Misa Campo Makes Maxim

Misa Campo makes Maxim

Nineteen-year-old Filipina-German bartender Misa Campo makes Maxim this month. Congratulate her on MySpace.

(Via dadadards.)

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  1. This is going to be a good month: Vanessa Minillo on cover of Maxim while Yunjin Kim graces Stuff’s. some filipino looking girl in FHM too. trifecta!

  2. Ah, 19! Such a yummy age!

    I’m glad there are hotties like whatshername to keep my memory of the things (and ladies) I was doing when I was nineteen fresh and vibrant as the day they happened!

    I wouldn’t want to be nineteen again but boy am I glad I was — and for a whole 365 days too! 😛

    My sproing has sprung!

  3. asians with western blood are very pretty…but you need a hint of asian with their looks…mixed asian, pure asian whatever…they all look good ! :)..this one is yummy….

  4. Mike’s right they are gorgeous….but only if they’re women. So Mike you know nothing!!!!

    JK brother 😉

  5. Looks like she’s got a half-decent ass. Think her cheeks are implants too? Or is that the “white” part of her?

  6. I could see how a chick like this could make $10,000 a month on tips alone in a Manhattan Wall street bar/grill.

    We really need to start mixing the races ASAP. Mixed women are like fine wine I tell ya.

  7. I’ve gotta disagree with CLM on this one – without the glamour makeup and touch-ups, I reckon you’d hardly notice her. IMHO she’s pretty plain really.

  8. She’s okay. She’s no Leah Dizon, but she’s okay. The one good thing about her is that she has some ass to her. Other than that, I don’t see anything special about her.

  9. LD isn’t overrated, she’s smoking. Misa looks good and has a nice body, but so do alot of other models. I don’t see anything about her that sets her apart from the flood of models that are currently out there. So I still feel that she’s okay. Maybe I’ll change my mind when I pick up the mag.

  10. I’m with Candyman on this one – Leah is infinitely pettier than this very unremarkable girl. Once again, if you walked past her in the supermarket I bet you wouldn’t even notice her without the glamour makeup and touch-ups – Maxim means ‘maximum fake’. 😉

  11. I agree with Candyman, Leah Dizon has more of an exotic look and she’s pretty in every angle. Misa Campo is only pretty at certain specific angles.

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