerned after all this time, but the girl in this video is actress Cha Soo-yeon.
    It took some digging to find out who she was because as far as the Korean commentors were concerned, she could have been running around in this music video naked and all they would have noticed would have been the boys’ hairstyles.

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Model ID Request


As you can imagine, we get a lot of model ID requests here, but most of them are pretty non-descript photos that could be just about any (usually Japanese) model. However, this request was quite different: Phil sent us a full gallery, and the model is outstanding – a very pretty, doll-like face and fabulous (almost certainly enhanced but still quite natural looking) tits! The photos are massively touched up though, so I’m not entirely sure how this girl actually looks in real life (the hosting site also has some very annoying pop-ups). Can anyone identify her?

Oh, and sorry it took so long to get to your request Phil!

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  1. Those faces look unreal to me, as if someone was trying to make them look like “anime” faces, I may be wrong, someone should try to find the original images.

  2. I agree – as I said, they do look massively touched up, and could certainly have been pasted in (or at least heavily modified). If anybody knows where we can find the original photos, please let us know!

  3. in some of the pictures it looks like the face was photoshopped on. if this girl is real i’d like to see more!

  4. One word: wow! Looks like she was made to please a man. And it probably takes many hours to get her looking like that.

  5. Dr. Lee, you called out a girl in another thread for obvious facial surgery – this girl is no exception! ^_^;;

    She’s definitely cute – but there’s an alien quality to her as well. Not that I’m complaining! πŸ˜›

  6. I’m not sure how much facial surgery there actually is behind all the Photoshopping! πŸ™‚

    I will reserve judgement until I can see what this girl actually looks like. πŸ˜‰

  7. more please! she looks a an anime but in a sexy kind of way…is that weird to think of cartoons in that way? πŸ™‚

  8. Are the photos in this set really all of a single model?? Even with the strange, “featurelessness” of these faces, there still seem to be several different ones.
    It’s interesting that someone would photoshop asian female images in this anime way. Do sites attempt this with photos of Western, or Indian girls? ‘Don’t know of a “” etc. to check this out at.

  9. I noticed that the photos where she’s wearing a kind of school uniform are less touched up – they may represent what the model actually looks like.

  10. To me the next-to-last photo in the set looked the most “realistic”. But again, I wasn’t sure it was the same girl being photographed (& retouched).

  11. Yes, that is true too. The shool girl uniform style photos are less revealing than the one you point too, and it’s fairly easy to see how you could manipulate her face as it is in this shot to look like the others. It’s still touched up, but to nothing like the degree of most of the other photos.

    Whatever’s going on, it is certainly possible that this gallery consists of more than one model.

  12. The reason why she looks so anime like is because she is wearing ‘circle lenses’. These are contact lenses with a wide black ring around them to make the eyes look bigger.

    I own a pair myself and they are widely popular amongst teenage asian girls (and some boys) who want to achieve the ‘ulzzang’ (meaning “best face”) look.

    Here is another model wearing circle lenses from a previous post on Asian Sirens:

  13. Thanks for the info Melissa! Although I have to say that there is a lot more going on here than just the eyes – the “airbrushed” look to the photos is very obvious, and it appears that the shape of her face has been altered in at least some of the pics.

    Anyway, we’re always happy to get a little perspective from the ladies here – welcome!

  14. Thanks Dr. Lee I’ve been lurking for a while and finally decided to register πŸ™‚

    She’s indeed very airbrushed! Her very straight nose suggests that she’s had rhino and perhaps even facial contouring.

    But then again she could just be naturally pretty πŸ™‚ I’m just nitpicking.

  15. I think the apparent resemblance is due to those “circle lenses” Melissa was talking about – apart from that, I really can’t see much resemblance at all. On the other hand though, these photos are so massively touched up that it could be just about anybody!

    Jag: to insert a link, just put the full link as text on its own line in your post, and it will work.

  16. Hmmm, I just looked at the least touched up image again (the one where she’s hiding her face), and that one actually does look like it could be Rion! Still, this gallery may be more than one girl too – I’d really need to see the original, untouched images to be sure. I hope Jag can point us to them – he may be right, at least for some of the photos anyway!

  17. Via the “Contact Asian Sirens” link on the left, although it could take us a while to get to it! If you want a faster response, Scanlover might be a better bet.

