Aren’t we all a bit voyeuristic?

Japanese Schoolgirl

Found this nice shot at K’s Looks real to me. There are a bunch of other Japanese Schoolgirl photo’s. Not sure if they are from daily life or are staged. But who cares. Check them out.

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  1. A friend of mine and I have had a continuing discussion about this topic. For men, breeding is a biological imperative: spread the seed. Females are at their most attractive a few years after puberty, roughly about the time they’re most fertile; their attractiveness declines as their fertility wanes. But we’re programmed to respond to youth and beauty, and it doesn’t go away just because we’re above some arbitrary age limit and the object of our attention is below another equally arbitrary age limit.

    Everyone’s familiar with the “Tammy NYP” video, right? Well, in the States it would have been statutory rape because she was 17; in Singapore, however, it’s not, because 17 is the age of consent. Are S’porean 17-year-olds more mature than American 17-year-olds? I doubt it. It’s a function of legislation.

    So while I don’t advertise my attraction to post-pubescent females, I don’t apologize for it either. It’s my programming. 🙂

    For more on theories of beauty, see “The Human Face” with John Cleese.

  2. I guess the thing with me is that I’m really not attracted to young girls – they’re just too naive for me to have anything in common with. I guess I must think about more than just sex when I choose a mate. 😉

  3. even discounting the age, what’s the seemingly stereotypical Japanese obsession with boring panties (not even something exotic like a thong or crotchless, for pete’s sake!)?

  4. But seriously, so many of the import models seem to be hardly 20… they still seems as young and naive as girls of 16 sometimes but with bad boob jobs.

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