Luci and Nyla Thai – Sister Act


Don’t get the wrong idea from my title. Even though real-life sisters Luci and Nyla Thai have worked together in the same porn movies, they don’t play with each other sexually. Sorry if I deflated anyone’s fantasy there! I’ve seen them do a hot three way with a guy though.

Both girls shot their first adult films shortly after turning 18, although Luci has been in considerably more releases than Nyla. Nyla is a year younger than Luci and has some catching up to do I guess.

It wasn’t easy to find any glamour shots of these girls, so I’m throwing in some DVD box covers. Say what you will about these girls, but IMHO, they both have some fantastic natural boobies! Something to do with their Cambodian-Thai mixture?




Other than Jade and Nyomi Marcella, I’m wondering if there are any other Asian sisters doing porn these days?

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0 thoughts on “Luci and Nyla Thai – Sister Act”

  1. Yep, their boobs do look natural. Sadly, however, their faces look anything but. Looks like I’m going to have to do a follow-up to my “Asian facial surgery” article discussing how much many Asian American models destroy their faces with excessive cosmetic surgery…

  2. Candyman, true….but I was only commenting on her boobs. And both sisters have great ones! 🙂

  3. All I was is that Nyla is the hotter of the two sisters, but Lucy is the nastier of the two sisters. She’s does everything in her videos; she’s a real freak.

  4. Nyla Thai and Lucy Thai both very hot and beautiful sisters my answer to these hot sisters is that they have done very good job on their’s video movie performence Nyla Thai Lucy Thai both seems always ready to their position and both follows the instructions carefully and trustful friendly and anything that Nyla Thai and Lucy Thai does on their videos duss it with kind I am a big fan on Nyla Thai and Lucy Thai I will never write comments to brake their’s harts ps I believe that all pornstars deserve to hear good answers and comments we need to show pornstars just how much we care about them appriatiaing for their outstanding impressive jobs that the pornstars do

  5. My answer to these two lovely very special sisters is all dvd videos are beneficial value and very honest and very greatful skills that Nyla Thai and Lucy Thai have the two of you are golden gold sisters golden gold Nyla Thai and golden gold Lucy Thai both have a very nice sexy smiles supreme made very good and gradually ready to develop more dvds videos and more photos Nyla Thai and Lucy Thai are the most millions and millions the most lovelyest hottest sweetharts pornstars in appearings on movies and photos also Nyal Thai and Lucy Thai both ready to become the leaders on super pornstars

  6. Lucy ran an add in Adult Friend Finder last year looking for marraige and wanting children. Considering what she does in her films it is just a matter of time until she gets HIV or HTLVI or II. She knows this and is probably looking to bail out of porn and get with a really rich guy. That would be me if I added a few zeros to my income. Oh well the Filipina Im with has lips just like hers and a bigger rounder ass too.

  7. Do you really think these girls could pull a rich guy? Rich guys usually go for class, or at least someone truly gorgeous. Certainly, I can think of few Asian models I’d want to marry less, but each to his own I guess!

  8. At some point I feel like he should comment without his link in order to at least give the appearance that he is not spamming these posts. At least they link to photos, so that’s something.

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