  18. Okay then, I will reveal the secret about this girl. after serious investigations throught a lot of unreadable but very intresting sites in japanese I found out the following.

    mippie is right and so is sonchee99. she is a japanese escort girl and you can find her on the site mippie mentioned. here is a more direct link:
    from here doubleclick on girls.
    then click on list 02
    then you will find her as the 2e in the top row.

    but as you will see going through this site, most of the girls look more or less alike.

    my guess is, that they use the ancient make-up techniques to make their face look like a puppet. in that way they can disguise their personality somehow, so they will not be recognised rightaway. in this way the irritating black block or distorted image is not in the way, which helps customers to make a choice more easily.
    also the pictures of the rest (body, etc) is more natural.

    my investigation also told me, that there is a huge amount of internetsites promoting these girls. most of them have the same models in their lists. so you will find many more sites with pics of the same girl, however most of the times the pics are different.

    something more I can say is that, I believe that even though the pics are photoshopped, I think their bodies are really goodlooking. in one of the sites I found some videos where the girls show off.

    in this site e.g. click 3e in the top row and click on play.

    you will be astouned.

    the only thing I could not find out – mainly because al the sites are completely in japanese, which I do not understand – is where these girls are located.

    there is a complete map if you go to

    just click on one of the 7 colored blocks underneath the main window and each time another map will appear. but don’t ask me what city, for I have no idea.

    finally I would like to know if there is someone who can explain the “system”. in all these sites it looks like, you can pay for a visite in advance. Even by mobile. The costs are also mentioned in the sites. but what they really offer etc, is not clear to me. ( as I said my japanese is lousy)

    I hope someone can clear up all of us. I really would like to pay one or more of these girls a visite someday.

  19. arf, I understand your frustation, I don’t like dead links either, but somehow the site has some problems to load. but you can be sure they DO Work. just have a little patience or try to reload twice or three times.
    believe me you won’t be disappointed.

  20. My, my, my. Excellent work, Omega.

    I have never paid directly for sex (we all pay, in some way :#) ), and I never plan to do so in the future, either.

    But, I have to say, that site raises some questions. :@)

  21. i found the exact same photo posted at the top
    from here double click on girls.
    then click on list 03
    then you will find her in top right corner
    right above the chance card

    will be awesome if someone could read japanese

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Model ID Request


Ubu_ini has a model ID request: Who is the model in this 1998 Jeff Buckley “Everybody Here Wants You” video? (nice tune by the way!)

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Model ID request


One of our readers was wondering who this ‘perfect Asian girl’ is. Who can help?

UPDATE: Model identified. Please read comments! πŸ˜‰

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  1. I wish I knew who she was! Very cute, nice boobies. It looks like she may have a tattoo on her bikini line though, that drops her a couple points, but very nice!

  2. Sorry to burst your reader’s bubble, but his ‘perfect Asian girl’ was born a man. Her name is Harisu, and she is a transsexual pop singer, model, and actress from South Korea. Still cute, though.

  3. Choi spoiled it too soon. I’d wish arf and Lawboy would have written something about her.
    Choi, you killed the party too soon. 😐

  4. Sorry daznlover. Robin could always delete my comment and start the party over. πŸ™‚

  5. I will be honest: I’ve seen plenty of this “girl” in Asian magazines and on Asian TV, and I think she is absolutley hot. I don’t care what she was born as – she’s really turned herself into a very sexy woman!

  6. Haha….c’mon guys….Harisu has been a household name in Korea (and even some other parts of Asia) for several years now. Her Wikipedia entry here is very accurate:

    Last news I heard on her, she and her husband (whom she married last year) were planning to adopt children.

    Here’s the 2001 TV commercial that first put her in the public eye in Korea.

  7. This is so not right in so many ways…I enjoyed that way too much. Does that make me gay now?

  8. Actually, nobody is born 100% male (or female), so it is inevetible that some people will be more “in between” than others.

    And LawBoy, if you didn’t know Harisu was born a male, and she came on to you, can you honestly say you would resist? πŸ˜‰

  9. It’s just so crazy…the way it’s/her hips are shaped, you just can’t tell. I mean, most, or alot of transexuals have unwomanly or manly shaped hips. Buttt not her. And, my wife didn’t know either, until I told her, and she thought she was hot too. This is so wacky!

  10. What I mean is, normal males have an X and a Y (XY) chromosome and normal females have two X’s (XX).
    Harisu’s probably XXY or maybe even XXXY.
    There’s a British transgender entertainer, who was a James Bond girl at one time, named Caroline Cossey who has similar genetics.

  11. I saw that Bond girl on Enternainment Tonight along time ago and also never would have known.

  12. must resist, must resist πŸ™‚ btw, does she still have the package or post op?…

    guess the good doc is pretty flexible on this subject eh? πŸ™‚

  13. This is the first time I ever saw a Korean actress in nude. I still find it difficult to see her as transexual but she’s still sexy and cute to me πŸ™‚

  14. She’s the first transsexual I don’t feel guilty about being attracted to. Even her hips and butt look womanly. Her boobs do look fake though, not that there’s anything uncommon about that. She was clearly born more woman than man. Life just played a trick on her and gave her a penis and no boobs. Anyway, she’s more attractive than most women.

