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Interview with ‘Daily Leng Lui’


The Daily Leng Lui site caught my eye a while ago. Also focused on beautiful Asian women, the site stands out from the crowd due to their really well researched posts and habit of featuring lesser known models or smaller celebrities. We were lucky enough to catch the site’s creator Richard for a short interview recently. Check out after the jump for more.


A/S: How do you choose which models to feature at Daily Leng Lui?

Richard: I try not to choose the mainstream celebrities who don’t need the extra publicity. I usually pick the less popular but highly talented models who have potential to be successful in the future. Or others that might have an interesting story behind them.

A/S: If you had to choose your top 3 models which you’ve featured over the last almost 2 years, which would they be and why?

Richard: To be honest, this is a difficult choice, if only I could choose more than 3….One of them definitely has to be Yoyo Xu Xiangting from Taiwan, she been our most popular girl with our male readers throughout the years! The other two personal picks of mine would be Zhao Yihuan from China because I simply love girls with sweet smiley-eyes, and she’s pretty hot too! Finally Ava Liu Yukiu a singer from Hong Kong, she’s naturally pretty as well as being a very talented singer!

A/S: What inspired you start blogging about Asian women and what keeps you inspired?

Richard: “Daily Lenglui” started off in early 2010 as my personal collection of the type of girls that I like. I didn’t really expect it to grow to where it is today, from 0 to 1.29 million visitors. So, I continue doing what I do best in searching for the never-ending pretty girls and challenging myself to get even more readers.


A/S: Which other resources out there on the web do you rate for those into wanting their fix of Asian beauty (apart from AS of course :-)?

Richard: MOKO is definitely one of my favorites! It’s a social network site from China primary for models and photographers to share their portfolios. The rest would be FaceWall’s blog from Taiwan, and forums like and

A/S: One of the things that makes Daily Leng Lui stand out is the sheer amount of research that goes into many of the posts. How much effort goes into the average post?

Richard: It’s frustrating at times, trying to search in English to research Asian girls. With bits and pieces of photos and information here and there, it doesn’t feel complete. If you’re lucky, you might find a full collection of photos but readers don’t want to see every single picture of a model. Hence, I search every possible sources from Google to Baidu for their information and filter every single picture til I get only the best. For some, I even had to go through their blogs from Day 1 until their latest post just to make sure I don’t miss out anything. Usually hours of hard-work searching and compiling, but it does feel complete and satisfying once all the hard work is complete. It doesn’t end there either, at times, I do update their on-going latest photos and news!

A/S: What’s the future for Daily Leng Lui?

Richard: Seriously, I have no idea but I’ll keep doing what I do best now. Maybe it’ll somehow turn into MOKO or a talent/modeling agency one day. I definitely need some help in that, can’t be doing it alone.


A/S: Where does the name Daily Leng Lui come from; was the idea to do daily posts at some point?

Richard: Exactly, I originally wanted to post up one pretty girl every single day but it was too much work and I couldn’t cope up with it. I’d rather have quality posts over quantity. Also the word “lenglui” means pretty girl in Chinese Cantonese.

A/S: What do you do when not blogging about stunning Asian models?

Richard: Most of my time is dedicated to my own start-up company specializing in the IT and telecom. industry. Life of a start-up is like an emotional roller coaster, things seem great one moment and hopeless the next. I do believe persistent is the key to success and I apply it to all my blogs. My other blogs are: a food blog and an online boutique blog shop.

A/S: “Controversial question alert”. Which Asian countries do you think have the best looking women overall and why?

Richard: Overall, I like the fair skin women from Thailand, Vietnam and vicinity. There is something about their features, maybe it’s the mixture of half Chinese, ethnic Thai and Westerner.

A/S: You’ve recently passed your 200th post on DLL, how are you going to celebrate?

Richard: I’ll be looking for sponsorship to reward myself with a pretty Asian bunny girl that jumps out from the box!

