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Irene Hong 洪詩

Also known as Poetry Hong, Irene is very gentle with her words and consciously tries to create beautiful uplifting phrases to accompany most of her photos. She is very motivational as well, preaching that if you aren’t able to do something overnight keep trying and you will succeed.

She likes someone who can make her laugh, wants to be a cat in her next life, and loves to dance.

Chichi Lee 林宛璇

Chichi Lee was born June 24th 1999. She is a Taiwanese model that loves Disney. She is trained in Ballet and has spent many years challenging her body to become very flexible. There are a couple photos in this set that show off that talent and you can see the hours and hours of work that went into pushing her body to be comfortable with that.

Another one of her talents is violin. She learned this at a young age and still is able to perform at a rather high level. She still loves playing. Her favorite food is hot pot.

Her measurements are below:

Height: 174cm

Measurements: 34/24/35

Zoe Wu 卓穎

Zoey Wu (卓穎) is a teacher at iDance Studio in Taiwan.  She has been passionate about dance for a long time and now is teaching choreography. She helps prepare girls for the very popular iDance Studio YouTube page and had started to work on Tik Toks.

Zoe loves cats and dogs, but prefers cats. She loves roses, Christmas and being a teacher. She is very thankful to be able to wake up every day and Dan a for a living. Whether it be for projects that require new choreography, have her image posted to in public, or even just teaching choreography from famous music videos; Zoe loves the chance to dance and loves how her life is going at the moment.

Sexy Taiwanese Quintet Does the Harlem Shake

One never knows what the next Internet meme is going to be or why it catches on and spreads like wildfire, but sooner or later, there will probably be a sexy Asian version of it. (Take for instance, this adaptation of the inanely popular “Charlie Bit My Finger.”) In the case of one of the latest memes, the ever viral “Harlem Shake,” we have the above performance by five outrageously hot Taiwanese babes. The ladies are; Ting Ting (“Little Red Grinding Hood”), Xuan Xuan (stretching out with the leg up high), DJ Alyshia .L (working the black lingerie), Natasha Liang (the gyrating girl with the butterfly tattoo), and Cookie Wu (joggling the juggs). Oh, and you don’t have to wait for the two solo performances that are “coming soon” because Alyshia’s is here and Natasha’s, here.

EDIT:  you can view the original post and video here.

Stella Chuu

As I mentioned in a previous post, neo-burlesque brought us Calamity Chang, who’s one of the few prominent Asian burlesque performers of today. Above is another of those few; the “Anime Princess of Burlesque” Stella Chuu, performing her act entitled “From the Darkest Corners of the Internet,” which is her homage to the infamous website and the notorious Internet meme it popularized; “Pedobear.” The opening song is Florence + The Machine’s “Girl With One Eye” with Oingo Boingo’s “Little Girls” accompanying the Pedobear part at the end.

Besides being a burlesque performer, Stella (a New-Yorker, like Calamity) is a very high profile cosplayer and pin-up model, often appearing at comic and game conventions for fans to meet. As of this writing, her website is still under construction but you can see plenty more of her at her Facebook fan page and countless other sites all over the net.

Calamity Chang

When American burlesque was in its heyday, Asian striptease performers were practically unheard of. However, with the emergence of “neo-burlesque” in the mid-1990s, a few Asian ladies have taken to the stage, doing the retro “bump ‘n grind” acts. One of the most prominent being New York City’s “Asian Sexsation” Calamity Chang.

Above is Calamity doing her “Nunsploitation” routine at a show entitled “Meat My Friends,” hosted at Full Cup in Staten Island. See more of Calamity at her official website and you can follow her on Twitter.