  15. dazn…how do you know it is on my fav list bro? πŸ™‚ i am denying everything…must resist the dude, must resist the dude πŸ™‚

  16. Gives a whole new meaning to the expression “Tranny hot”, doesn’t it? If she has truly changed everything over, we shouldn’t feel too guilty about being attracted to her. Guess i was right about her boob job!

  17. but yet i keep thinking about her lovely boobies πŸ™‚ must resist, must resist πŸ™‚

  18. And for all us Baby Boomers “Girls will be boys and boys will be girls Its a mixed up muddled up shook up world except for Lola, L O L A Lola”

    “Holly came from Miami, F-L-A
    Hitchhiked her way across the U-S-A
    Plucked her eyebrows on the way
    Shaved her legs and then he was a she
    She says hey babe, take a walk on the wild side
    Said hey honey, take a walk on the wild side.”

    Harisu’s wild side ain’t bad at all.

  19. And for the younger crowd:

    Austin Powers: That ain’t no woman! It’s a man, man!
    Austin Powers: That’s not your mother, it’s a man, baby!

  20. holy shyt guys, she looks almost as good as jun natsukawa! can’t beleive she used to be a guy…

  21. See what I mean guys… haha! Some of them are like hot lava in you BVDs… haha! Tranny HOT!

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Model ID request


We’ve got another model ID request for you! The post about her here says she is Chinese, but we think she is Japanese… what do you think?

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  1. I’m not sure whether she’s Chinese or Japanese; but, one thing I do know for sure – – is she’s 100% HOT!

  2. Looks like a Japanese gravure model to me. But she does have a kind of “general Asian” look to her, so it’s certainly possible that she could be Chinese.

  3. Although my interests lie mainly in Chinese women, and therefore I have a bias towards them, I think that this model is Japanese. Although I can’t point out specifics, her features seem more Japanese to me than Chinese.

    One thing is for sure, though — it’s not Yukie Kawamura. Yukie’s features are a bit more “angular” than this model’s.

    In any case, they are both quite cute. πŸ˜‰

  4. Ha! Like I said, I thought she looked familiar. πŸ˜‰

    I have to say though, this is an example of how generic a lot of current Japanese gravure models are becoming – there are quite a lot of girls who look just like this!

  5. To me, this girl is a step above the average gravure model. She is seriously cute.

    She’s not quite Reon, but she’s close…at least based on the pictures from her earlier AS entry.

    I will have to check out more pictures at the various links listed here, to make a final determination. :#)

  6. hey Punsher22 there is nothing you can do about it as i also live in china the government blocks pornographic websites… not all but some and I’m amazed they still haven’t gotten to AS but the blocks usually last about a month or so then you can access the site for about 2 to 3 weeks then it goes back up but some are blocked permanently so it’s just luck really

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Model ID Request


I thought I’d never have to ask a question like this, but my curiosity certainly got the better of me. Appreciate it guys.



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  1. Have to disagree K4K – I think she’s very pretty and refreshingly natural. Judging from the photo fladaydreamin links to, I don’t think it is Debbie Linh – but I could be wrong!

  2. Its a good thing there are some men (k4k) bored by women like this. It leaves them for the rest of us and we are more than willing to oblige. I am partial to the everyday beauty of Chinese women. She looks sweet with a nice body. What more do you need?

  3. I agree with onegameref wholehaertedly here – there is something to the ‘everyday beauty’ of Chinese girls, as ably demonstrated by this one!

  4. i know a girl that looks like this girl in vietnam…wow wee…i love the innocent looks…but i bet she is wild in bed:)

  5. Cute, “everyday beauty” is fine. I live in a city with a very large influx of ESL (English as a Second Language) students — all kinds of asians. I can walk around and see all the cute asian girls I want, they are nice to look at, pleasing.

    BUT….when I surf into Asian Sirens, that’s exactly what I want to see — ASIAN SIRENS! I wouldn’t exactly call the average everyday asian woman/girl on the street a siren.

  6. But the thing is, these girls are sirens by the standards of those blonde-haired, tattooed and surgically-‘enhanced’ girls that make up the majority of Asian American models. I’ll take the ‘everyday beauty’ of many Chinese girls over that any day! (I’m sorry K4K, but for me these girls are a lot more attractive than someone like Kobe.)

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Model ID Request


I came across this pic just now and I’d really like to know who it is. Yeah, I know the tits are very fake, but I like ’em this way. Besides, look at those legs! I think it may be Nanako Takeshita, but I’m not certain – her breasts look even bigger than usual in this shot, although it could just be the angle and/or clothing. Also, this shot has a slightly ‘amateur’ feel to it, which is unusual for professional Japanese models. Anyway, any info would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. dont you just love math :)…..small waist, small arms, long legs, nice booty and big boobs…i am in heaven….!….i guess a nice face helps too πŸ™‚

  2. YOWZA!!! WTF is THAT?!? ha!

    Excuse me gents, but this is my first exposure to the evils of Nanako! She’s f*cking krazy — especially in that stretched out pic!