Two New Site Releases From Imagine Models


The webmasters of Imagine Models have been busy. They have two more sites they’re releasing and wanted me to let the AS crew know about them. The photos in this post are from a new site called GMGirlz, which is similar to their original site but focuses on random Asian models rather than import models. I’m fond of websites that have unique models, especially when they’re from the US. The other site is called Recon Videos. I’ve noticed a number of models on that site that I think I want to post on here later someday, when more photo galleries get released. I haven’t been on either site but maybe the webmasters can come and explain their thoughts on the two new websites here in the future. Feel free and ask any questions below.Quina Shi



Amy Vang





Wanitda Chotisen





Official Launch of ‘Mainland Hotties’


Drum roll please….

Curtains, lights and action! Introducing to you all, the one, the only, the unstoppable…Mainland Hotties!!!

MH is a brand new hot off the press and raring to go site dedicated to the awesomeness that is ‘Chinese women’. The last licks of paint and few nails were hammered in only a day or so ago and now the finished article is complete.

So why do ‘Mainland Hotties?’ Find out after the jump…It’s basically an expansion of the ‘Mainland Sirens’ posts that have been cropping up intermittently here at AS. We specialize in just women from mainland China. So whereas Asian Sirens is catering to the niche of Asian women, MH is a niche within that niche.

My vision is for MH to act as a sister site (not the ugly sister I hope) of AS. It simply gives us a forum to collect and expand the content for Chinese models further. I’m open to ideas and really looking forward to getting readers thoughts on how to improve on the site. As it’s based in wordpress there’s some cool things that we can do, here’s a few:

Larger picture sizes
Full screen galleries
Reader polls
Flickr gallery previews
Featured Videos

Also I welcome anyone who’s interesting in creating a guest post of their own to contact me at Asian Sirens really has such a strong team of posters right now, creating really varied and interesting content. I’m sure there’s more talent out there waiting to be discovered. I myself was an avid follower of AS for years, before contacting Lee to offer my services as a contributor.

For now, to kick off the site with a bang, I’ve added a post for a really gorgeous new model Chen Zhao Zi. I hope you’ll agree she’s an enticing way to start things off. Please register and leave a message just as you would on AS to let us know what you think of her. Then come back to AS to let us know what you think of the site also!

Chen Zhao Zi

Full screen gallery options for easy viewing of pics

Chen Zhao Zi

A final note, I will still of course continue to post here at AS. There will be sharing of the content between the 2 sites as well.

Imagine Models Site Review


Imagine Models has gone through a revamp, and they asked Asian Sirens (me) to review their current website, to help get their name out to the public.

From the owners:

Thank you for visiting Imagine Models. We feature some of the hottest models and new talent in the modeling industry. Imagine Models has been a pioneer in the modeling industry for over 10 years now and counting. No where else can you find a website that provides a huge selection of hot models, along with professional photography & web design services all in one place.

Below is my review of Imagine Models.Once again, I do not have the old site for reference. But the new site navigates extremely well. Nothing is cluttered, the speed to get from one page to another is above average, and the pages are broken down in straight forward ways. Want to view a model? Click on the model page and you have a list, with a photo. That’s simply and easy. There is also a list of names on the side. The rest of the review I am going to break down into sections.

What the Site Does Well

Beyond simply navigation, the quality of photographer is above average, especially for an import model website. As is often the case, the photos are heavily touched up, but fans of import models (and that style photography) should appreciate the effort.

Everything on Imagine Models is unique to their website, which is uncommon on most import model sites. in addition, I don’t recognize many of the models (which is nice) and even though not all of the models are of Asian descent (which may turn off some of the members), in my opinion all/most of the women on the site have at least a few nice features.

There are also videos of many of the models. The videos load very easily, and though they seem to have a bug that doesn’t tell you how much time is remaining, it is fun to watch these models pose for the camera in a video that isn’t low quality. One thing I noticed was that the Kini Lee video randomly has another model cut in at the end, but otherwise the videos are a decent length.

They also appear to be introducing a “submit yourself” open call to models, and they are receiving participants. I can see that aspect of the website becoming very popular as it grows.

Finally, the owners of Imagine Models are tremendously friendly and actually interested in having their website succeed. I have a feeling that they are going to take criticisms/requests seriously, which will easily help them grow as a company. I cannot tell you how important that is, even if it seems like a throwaway line.

