Aya Kiguchi: Ayanchu

Today we bring you all 11 parts of a sexy Aya Kiguchi video named Ayanchu. (Actually it’s brought to you by a YouTube user named siaosiaochin -who by the way has more interesting videos- but hey, we copied all the embed code! ;-))

Aya Kiguchi

Birthday: 1985/10/11
Height: 158 cm
Bust Size: 89 cm
Waist Size: 57 cm
Hip Size: 86 cm
Shoe Size: 23.5 cm
Birthplace: Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
Website: http://kiguchi-aya.syncl.jp/

Thanks to michaelschin for the tip.

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0 thoughts on “Aya Kiguchi: Ayanchu”

  1. LOL, you got to love the Japanese with their corny “Idol” videos, with cheesy musical soundtrack to boot. Imagine the life of an idol video producer – “Alright honey, put this school girl outfit on then RUN AROUND!” “Alright honey, put these booty shorts on, get on the bed and JUMP AROUND!” “Alright honey, put this bikini on, get in the shower and ROLL AROUND!” – Damn, what a cool life.

  2. Oh heck yeah! This girl would make such a fantastic little girlfriend/side project. jdrevenge is so right with the near perfect. Especially the 7th one down with the stockings. WoW!

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