Ao Dai Time!


As urgal mentioned, when I get bored with the sorts of models that are often featured here, I like to do an ao dai post (click on the link to learn all about them), or feature “some strange woman from another planet”. The latter will have to wait until I have time to do a more detailed post, but here’s a quick ao dai post! This image was taken from a article on the lead up to a Vietnamese beauty pageant, featuring lots of lovely Vietnamese girls in their equally lovely ao dais. The article is in Vietnamese, but you can still enjoy the pics (be sure to load them in a new window to view the full size versions).

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  1. hey lee..sorry, i lost the email about this article..but you seem to did fine 🙂 ao dai is so sexy, especially the little part of the dress showing some skin 🙂 great post:) but the girl in the red ao dai could do without the cell phone and Coach purse:)

  2. somebody really really really admires Vietnamese women. it’s interesting how I really don’t care about the ao dai, I thought it was because it seems too constrictive in not showing legs and bare shoulders whick I like seeing, but I just thought about it even more right now and found I like seeing cute Japanese girls in Kimono, which is as unrevealing as the ao dai. why is that? oh yeah, because I love japanese women! it goes to show that a woman or type of woman you are attracted to could be wearing a car tire and still find many things that they are about mesmerizing.

  3. meow… you’re surely know how to lure me back, dr. lee… & hellooooo there lawnboy!
    i loooooooooooooooooooove ao dai but don’t like the ones they had on… not sublime enough…

  4. To me, nothing beats the cheongsam (aka “chinese dress”). Body hugging, form fitting goodness! *drool* Do we have an article somewhere in the archives dedicated to this style of dress? If not, we sorely need one!

    That said, the ao dai is certainly very pretty to look at. My ex was Vietnamese (I suspect, she still is!) and I was able to see her once in such a dress. It was… attractive. ^_^

  5. Yeah, I agree we probably should have an article on the cheong sam, not to mention the kimono and other traditional Asian dresses too. But I think I have too much pro ao dai bias to give them a fair treatment. 😉 Who wants to write about this?

  6. Welcome back cat-tien! We still are waiting for some more (higher resolution) pictures from you (Ao dai or no ao dai).

  7. Yeah…cat, I’m also a big huge fan of the traditional vietnamese birthday suit. How’s about a little preview. 🙂

  8. The two girls are very natural looking from make up to Ao dai.
    I am glad Dr. Lee reminds the men on here that besides the hot naked asian chicks.. there’s Ao Dai ;)~

  9. it is really valid to assume the users with women’s names are really women? seriously who the hell are all of us? I could be a midget transvestite, Dee could be the biggest butch dike in the southern hemisphere. the only thing that’s really genuine from us are our opinions

  10. My secret’s out! 😉

    Seriously though, I have had personal communications with cat and Kim, and I am as sure as I can be on the net that they are who they say they are (certainly in Kim’s case at least anyway).

  11. Dr. Lee is the only person on here that I’ve sent my pic to and besides he’s the only person on here that posts Ao Dai/the elegant of Vietnamese women in these traditional dresses that will never go away (a dear subject to me and most Viet people)
    Oh and I am 100% Viet and a woman, and damn proud of it ;)~

  12. Kim,

    It’s not that Goodtaste was doubting you personally, it’s just that he was stressing the point that we all can say anything about ourselves here, and no one would ever know if it was true or not. For example, I could say I was 6″ 3″, looked like a ypung Tom Selleck, was totally ripped , etc., but only my personal sense of dignity (meaning I think posing is pathetic) prevents me from doing so. It is, however, tempting.

  13. Wingsfan19, I didn’t mean to say anything mean by the above comment, I understand completely. And you’re right.. it is all about our words and comments on here.
    I love Ao Dai too and if I ever have a daughter in the future, I will make her wear ’em as long as I can lolz

  14. There is some flesh peeking in the image above. I dont collect the pictures of it, just enjoy it when it occurs.

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