    She’s not the hottest biscut on the block but with measurements/ratios like that she’s a perfect model for producing really cool images.

    Thanks Lee (and scanlover!)

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Model ID request

Model ID request

Got an e-mail from Incus with a model ID request. I am not a 100% sure which (Japanese) babe this is… Any idea who this model might be? I am sure you guys know the answer πŸ˜‰Original image @

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  1. you can say that again. the most girlish of faces and the most seductive of buns. What a combo… Nobody knows who she is?

  2. I can tell you that she’s Japanese.
    I find Japanese girls to be really cute. Well let put it this way, most Asian girls are cute and pretty but never beautiful.

  3. When it comes to Japanese women specifically, I am inclined to agree. However, IMHO real Vietnamese women (i.e. not most Vietnamese American models or those who’ve had loads of surgery to make themsleves look western) are truly beautiful. Indeed, I think they are the most beautiful women in the world.

  4. I agree with Lee. Even though I am half Japanese myself, I don’t think most of them are truly beautiful (I do think they are probably the cutest girls in the world though!). Vietnamese women on the other hand really are as beautifiul as Lee says they are – they have such perfect features, and so many of them are gorgeous!

  5. she sure is cute! i have to agree with sachiko about j-girls in general. 9 out of 10 j-girls are cute, and 1 out of 100 is beautiful. different from here in thailand, where there are not so many that are “cute”, but a whole lot more that are gorgeous.

  6. kawaii!!her face remind me of fukakyon (kyoko fukada) maybe because of her makeup but i think kyokochan is more beautiful than her. i very admire with kyoko fukada and for me she’s the prettiest and cute actress compare to others. i hope someone who’s know about kyoko fukada the latest news about her can share with me and pls send to my email ganbatte kyoko!!

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Model ID Request

Model ID Request

I found this image on the web (”Asian Eyes” Google image search) and used it in my upcoming Asian-Sirens re-design. But now I’d like to know who the model is? Anyone? The text with the heavily photoshopped image is Korean I think. Names that were mentioned: Korean actresses Kim Hee-Sun and Kim Min-Hee.

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  1. Yeah, putting her face (whoever she is) in place of Francine’s is definitely an improvement I think: Francine has just had too much facial surgery for my taste, however ‘successful’ the results may be.

    I’m guessing she’s almost certainly a Korean model working in South Korea – they have a lot of models who look like this, and their surgeons do really GREAT facial surgery. Even I often can’t tell they’ve had it!

  2. The text certainly looks Korean to me. I have no idea who the model is so can’t help there. I disagree with Lee though and think that it makes sense to put up the face of a popular Asian model who is recognizable like Francine Dee rather than one who is unknown.

  3. Thing is, Francine looks so much like, well, Francine. I think it is better to have a face that is more representative of oriental women in general.

  4. She is a very famous actress in Korea. Her name is Jeon Ji Hyun. She is the main character in a very popular movie called “My Sassy Girl”

  5. Interesting!

    Truth be told I’m really tired of import models and American corporate glamour sites – I want something new and different! This is just the ticket.

  6. Lee, I partly agree with you but the problem is that if you don’t speak or read the Asian languages it is very difficult to learn more about them and to contact them. They are unreachable and therefore less interesting for most people.

  7. Why should models be less interesting if they are unreachable? I think it could be a challenge to find out more about a mysterious model… But that’s why I might agree with Lee. There is just so much info available on some of the import models. I call it overkill! πŸ˜‰

  8. Ohw, and badboy, the idea is that in the end the topbanner could be Flash, and slides of different Asian models will be featured on it.

    And again, I have to agree with Lee: I was looking for eyes that were more representative of oriental women in general. I don’t think we need a ‘famous’ model. We feature enough of them on the site allready πŸ˜‰

  9. I agree Robin but there are only a few that find it a challange. It is not a coincident that we found each other at Asian Sirens many years ago πŸ˜‰

  10. I think the key reason for the very existence of Asian Sirens is to present information about models that would be very difficult for most (English speaking) people to find themselves.

  11. Would be interesting to have our own asian sirens watcher in the various asian countries. Someone who knows the language and is interested in beautiful babes.

  12. Well, I guess she is not unknown after all especially in South Korea! Maybe Asian Sirens can help make her more well known outside of Korea.

    The one thing I don’t like about that particular photo is the blue eye shadow. I am not a big fan of makeup to begin with but think that blue eye shadow does not look right on her. The photo also looks overprocessed to me making it look even less natural.

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