I’m afraid I only know four things about this girl: she goes by the name of Yawen, she’s been photographed (apparently exclusively) by Mike Dowson, she has one of the greatest bodies in the known universe, and she’s a fully Doc approved™ Asian siren. Many more great photos (but sadly no further info) after the jump.









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  1. @piewie: you call feminine curves like that unnaturally skinny and out of proportion? I thought this is what women were supposed to look like. 🙂

  2. Wow. Amazing. Beautifully small waist, perfectly (if a touch too) toned, really beautiful legs, big tits, nicely trimmed cooch. Overall her shape is stunning. As far as bodies go, there is no way to improve on this, there just are other types.

  3. Dr. Lee, Mike Dowson can be easily contacted through his tumblr and his website. Have you sent him a message and asked him for some info on her?

  4. Well I wouldn’t call her gorgeous, but I would call her. Ok, I really wouldn’t call her, but I’d want to. Great body and an absolutely stunning backside.

  5. Thanks. Now I have more stains on the carpet which will be deducted from my rental bond.

    Ahhh what the hell, it was worth it.

    I am a bit worried however she could probably beat me to death if i didn’t perform well enough in the sack. Thats one fit lady!!!

  6. Yeah I can hear the groans over my poor pun Doc.
    Hoping we get an Ode to Yawen from dipper..who is AWOL for a while.
    lol kroos at the stains. (hint: get tiles!much easier to clean). By the way, you’re (and she is too) warming me up on this bitterly, bitterly cold Chinese winter day.
    Where are the commenters who raved over the previous siren btw? Curiously absent.

  7. It looks to me like she is into body sculpting, not full on body building but her shape and the poses give me that sort of feel.

  8. @CEC: If you read the Q&As on Mike’s Tumbler, he doesn’t seem to be very forthcoming regarding personal information about his models, although he does speak openly about his philosophy on photography and erotica/pornography, which I am very much in agreement with.

  9. @longtack,

    are they trotting out the the short skirts and knee high fur-lined boots this year?? I know that was more of a korean thing a few years back, but the fashionable young things were starting to catch on in china just before i had to leave…. Short skirts and long furry boots with heels walking through snow. Crazily sexy, but you had to wonder how long it took to warm up the frozen lady parts if you happened to get lucky….

    Stinking hot in rocky at the moment. I envy you!

    Getting back on track, how much of this girl is photoshopped or surgery? If anybody can prove she’s all natural, I’m renouncing my atheist views…

  10. The remarkable thing is that I can’t see any evidence of Photoshopping, and the photographer claims to avoid it. Incredibly though, a lot of his models look like this! I think what may be exaggerating the curves is his use of wide angle lenses – even 24 mm, which is normally considered off limits for shooting people. The traditional way to do model and portrait photography is with telephoto lenses, which I personally disagree with.

  11. The development of her traps and delts indicate she has been pushing-iron for some time! Her pecs aint too bad either! :-p

  12. Some additional information I can add is that Mike has stated that Yawen was someone that he had met in Manchester UK. She was working at a shop there. So it is likely that she is not a professional model and seen elsewhere. Also he has indicated that many of the photos in his collection from that same period were taken in 2002-2003 with a point and shoot camera. He also indicated that Yawen was one of the nicest people he has ever met. All of this add to the intrigue and mystery about a lovely girl who might be just about anywhere now. Yawen is truly an amazing girl next door. Thanks for sharing her Doc.

  13. Finally one that Doc and I agree on! A girl like this with some curves and some muscle definition looks so much better than those models who look like they sit on the couch all day eating tofu. This is how a woman should look. Two thumbs up!

  14. Developed traps and broad shoulders. Her physique is more manly than feminine. She would be perfect if her upper torso was less broad.

  15. All I can say is WOW! The best woman on here in awhile. Face is cute, but that body is amazing. I’d give her a 9.5/10.

  16. Fantastic body, curvy and great proportions, you just know this girl would be good in….well never mind.

  17. Incredible. Any man who works out would love a woman like this. Face isn’t amazing but cute enough when attached to that body.

  18. Here I have little doubt
    What this site’s all about.
    I really think there’s no debate
    Hot Asian women to celebrate.

    For Yawen I’m certain not to grumble
    Her pix I’ve often seen on Tumblr.
    I saw this post today this morn
    A poem then or later? I sure was torn.

    Well now I’ve seen the note from Tack
    Guess this verse will say I’m back
    Happy to praise this lovely girl
    With whom I’d love to take a whirl.

    My only worry is her solid muscle
    In the chance we had a tussle.
    I’d hate that she’d grab me by the nape
    And squeeze my head just like a grape.

    Well, such a price to be with this beauty
    I’d have to consider it a foregone duty
    To have and hold this Asian Venus
    A perfect example of the female genus.
    (You thought I’d end with something else, didn’t you Doc.?)

  19. Top three photos are pretty nice … and she has nice thin waist to accentuate the curves.

    She has broad shouler and thin waist which give her that “fitness” model look.

    Her breasts don’t appear to be god-given though.

  20. So what is she? I’d guess Chinese. Pic 2 looks somewhat Japanese, but I’ve never seen legs like that on a Japanese woman (a friend calls them “Daikon Legs”).

  21. Who said dipper got lost? Good to see you left the ‘yawn’ pun alone (left all the groans to me… thanks), although I thought ‘torn’ and ‘morn’ just begged for it.
    kroos..all i can say is mmmm! those short skirts, black tights, high-heel boots up to the knee (and higher) are the fashion among the students here – 20/22yo women).
    And if the pics are from 8-9 yrs ago, she might be retired now, or indeed, a gorgeous milf. Surprised she doesn’t have more of a web presence these days, (she’s gorgeous) or maybe she did back then. And it’s been buried.
    I’m guessing Chinese as well, but who knows?

  22. Good to see you back dbldipper!

    To answer the questions above, I’d say Chinese as well, and I agree with Hidy Ho that her breasts aren’t entirely ‘God given’. My compliments to the surgeon, however – it’s a very natural looking result.

  23. Wingsfan: I’d definitely call her, if I knew her number. 🙂

    Her body is what dreams are made of. I’m in awe today. Thanks Doc!

    Interesting how she works so much on her body. That’s about perfect. Broad shoulders but still feminine.

  24. I’m voting photo #3 as perhaps the best I’ve seen on this site is several years, ringing out 2011 is good form. There is a stunning balance and perfection to her body.

  25. Nice find Gooner! It’s clearly her, but her body looks far more normal here – it seems Mike Dowson is exceptionally good at accentuating feminine curves, be it through carefully chosen angles of composition or Photoshop. Almost all his models look too good to be true, which is suspicious, even though I can’t see any clear evidence of Photoshopping in his photos at all.

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