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Asian Cheerleaders of the NBA


If you’ve seen an NBA game at any arena, then you know the high energy routines of the cheerleaders (who are more often called dancers, these days), keep the crowd pumped-up during halftimes and breaks in the action. With the current NBA season now down to the playoffs, some of these ladies may not be returning to the court until later this year but many of them stay busy during the off-season by appearing at promotions, special events, and touring as ambassadors of the cities and teams they represent. One dancer whose season is not yet over is Chicago Luvabulls co-captain Erika, whose team, the Chicago Bulls, are still in the running as of this writing. Erika is a University of Illinois alumna who’s in her ninth year with the Luvabulls.The following are the other 24 Asian ladies who grace the court with their squads on game days in support of their teams. At the end of the photos is a poll so that you can vote on who you would most like to see interviewed for a solo feature. You should base your choice on more than just looks, so click on their names to check out their profiles. After the beginning of the 2012-2013 NBA season, I’ll make serious (but reasonable) efforts to contact the top vote-getter for an interview.

Note: The ladies featured here are from the squads’ 2011-2012 rosters only. Some may not be returning for next season and since teams usually hold auditions beginning in June, there may be some new additions to the 2012-2013 rosters. Furthermore, these ladies don’t list their ethnicity on their profiles so I simply “played it by eye” and selected the ones whom I pegged for being Asian, full or part. If I missed any that are part-Asian, or included any that are not part-Asian (both of which are highly unlikely since I have kind of a keen eye for this), well ….my mistake and you can cast a write-in vote in the comments below, for any lady not included here that should be.

Atlanta Hawks Cheerleader Mona says there’s nothing she’s more passionate about than dancing and by being a Hawks cheerleader, she’s living out one of her lifelong dreams.

Born in Tokyo and raised in the US, Blazerdancer Eri has been with the Portland Trailblazers squad for five years now.

Rookie Blazerdancer Lisa says of dancing, “It’s something that lives in your body that you can’t get rid of.”

Second year Dallas Mavericks Dancer, Helen has a B.S in Accounting Information Management from the University of Texas at Dallas.

Born and raised in Japan, Natsuki came to the US just two years ago and earned a spot as a Mavs Dancer last year.

The Detroit Pistons are unique in that they have separate cheer and dance teams. Pam has been a member of the former since 2004 and plans on opening up her own yoga studio.

Thera has been a Golden State Warrior Girl for 5 years. Her “day job” is that of an electrical engineer.

Rookie Warrior Girl Patrisha (Yes, that’s how she spells it.) also works as a makeup artist and majors in public relations at San Jose State University.

Also a rookie Warrior Girl, Regina has been dancing sine she was five and is a student at the UCSF School of Pharmacy.

Third-year Clippers Spirit veteran Katrina is also a nursing student and Los Angeles ambassador for Hennessy Black.

Bianca is a second-year member of the Los Angeles Clippers’ squad, “Clippers Spirit.” Besides the court, she can also be caught at Disneyland where she’s a parade performer.

Rookie Clippers Spirit member Shannon is a dance major at UC Riverside and a Married with Children fan.

Third-year Los Angeles Laker Girl Veronica majored in Public relations and plays basketball herself.

First-year Laker Girl Jennifer has a degree in journalism and loves to ride horses.

Also a rookie Laker Girl, Linette majored in business administration at UC Riverside.

First-year Miami Heat Dancer Julianne loves to travel and sees herself becoming a hotel reviewer.

Co-captain of the newly-named Philadelphia 76ers dance squad, the “Dream Team,” Annie has been with the team for five years. She’s danced in national competitions and plays the piano. (Link is to her 2010-2011 profile because the Dream Team’s new page has no dancer profiles yet.)

Phoenix Suns Dancer Brittni is a student in her second year with the squad and wants to be a contestant on the show Wipe Out.

Suns Dancer Carla enjoys “t-shirt time” at US Airways Center (and has a great arm to throw those t-shirts into the crowd) and would love to wear the gorilla suit (the Suns’ mascot) just to see what it’s like.

Arielle is in her second year with the Sacramento Kings Dancers (formerly known as the Kings Royal Court Dancers). Next to dance, football is her favorite sport.

Also a second-year Kings Dancer Brittney lists soccer as her favorite sport after dance.

Ashley is in her third year with the Toronto Raptors Dance Pak. She’s currently a student studying physical health and education, and is a big Elvis fan.

Also in her third year with the Dance Pak, Char is a professional dance instructor and choreographer. He hobby is playing the guitar.

