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Yet Another Chinese Sex Scandal

How many Chinese sex scandals do we have to have before young models and actresses learn not to have their pictures taken having sex? The latest one centres around famous Taiwanese model Maggie Wu and well known playboy Justin Lee. A total of 16 explicit pictures and a 13 minute video of Lee and Wu have been leaked and widely shared online. The aftermath has led to several women accusing Lee of rape, and of course, Wu has had an emotional breakdown. To any models reading this: apart from my advice above, you might be well advised to avoid wealthy playboys too.

Vietnamese Airline Fined For In-Flight Bikini Show

Budget Vietnamese airline VietJetAir staged this entertaining show to celebrate its maiden flight on August 3 – local beauty pageant candidates performed a three-minute, Hawaiian-themed dance in bikinis and sarongs. However, because the airline failed to secure permission for the show, it was fined $1,000! The incident has stirred public debate in Vietnam after photos and videos of the performance spread on the internet. I strongly recommend you watch this video with the sound turned down. 🙂

Body Paint and Real Estate?


Yes, this is the second body paint post in a row, but this isn’t your typical body paint scenario: these models are at a recent real estate expo (with nearly 100 exhibitors) – in China! It seems that China is rapidly becoming as sexually open as the west, and perhaps even more so in some cases – would this be accepted (in this sort of context) in the US? I know we have quite a few readers in China, and many more who have extensive familiarity with it. Is China really becoming as, or more, sexually open than the US and many other western countries?

New Asian Sirens Tumblr With All Our Archives!

This is just a quick note to let everybody know that thanks to our reader ND, we now have all of Asian Sirens’ archives on Tumblr. So simply by scrolling (and scrolling, and scrolling…), you can view all 2000+ title pics from our posts, and go straight to the articles from them. (The very latest posts aren’t up just yet, but we will be updating it intermittently.) Unfortunately, ND had to set up a new Tumblr page to do this, so if you followed us before the last week or so, you will have to do so again. My sincere apologies for the inconvenience!

Asian Sirens Is Looking For New Bloggers!

The title pretty much says it all: if you think you have what it takes to join our illustrious team, contact me. You can look at our other posts to see how we do things – this isn’t a site for just posting anonymous pictures, but first and foremost an information site. You can specialise in any area relating to Asian female models, celebrities or performers, although at this point in time I’m especially interested in someone who can cover JAV and Japanese models in general (as I feel we don’t have them as well covered as other areas at the moment). You don’t need a CV – just a sample article will do. I hope to hear from our next writer soon!