What Needs Work

I don’t know an easy way to say this, but the website needs more content. Much more content. Each model only has one or two galleries, and each gallery only has about 40 photos at most, usually in the same clothes with similar poses. That’s not enough in the world of Google Image Search. What is interesting to me is that I recall this website HAD more content. Models like “Summer” were some of my favorite when I first visited the site a while ago, but most of her galleries have since seemed to disappear. Hopefully Imagine Models will stop by and explain their thoughts.

In addition, the website needs more nudity. Not because people will not be attracted to these models while they’re wearing clothes, but because that is one of the main things that attracts people to import model websites – the chance to see their favorite import models without clothes.

Also, videos are not listed under the model, which is odd because there is a section labeled “videos” under each model.

Final Thoughts

For those that like import models, this website is very promising. It is clean, it’s run well, the models are attractive, and the owners actually care about creating a product that people will enjoy. But it does need work. I would recommend that every model has at least two or three photoshoots in two different outfits, and that each model should also have at least one video. It is vital that they fill their website with more content before I can call it “ready.’ There are videos of models in multiple outfits, and once you get to the gallery, those photos are not there. This is a missed opportunity.

Imagine Models will be a really great import model website someday. It already has some extremely sexy women that I hadn’t encountered in my travels. But in my opinion it needs more content, especially these days where finding import models has become much easier.



That was Emmie Doll’s butt. Follow Up Review


A little over a year ago, we reviewed Back then there were some site issues, navigational issues, etc. But the website has gone through a complete site redesign, so today we are going to review again.I’m going to break into my thoughts in a moment, but here is the email we received from the site owner:

I think it’s been about a year since you last reviewed — lots has happened. I redesigned the site, it’s looked sleeker than ever. The members area is also completely redesigned allowing for quicker navigation and ease-of-download.

There’s HD Videos now as well, with nearly 250 models in 2300 galleries, over 350,000 photos and over 100 hours of video.

Still having 5-8 updates every single day and still 100% exclusive stuff.

While I did not get a chance to navigate through the old site, the new website does appear to have very few navigational problems. There is currently no search option, but you get to see 40 models per page (large thumbnails) and you can always “control-F” to find the model on the page. There is also a recent update section, as well as a FAQ/Help section. All three (the model section, support section, and update section) can be seen when you log in.


– Many updates
– Videos (both HD and Standard) that accompany each shoot.
– Retouched photos of many of the models.
– Models that you will rarely see anywhere else.
– Many Asian women.
– Several galleries of each model.


– Few touched up photos
– No search feature.
– Not the type of models that you see on other sites (more in a moment)
– Standard videos come in .flv format, which are very hard to open.
– Not all Asian models.
– Gallery photos sometimes in weird orders.
– Not all nude

Overall Impressions:

I’m on the fence about On the one hand, few of the models are spectacular – part of this is because the photos are not touched up, so if a model has a little bit of acne on her back (as even some of the most beautiful models in the world do) you will see it when you check out the photos. In addition, most of the photosets have a regular background, and while the models have some nice poses, many of the photos are the same in each gallery.

On the other hand, while few of the models look “model like,” that by no means implies that they are not pretty. They are often the type of girl that I would gladly check out from across the bar, simply for being pretty – just not the type of girl I would expect to see modeling. In addition, untouched up photos have their appeal. There is something a little fun about seeing a photo that doesn’t feel like a modeling photo. There is a reason that those “ex girlfriend” sites are so successful – it feels as though you are seeing a photo that maybe you were not supposed to be seeing, and that’s exciting.

Also, while I did not get a chance to see the videos (no flv player), I will say that if you check out the opening video when you visit the site, those videos do seem to be fun to watch.

With easier navigation, a great deal of updates, and videos that are enjoyable, and that “ex girlfriend” appeal, there are many people that will be fond of the new SFBayModels website. For others, it may not be the site for you.

Here are some of the models that I like. They may be featured here in the future as well.

Coco Tran


TJ (Post Here)


Anh Le


Nora Valentin


Vanessa Chang






Xuan Vy (Post Here)