Nikki has been with the Utah Jazz’s squad, the Nu Skin Jazz Dancers, for six seasons. She’s a registered nurse and running in a marathon is on her “bucket list.”

Which cheerleader would you most like to see interviewed for a solo feature?

Erika (Chicago Luvabulls)
Mona (Atlanta Hawks Cheerleaders)
Eri (Portland Blazerdancers)
Lisa (Portland Blazerdancers)
Helen (Dallas Mavericks Dancers)
Natsuki (Dallas Mavericks Dancers)
Pam (Detroit Pistons Cheer Team)
Thera (Golden State Warrior Girls)
Patrisha (Golden State Warrior Girls)
Regina (Golden State Warrior Girls)
Katrina (Los Angeles Clippers Spirit)
Bianca (Los Angeles Clippers Spirit)
Shannon (Los Angeles Clippers Spirit)
Veronica (Los Angeles Laker Girls)
Jennifer (Los Angeles Laker Girls)
Linette (Los Angeles Laker Girls)
Julianne (Miami Heat Dancers)
Annie (Philadelphia Dream Team)
Brittni (Phoenix Suns Dancers)
Carla (Phoenix Suns Dancers)
Arielle (Sacramento Kings Dancers)
Brittney (Sacramento Kings Dancers)
Ashley (Toronto Dance Pak)
Char (Toronto Dance Pak)
Nikki (Utah Nu Skin Jazz Dancers)

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Muqimiya (Mainland Sirens 14)


Hailed as the “Sexiest yoga instructor in all Asia”. Muqimiya is undoubtedly China’s ‘first lady’ of yoga. While yoga’s been popular in China for a few years now, it’s only in the last year in which Muqimiya has really gained popularity, appearing in a massively popular Samsung advert that really brought her into the mainstream. (See bottom of this post.)

If you’re thinking her name doesn’t sound very Chinese, well, that’s because it doesn’t. Muqimiya is from the southern Chinese province of Yunnan (next to the Vietnam border) and her mother is from the ethnic “Yi” (pronounced like the English letter ‘E’ in Chinese) group of that area.

Doc apparently has a bit of a thing for yogis, how about the rest of you?












Age: 24
Height: 172cm 5’8″
Ethnicity: Half Han Chinese / Half Yi Ethnic Group
From: Yunnan Province

Muqimiya @ Mainland Hotties
Moko Page
Baidu Gallery
Other Gallery


Absolutely Fantastic Samsung Advert. Muqimiya appears from 2:40 min

Same advert, this time on Youtube

Muqimiya performing dance and yoga on a Chinese TV show

Japanese Baseball Cheerleaders

The cheerleading squads in the Nippon Baseball League are much larger than those of their Korean counterparts and their routines are more elaborately choreographed. Watching the official cheerleaders for the Orix Buffaloes, the “Bs Dreams” in action (above) is evidence of that.

EDIT: The above video has been deleted from Youtube, but you can view the original post and video here.10 of the 12 teams in the NBL have official cheerleaders, also called dance teams. (The Hanshin Tigers and Hiroshima Toyo Carp need to get with the program.) Below are just some of the ladies from each of those 10 squads, and all of the spellings are 100% accurate.

Team Venus
Team Venus (Yomiuri Giants)

Cheer Dragons
Cheer Dragons (Chunichi Dragons)

Swallows Wings
Swallows Wings (Tokyo Yukult Swallows)

Diana (Yokohama Bay Stars)

Fighters Girl
Fighters Girl (Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters)

Golden Angels
Golden Angels (Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles)

Honeys (Fukuoka Softbank Hawks)

Blue Winds
Blue Winds (Saitama Seibu Lions)

M☆Splash!! (Chiba Lotte Marines)

Bs Dreams
Bs Dreams (Orix Buffaloes)

Korean Baseball Cheerleaders

Kang Ye-jin

Unlike professional baseball teams in the US, all of the teams in the Korea Baseball Organization have professional cheerleaders stirring up the fans on both sides of the park during games. Above is the captain of the LG Twins squad, Kang Ye-jin, who’s currently the best-known baseball cheerleader in Korea and is expected to branch out to other avenues of show biz.

Oh, and despite what Ye-jin’s banner reads, her team didn’t even make the playoffs last year and are currently in 6th place out of only 8 teams in the KBO, which means at every Twins game she has her work cut out for her.Below is just a sample of the girls from each team in the KBO and the outfits they wear. (They usually change at least once during games.) The whole squad doesn’t cheer at every game. There are usually four girls cheering at an average game but I’ve seen at little as two at some games and as many as six at others. Also, Korea isn’t unique by having pro baseball cheerleaders. Japan does as well and I’ll be posting a follow-up entry on their Japanese counterparts in the near future.

