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Want to see more of Juno? 50 photos in various poses available here.

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  1. One more thing. Let me anticipate the comments about the blonde hair by saying:

    In this case, I just don’t care!

  2. I know Robin always have a good taste of “Asian Sirens”. I love this Juno..how old is she by the way?

  3. WoW what an amazing beauty.
    It kind of hurts to look at her, since she is so beautiful.
    Don’t look directly at her………..

    has anyone ever organized any photos of the sexy asian golfers ontour? there are a few of them.

  4. Nice.I just get the feeling she has no intention of ever seeing the inside of a gym.Ah youth & high metabolism…I remember them well.

  5. I’ve seen her before and still love her legs. LOL @ luvgirls bizarre comment above too.

  6. Hello everybody !

    i am just new register (from France)

    so i will try my best to write english correctly 🙂

    for tmy first post

    i am agree with Dr Lee.

    she is too kogaru !

    anyway she has a good body but no ass (like many japanese).

  7. I have a set of her pictures somewhere, and yea I really liked her then when I first found them. I still definitely like her now :)…..However, the fact that it looks like she just took a bath in that spray tan stuff makes her a little less attractive

  8. kogaru/kogals are a particular subculture of young Japanese who have heavy tans, bleach their hair, and usually wear quite gaudy clothes and makeup.

    luvjgirls comment is in direct relation to this: such bizarreness is what happens when a naturally light skinned Asian girl tans herself to death.

    This is another sad example of Asian girls doing everything they can to look western, but it seems such looks are very popular around here.

  9. I agree (mostly) about your assessment of these girls, in general, Doc. I never knew the term for it, but I understand exactly what you mean.

    Despite all that, this girl is very cute, IMO. She might be even better w/o the tan and, certainly, without the blonde hair. But, even WITH those things, she pops off the screen, IMO.

    I’m not big on the ultra-porn, huge fake boob look, nor am I all that fond of the overly muscular look. Still there are times when I see a girl in one of those categories that looks good, despite those negatives.

    The bizarre thing I really like a LOT on Juno, are the creamy nipples. I’m not sure why.

  10. She’s cute; I’ve seen several sets of her in the past. Unfortunately, I read on another board last year that Juno was killed in a car accident. RIP.

  11. Bigfoot Dean you have to be my long lost evil twin brother because I tend to agree with much of what you say. There’s much I shouldn’t like about this girl, still I find her quite sexy. She has that special vibe that so many women unforunately don’t have that can’t really be explained. I recall your views on Reon Kadena and how it was hard to pinpoint what she has that drives so many men, including me, so frickin’ wild. This girl has that quality. There’s magic in the air.

    If it’s true that Juno prematurely died, that’s just a travesty. What a waste of a good looking woman. Well, I guess that’s just the way it goes for some of us.

  12. I don’t mind the kogal look but it’s not a look that I go searching for to see. For me it depends on the person because some girls can look good with the tan and dyed hair and others can look like a hot mess because they go overboard on their tan and wear makeup in ridiculous shades.

    Juno is just stunning. Even without that look I think she would be, the kogal look just makes her unique and memorable. And her body is sooo damn sexy. And if she did die in a car accident, then that is a damn shame. And here’s more pics. Later 🙂

    319 Pics – 90MB

  13. i understand what you mean Candyman

    its depend on the person.

    But have you ever met a kogal ?
    (impossible to have a normal conversation)

    The thing is these girls adopt a philosophy of way of life !

    not only the body but the mind & the way of acting in everydaylife are “stupid”.

    its a shame i think

    kogal is not the tan body
    its a state of mind

    like it or not = you decide


  14. The kogal look only makes her unique and memorable in the context of the models featured on this site – if you go to the Gold Coast, for example (near where I live), they’re a dime a dozen.

  15. The look does make her memorable to me because I’m not going to meet any kogals nor do I want to unless she was giving out freebies or something. I wish I did live somewhere where they were a dime a dozen so I could tell them to stop wearing all that crap and show their natural beauty. Some are okay to look at but I wouldn’t associate myself with someone who looked as such. You can’t go out to eat at a nice place with someone who is bright orange. And the ones who look absolutely horrid remind me of White people who wore black makeup in the early 20th century to ridicule Black people. That ain’t cute. Here’s an example.

    But the look is just a fad. In a few years, it will be replaced with some other ridiculous fad that Japanese will apply to show their uniqueness and people out west will think it’s the hottest thing ever. But I could care less about it, preferably not bright orange.

  16. This Kogal look doesnt do it for me.
    I found a sophisticated and beautiful Asian girl all natural that i could stare at for hours. Although, she is not naked. 🙁

    item # 230248207364
    it looks like its her store and she models all her clothes so check her store links.

    actually my gf was looking for clothes but i certainly did help her look.

  17. Like her a lot! Her face is very anime-like, almost too perfect to be natural :o) I don’t mind the tanning as it might be that what makes her so pop in that bright environment. Unfortunately, the hair needs to be dyed in order to match the color and that really destroys the nice and silky beautiful Asian hair…

    And reading Clint’s post above, makes me sad :o(

  18. yes right Dr lee !

    You live in gold coast = what a luck

    i would like to visit Australia….

    All agree with Candyman about his thinking

    PS : i have a photo of 2 kogals but we cant post it ? no !


  19. You are welcome to post images here placeboy – you would have to put them up on an image hosing site and link to them from here. If you need any help, just send me a message.

