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Carol Nakamura is an Asian model from Brazil. I don’t remember how I found her, but it’s fortunate that I waited to post her because within the last few months she modeled nude for the first time, many of which you can see below. I’m presuming she’s at least half Japanese from the name, but really I have no idea.Stats:

Age: ?
Height: ?
Ethnicity: Japanese?
Located: Brazil












Some Photos
Nude Photos

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  1. Yes, that’s what I was going to say as well; maybe that she is from Brazil and with a Japanese name was mangling your mind a tad Travis.
    Back to Carol…Oh Carol..the first pic is an invitation and pic #3 just makes me want to spank that gorgeous round arse cheek.

  2. A whole lotta woman, a hole lotta Carol! I have a feeling she might not age all that well, but for the next few years, wow!

  3. @MisterGrimes: yes, I’d say so – many of her photos are clearly from before she got her present implants. A very nice, tasteful job though, and the rest of her is pretty nice from the waist up too (apart from that tat!). Her lower body is too stocky for my taste.

  4. That’s exactly what I’m talking about. Curvy, soft, and beautiful. Starting the day out right here in LA.

  5. “Ana Carolina Nakamura, or Carol Nakamura, is a beautiful girl from Rio de Jeneiro of 28 years of Japanese origin. She is a dancer and stage Assistant at the famous program “reality show-DomingΓ£o do FaustΓ£o”, on TV Globo. Carol took off clothes for the November issue of “Sexy”. It was the first time that the Ballerina posed completely nude. The test took place in the beautiful beaches of Cancun, Mexico.”
    She’s much more pleasing to me than the usual long skinny types present too often on here. I’ve got more than my two thumbs up for Carol!!

  6. Were I to attend a cotillion
    I’d love to take a Brazilian.
    Had she the curves
    I’d get up the nerves

    Sorry. Stuck. Billion, reptilian, vermillion, doesn’t work.

  7. Lovely girl. I can see why she’s not Doc approved – he likes the skinny Viets.

    One can certainly see the Brazilian features in a number of places, if you get my drift.

  8. Not like you to get stuck on a rhyme dipper.
    But it’s a tough call. Keep trying. Rewrite?
    Carol – barrel. Nakamura? ummmm…I give up.

  9. That is a beautiful woman. Faultless.

    There is a huge history of immigration from Japan to Brazil. Do a little digging.

  10. There doesn’t seem to be any salt on the table though Td9m. No lick ;-( only sip and suck..oh well, that’d do πŸ™‚

  11. @…., there are safer places than Brazil to go find hot Asian women.
    Amazing face. But I like implants – just not hers – they’re too far apart. And like others said, she’s going to get chunky. The tat is pathetic.

  12. Like I said…it’s them legs and the landing strip in the first pic. Oh yeah…forgot the boobs. Wish she had some tats though.

  13. Super cute with a beautiful smile, so I’ll forgive the thick thighs. Looks like she has a lot of fun being naked.

  14. She looks 100% Japanese ethnicity (almost certainly born in or grew up in Brazil).

    If you guys ever look at Brazilian models, Brazilian men seem to love “junk in the trunk”, as Doc put it. Whether white, black, Asian, Amerindian, or some mixture of the above, the girls that make coverfolds all have some cushion for the pushin’.

    Oh, and quite, quite hot. You guys can find Carol dancing the mambo on Youtube. Sexy thing.

  15. Received this info in my mailbox:

    Name: Carolina Nakamura
    Age: 28 years

    City: Rio de Janeiro

    1.72 m high
    54kg weight
    85cm bust
    64cm waist
    95cm hip

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