Miki Munemasa

Miki Munemasa was a very popular idol back in the late nineties who made pages sizzle with her girigiri (almost) nude photos (called chaku-ero). Her popularity soared with the help of the countless fan websites dedicated to this Japanese beauty, who’s grace, beauty, and sultriness were unmatched back in the day. And like so many fans back then, we’ve all dreamed about the day we would get see this Osaka native strip the very clothing that’s hiding the Goddess of a body underneath. Well, thankfully, today is the day in this wonderfully produced all nude photobook just for you. Each page still retains the essence of her former “chaku-ero” photos, but with more highly charged content with wet see through with T-shirts, as well as some great up skirt photo action which she doesn’t mind at all. From traditional Japanese rope bondage, elegant rich woman hair nudes, thongs, or relaxing bed room scenes, she somehow reaches the raw animal instinct in us men making us instant fans. If you love Miki, you definitely won’t be disappointed.


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