  20. Kogaru style is often described as an “effort to look Western”. I don’t know whether that’s true, but even if it is, as a Japanese girl explained very clearly to me, it’s certainly not a look aimed at pleasing/interesting/appealing-to Westerners. ‘Strictly for Japanese consumption. As for Juno, I think the kogal look suits her perfectly, hair and all. She’s quite striking: almost a scifi girl from the future.

  21. “kogal or not kogal, tan or not tan”

    even if this girl had lighter skin, she would still be the BOMBBBBBB

    seriously, this girl is all soft, and look at that bod n face, tell me u would come twice, or ever more if she was riding you 😀

    two thumbs up for Juno, not even, all fingers up for her 😀

    you go girl!!!!

    so so beautiful and kawaiii

  22. asiansuperman, you’re coment is borderline crude – please be more careful in future.

    And I have to say, kogal or not, I find all the fuss over this girl utterly astonishing! She just isn’t anything special in any way that I can see, and she isn’t particularly pretty either. Her body’s certainly nice, but not spectacular enough to justify all the gushing comments here. I really don’t get it!

  23. Really doc, this girl isn’t special in any way? Dr. Lee I’m concerned about your vision. You might want go to the eye doctor and get a new prescription. We don’t want you going blind on us and who cares if you get coke bottle lenses, last I heard they where in vogue. Did you hear that everybody? Coke bottle eye glasses are in vogue!

  24. Twice I ran into this girl, who looked quite a bit like Juno (Hell….maybe it was Juno), a couple of summers ago while on vacation in Guam:

    Hot Japanese Girls in Guam

    Hot Japanese Girl in Guam

    What do you guys think….is it her?

  25. Those were oh so nice, Candyman. Her breasts and nipples are just so beautiful. Maybe I’m the one wearing Coke bottle specs?

  26. I like the girl in CEC32’s pics a little better – she seems to be a bit tighter and trimmer (although maybe it could be Juno after a bit of exercise!). Whatever the case. CEC32’s pics prove my point – this look is very, very common, if you go to any place where Japanese like to go to surf (such as the Gold Coast). Juno just isn’t remarkable at all.

  27. CEC32 that girl is just hot and yes it could be Juno, I can’t say it isn’t… Sexy and pretty.

    Hope you got her number, man. 😉

  28. CEC32’s girl looks more “Tila Tequila” to me than Juno, and I do not agree with Doc that she is better looking. Juno seems eerily pretty; this girl (although quite attractive) has a more “normal” beach girl look.

  29. I didn’t say she was better looking – I think Juno is a little prettier, but I prefer the body on CEC32’s girl. But there really isn’t very much in it either way – they’re both just ordinary tanned Japanese to me.

  30. Ha – this is hilarious. I saw a video of her on another site just yesterday and was trying to figure out who she was. Apparently I should always visit your website first.

    Also, I think she is gloriously attractive. She doesn’t look Kogal to me, she simply looks tan, with tan colored lipstick.

    She gets an A+ from me.

  31. After searching other websites, it appears most people do think that Juno is kogal. How strange. I think I am used to images like the example of kogal posted above, where it is so gaudy as to be blatant. Oh well.

    Juno have a last name?

  32. I love everything about her… even if I know nothing at all about her… haha. I love the paleness of her nipples! A little out of the ordinary I guess? Man, I can’t find the words…

  33. I love this girl! I remember the first time i saw a picture of her I thought she was one of those love dolls. Insanely cute.

  34. Yummy might just be it arf… haha! I really like the look… reminds me of a good fried chicken: nice and crispy on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside. Sorry, was that a little much?

    Bastos kase ako (because I’m nasty)… haha!

  35. Definitly my favorite, great body, beautifull smile, delicate beauty. She could make a photoshoot with her natural hair color and whithout tan. Thats what i’d like to see.

  36. i just read online today,that she has supposely sighnd a contact with a major porn company in japan.the date was postedthis past january.so hopefully its true,because it would me she hasnt passed away(i hope)and we get to see more of this incredible women,she s so freakin hot……….

  37. i just found a myspace page with pic and its dated as of 4/25/09.just sent a friends invitation to her to see if she would accept.her full name is juno takahashi,she has and older sister name kumi,who owns and sings for urban records,which is fairly new.juno is on the label and supposely is set to play at a festival around japan in october.i hoping its really her and she accepts,but if its not that pretty fucked up to be postin off somebody elses myspace,if she,s really gone let her rip.

  38. at first i thought it was.but then not really.its listed as juno but the picture is somebody else.i dont know why they would do that.unless she got camera shy all of a sudden,but by watching the videos of her i doubt it.the my space photo is also a pic of her wearing the shirt she has on in one of her videos as well.

  39. Juno Takahashi (Takahashi Juno; 高橋 竪埜) is a Japanese pop rock singer from Tokyo, Japan. She is currently signed to the Urban Kiss Records label which was founded and run by her older sister and famous Japanese pop star Yumi Takahashi. Currently she has yet to debut, but has been confirmed to be performing on four of the eight dates in the first ever URBAN UNION festival, which is being run by her record label.i figure i would paste this here in case anybody else would be interested in seeing or even goin to it.maybe then someone can get some pics of her and put them up as fanpics.

  40. vadikb, which of those files are nudes? I downloaded #3, and it was disappointing.

    Anyone who knows, I appreciate it.

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