Most popular Asian pornstars

Most Popular Asian Pornstars

Tera Patrick, Miko Lee, Kobe Tai, Asia Carrera, Katsumi and Charmane Star are all listed in the new edition of the Top 100 Most Popular Pornstars. All well established names.

We are interested to know who you think are the biggest upcoming Asian pornstars for 2008. So feel free to post your thoughts in the comments! (Thanks to Randy for the tip)

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  1. This all depends on how these stars are voted most popular. Nautica Thorn, Kailani Lei, Teanna Kai, Kira Kenner, Lucy Lee, Keeani…why are these names not on the list? They are established industry favorites.

    Upcoming stars?
    Evelyn Lin
    Tia Tanaka
    Nadi Phuket
    Jade Marcela
    Nyomi Marcela
    Avena Lee
    Roxy Jezel

    P.S: Katsumi had to change her name to Katsuni…stupid lawsuit forced her to.

  2. Lucy Thai. Love her. Whatever happened to Lily Thai? She was quite a spinner.

    Kobe Tai is washed up. Saw her at a local club last summer. Old now. Teanna Kai was supposed to do boy/girl and never did.

    I like Nyomi Marcela.

    Man, I know too much about this subject!

  3. I am outraged that Lilly Thai is not on this list!! Outraged, I say!! How do I file an official complaint?

    Katsumi should be in the top ten, also.

    Now, while Tera Patrick and Charmane Star are both stunningly beautiful, neither have the skills or screen presence that Lilly or Katsumi have. Not even close. (at least that’s what I heard) lol.

    I’m with you ProfAbe. So here’s another vote for Nyomi Marcela and Lucy Thai, also.

  4. OMG I was so about to go to the Lilly Thai thing. I’m so so so about her. Especially before she had any surgery type stuff. I think she’s hotter than Tera quite frankly.

  5. Forget about the plastic and upcoming ones….what I’d like to know is whatever happened to Kristara Barrington?
    I’ve heard rumor that she’s now a veterinarian in Southern California.

    Sadly, the first top-billed Asian porn star from the “Golden Age”, Linda Wong, died from an accidental drug overdose in December 1987.

  6. I like the more mature ladies as up and comers such as Kitty Langdon and Tia Ling. And by mature I certainly don’t mean OLD, I mean a confident non teen.

  7. I can’t believe I forgot to list the Thai sisters Lucy and Lily.

    I’ve always been a fan of Lucy’s.

  8. I made a mistake it’s Nyla Thai that is Lucy Thai’s sister.

    Also I remembered a couple more for the list:

    Mika Tan
    Kylie Rey
    Jade Hsu

  9. Mmmm. Lily Thai. She is so cute and genuine. (At least, that’s how she appears.) Miko Lee is a nasty girl who rocks my ballz. And Charmane holds a special place in my…heart.

  10. Seeing Lilly Thai squirt for the first time was a pivotal moment in my life.

    Things have never been the same for me since. What a tremendous talent and humanitarian!

    Bless her!

  11. Oddly enough, Asia Carrera isn’t really of asian decent. Her real name is Jessica Steinhauser. At age 16, she went to Japan and taught English classes. She was a state spelling champ, in the National Mathematics League, a Spanish National Honor Society member, placing in National Geography, Language and Math Olympiads, and is a member of Mensa. That got her a free ride to Rutgers, where she double-majored in business and Japanese. This naturally inspired her to change her first name to Asia and become an entrepreneur in America’s fastest growing business.

  12. I think Lily Thai’s little squirts are a little too yellow for me. A little too much on the fake side to be real. And…I think Bigfoot Dean just punked Roger back there with the asian Asia Carrera info.

  13. I would love to come up with an all time list for Asian pornstars since so many popular ones were left off of that one. Like what Asiandreamland was saying, Kara Tai is going to be a hot one in’08, maybe Jandi Lin also but it’s hard to tell because there’s no telling how much content they will be in or if they decide to quit porn at a moments notice.

    And here’s a couple of quick clips to check out.

  14. ProfAbe, Teanna Kai has done a few boy/girl vids now. Not much, but you can find a few with a little searching.

    Too bad some of the girls listed have kinda been out of the business for some time now.