A word of advice for those planning on taking in a game to catch these ladies in person while in Korea : In some stadiums, the cheerleaders are stationed along the baselines, in others, they’re in the outfield stands, so you should make sure where the cheerleaders will be in the stadium you’re at before buying your ticket.

Doosan Bears Cheerleaders
Doosan Bears squad cheesing for the camera

Hanwha Eagles Cheerleaders
Hanwha Eagles

Kia Tigers Cheerleaders
Kia Tigers

LG Twins Cheerleaders
LG Twins. Yea-jin (from the opening photo) in action with one of her colleagues.

Lotte Giants Cheerleaders
Lotte Giants

Nexen Heroes Cheerleaders
Four of the Nexen Heroes cheerleaders from a Maxim Korea shoot they did earlier this year. Believe it or not, their best-known cheerleader is a 14-year-old middle school student (and that’s her actual age, not her “Korean age”). She is NOT pictured here.

Samsung Lions Cheerleaders
Samsung Lions

SK Wyverns Cheerleaders
SK Wyverns

This video is a few years old and quality isn’t great but I choose it because I shot it and I love the Wyvern girls’ routine to Little Richard’s “Tutti Frutti.”

Asian Cheerleaders of the NFL

Duyen - Houston Texans

The National Football League Kickoff game next month will mark the beginning of the 2010 NFL season, so after checking some of the teams’ player rosters for this upcoming season, I decided to check all of the the teams’ cheerleader rosters.

Of the 25 NFL teams that have official cheerleading squads (7 teams don’t), I did find several Asian ladies among the members, one being Duyen (above), who proudly high kicks and shakes her pom poms for the Houston Texans.Note: There may be some other current NFL cheerleaders who are part-Asian that I haven’t included in this entry because, since I really couldn’t put a finger on all of their ethnicities, and they usually don’t list them or their family names on their bios, I “played it by eye” and decided to only include ladies here that are unmistakably Asian.

Sunny - Cincinnati Ben-Gals
Cincinnati Ben-Gal, Sunny

Kaoruko Horiike - Denver Broncos Cheerleaders
Kaoruko Horiike of the Denver Bronco’s cheerleading squad, who are simply called the “Denver Broncos Cheerleaders,” and have been in existence since 1993. Denver’s last prior squad, the “Pony Express” disbanded in 1978 after several members posed topless for a Playboy magazine pictorial. Kaoruko wasn’t included on the squad’s recently updated 2010 roster, so she may now be a former Denver Broncos Cheerleader.

Truly Chim - Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders
Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Truly Chin is in her rookie year with the squad.

Jennie - Raiderettes
Self-confessed video game junkie Jennie is in her second season with the Raiderettes.

Holly - Oakland Raiderettes
Rookie Raiderette Holly also works as a flight attendant for Virgin America.

Alicia - Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders
Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader Alicia

Tiffany - Charger Girls
Taiwanese-born San Diego Charger Girl, Tiffany

Chris - Gold Rush
Chris of the Gold Rush, the San Francisco 49ers’ squad

Shelly - Seattle Sea Gals
Seattle Sea Gal Shelly, who’s starting her 7th year with the squad

Tiffany - Seattle Sea Gals
The “junior” of the two Asian Sea Gals, Tiffany

Tomoko Kojima - Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders
Tomoko Kojima is a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders, who were nicknamed the “Swash-Buc-Lers” up until 1999.

Valerie - Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders
Korean-born Valerie of the Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders

Noriko - Washington Redskins Cheerleaders
Noriko of the Washington Redskins’ squad, who are referred to by fans as the “First Ladies of Football”

Subway Pole Dancer, Feifei


21 year-old pole dance instructor Feifei recently gained some notoriety in the Chinese city of Nanjing, for practicing her trade aboard the local subway trains. Thanks to her skills on the pole and a some passengers uploading videos of one her performances to the Internet last month, Feifei, has now become a local celebrity in the Nanjing 1912 district, where she teaches and performs.Dubbed by Chinese netizens as “Steel Pole Sister,” Feifei has been reported as saying she just wants to make pole dancing more popular….and I’d say she’s the perfect poster girl to accomplish that mission.

During a news interview at her studio last month

Not all of Feifei’s subway performances have resulted in applause or indifference. Here, after catching her routine on the train, transit police escort her to the security office….not for a private show but probably to issue her a citation for unlawful performance.

News story with one of the above-mentioned cell phone videos taken by a lucky subway passenger who was treated to Feifei’s three-minute routine.