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Kumi Koda

Japanese pop singer Kumi Koda (or Kumiko Koda) was born on November 13, 1982. Kumi debuted in 2000 with her first single ‘Take Back’. She did not achieve success until her seventh single ‘Real Emotion / 1000 no Kotoba’ which was a hit because of its connection to the videogame ‘Final Fantasy X-2’. Her popularity skyrocketed in 2005 after the release of Butterfly and being named one of the best selling artists of 2005 from the success of BEST ~first things~.

To be honest I’m not a real fan of her songs but damn is she hot!

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I know a few of our readers have a fetish for Asian girls with Aussie accents, so how about two cute Korean Australian girls singing with Aussie accents? Introducing twin sisters Jayesslee (Facebook) – here they are singing a surprisingly fresh sounding cover of the most over-played and over-covered song of last year, PSY’s Gangnam Style (or as they refer to it in Aussie lingo, “Gumnut Style”). Personally, I find their version infinitely more listenable than the original – indeed, I think their singing (especially their harmonies) is actually quite excellent (and I’m a real music snob). Their YouTube channel was only the second in Australia to hit one million subscribers – after another Asian Australian girl, Natalie Tran. Yes, we love our Asian girls down here – and if you lived here, you’d know why. πŸ™‚

Tsukiko Amano

I can’t tell you anything about Japanese siren Tsukiko Amano that you can’t get from her official website or Wikipedia listing, but for those who haven’t heard of her before, now you have. Above is the music video for “ChΓ΄” (“Butterfly”), which she also wrote and is the theme song from the PlayStation 2 survival horror game Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly. It’s the song Tsukiko (who just goes by “Tsuki Amano” these days) is best-known for ….among gamers, anyway.

(Hat tip to tezzer220)

Teresa Hui – Jingle Bell Rock

To get you into the Christmas spirit, here’s comedienne/singer Teresa Hui performing the Yuletide classic “Jingle Bell Rock,” accompaning herself on the ukulele. I could do without her vocal embellishments at about 3/4 of the way through the song, but aside from that, she’s not bad at all. Check out her Youtube channel and official website to see more of her. Oh, and Happy Holidays!

The Girls of Nylon Pink


Not long ago I featured the girls from Baby VOX all in one post. I’m creating this post before that one is posted, so there’s a chance it wasn’t well received, but I’m going to pretend it is for the purposes of this post.

Hey! Since you guys liked my last post so much, here’s another! You might remember Kaila Yu. She was one of the most popular new models after Sung Hi Lee. Well, after she quit modeling, she decided to create a techno-punk-pop girl group known as Nylon Pink where she acts as the lead singer. Since you’re all probably (hopefully) familiar with Kaila Yu, here are some of the other members of the girl group.

Note: Whenever we feature non-models on Asian Sirens, especially women from the US that might read this blog, keep any negative comments to a minimum. Models open themselves up for criticism, but non-models do not. It would be like posting a photo of your girlfriend from Facebook and letting all of us explain what’s wrong with her.Kiki Wongo



Young Drummer Jaime Scoles


DJ Shy




Kitt-E-Katt – I couldn’t find a photo, but she’s one of the founders and on the right.



Nylon Pink