    And yes, there are several asians who should have definitely made the list, including Lily.

  15. Lily Thai is “retired,” isn’t she? Still, she’d get my vote for #1.

    Kaylani Lei and Tia Ling come to mind.

  16. I just met Katsuni this past Saturday nite in SF. She did her first feature dance performance in the US over the weekend.

    She was amazing. I think it was underappreciated by the audience who was used to raunchy performances…Katsuni was very artistic almost bordering on burlesque.

    Anyway she is a gentle underspoken gorgeous young lady. She said she was very nervous doing the performance but was happy.

    P.S. I’m also a big fan of Kailani and Charmane. they both put on good shows…espcially Kailani she is great.

  17. it does? hmm….what da ya know 🙂 she seems to really, really like it in all her movies. this viet girl really likes it!

  18. Thanks for that Lily vid, LawBoy. She’s a squirter alright.
    Superb video.

    armyofme listed most of the novelties in the field, now let’s see how they keep it up in the industry. I can’t make up my mind for one only.

  19. Lily was one of my favorites, i met her a few times at the adult entertainment expo in vegas. Quite possibly one of the most naturally beautiful Asian Pornstars out there

  20. kobe, katsumi and charmane are all great, though charmane’s not a great performer like the other two.
    tera patrick is the single most overrated woman ever to do porn. she managed to hype herself into the mainstream somehow, but otherwise she’s made every wrong decision: decided to work exclusively with a blobby ugly skinhead, started her own production company that pumped out lousy titles and hired the terrible lucy lee as a contract girl…and of course tera herself is a lousy performer who doesn’t look as good naked as she does in glamour shots for maxim & such

  21. I agree that Tera Patrick needs to be on any list for most popular pornstar. Period. Other asian porn stars that should have made the list include Mika Tan, Lucy Lee, and Kaylani Lei.
    I personally like Gianna Lynn, Annie Cruz, Miko Sinz, Tia Ling and Jandi Lin, but since their fairly new to porn I don’t think think they quite belong on a top 100 list. Just my two cents.

  22. For some of you younger fans of the Asian lovlies I suggest you buy or rent some DVD’s with the lovely Suzi Suzuki in them. All of the ladies mentioned are great but this lady stole the show. Never saw a woman who enjoyed sex more than she.

  23. I’ve decided we need to add Priva a.k.a. Libellule to this list. She’s incredibly hot and loves to do anal including DP. What I would give to be her husband. Lucky SOB!

  24. I think that was Jenaveve Jolie, not Jandi Lin. And while still very very hot, Jenaveve is a mexican-siren. Not an asian-siren.

  25. OH MY GOSH! I just gave that jenaveve video back there a five star rating. She may not be asian, but nice nice nice.

  26. That site is retarded. I saw several vids billed as “Asian” and not one of them was.

    And what’s with all the spitting? When did this become erotic? Who wrote that memo?

  27. Charmane Star and Teanna Kai are both scheduled to appear at the “Asian Invasion” at the Little Darlings (totally nude) strip club here in Las Vegas on July 31st. Can anybody think of an excuse (foolproof, no death wish here) I can tell my wife?

    Anyone that actually goes, please ler us know about it!

  28. SHES HOTTER THAN ANY OF MY PORNSTARS? Shoot! Come to think of it, you’re right…she really is one of the hottest pornstars I’ve ever seen. I’ve been so wrong about my pornstars, up until now. What was I thinking? Thanks bullshitter. Hope you weren’t just bullshitting me. ;]

  29. Actually, arf is referring to a couple of comments I deleted on suspicion of them being spam (and they were certainly very stupid comments anyway) – I think arf must have posted his comment just as I was deleting them.

  30. the scene you linked to is from a 2000 penthouse release claled “white trash.” stills from it are on this site, and you can see that madison scott is one of the girls starring in it. the reason you can’t recognize her is because she dyed her hair blonde. when her hair was brown, with the appropriate makeup, she could look like a really caucasian asian.

  31. Lily Thai is one of the best ones out there i love her so much. One of my new favorites is Asa Akira so check her out

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