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If you’ve seen an NBA game at any arena, then you know the high energy routines of the cheerleaders (who are more often called dancers, these days), keep the crowd pumped-up during halftimes and breaks in the action. With the current NBA season now down to the playoffs, some of these ladies may not be returning to the court until later this year but many of them stay busy during the off-season by appearing at promotions, special events, and touring as ambassadors of the cities and teams they represent. One dancer whose season is not yet over is Chicago Luvabulls co-captain Erika, whose team, the Chicago Bulls, are still in the running as of this writing. Erika is a University of Illinois alumna who’s in her ninth year with the Luvabulls.The following are the other 24 Asian ladies who grace the court with their squads on game days in support of their teams. At the end of the photos is a poll so that you can vote on who you would most like to see interviewed for a solo feature. You should base your choice on more than just looks, so click on their names to check out their profiles. After the beginning of the 2012-2013 NBA season, I’ll make serious (but reasonable) efforts to contact the top vote-getter for an interview.

Note: The ladies featured here are from the squads’ 2011-2012 rosters only. Some may not be returning for next season and since teams usually hold auditions beginning in June, there may be some new additions to the 2012-2013 rosters. Furthermore, these ladies don’t list their ethnicity on their profiles so I simply “played it by eye” and selected the ones whom I pegged for being Asian, full or part. If I missed any that are part-Asian, or included any that are not part-Asian (both of which are highly unlikely since I have kind of a keen eye for this), well ….my mistake and you can cast a write-in vote in the comments below, for any lady not included here that should be.

Atlanta Hawks Cheerleader Mona says there’s nothing she’s more passionate about than dancing and by being a Hawks cheerleader, she’s living out one of her lifelong dreams.

Born in Tokyo and raised in the US, Blazerdancer Eri has been with the Portland Trailblazers squad for five years now.

Rookie Blazerdancer Lisa says of dancing, “It’s something that lives in your body that you can’t get rid of.”

Second year Dallas Mavericks Dancer, Helen has a B.S in Accounting Information Management from the University of Texas at Dallas.

Born and raised in Japan, Natsuki came to the US just two years ago and earned a spot as a Mavs Dancer last year.

The Detroit Pistons are unique in that they have separate cheer and dance teams. Pam has been a member of the former since 2004 and plans on opening up her own yoga studio.

Thera has been a Golden State Warrior Girl for 5 years. Her “day job” is that of an electrical engineer.

Rookie Warrior Girl Patrisha (Yes, that’s how she spells it.) also works as a makeup artist and majors in public relations at San Jose State University.

Also a rookie Warrior Girl, Regina has been dancing sine she was five and is a student at the UCSF School of Pharmacy.

Third-year Clippers Spirit veteran Katrina is also a nursing student and Los Angeles ambassador for Hennessy Black.

Bianca is a second-year member of the Los Angeles Clippers’ squad, “Clippers Spirit.” Besides the court, she can also be caught at Disneyland where she’s a parade performer.

Rookie Clippers Spirit member Shannon is a dance major at UC Riverside and a Married with Children fan.

Third-year Los Angeles Laker Girl Veronica majored in Public relations and plays basketball herself.

First-year Laker Girl Jennifer has a degree in journalism and loves to ride horses.

Also a rookie Laker Girl, Linette majored in business administration at UC Riverside.

First-year Miami Heat Dancer Julianne loves to travel and sees herself becoming a hotel reviewer.

Co-captain of the newly-named Philadelphia 76ers dance squad, the “Dream Team,” Annie has been with the team for five years. She’s danced in national competitions and plays the piano. (Link is to her 2010-2011 profile because the Dream Team’s new page has no dancer profiles yet.)

Phoenix Suns Dancer Brittni is a student in her second year with the squad and wants to be a contestant on the show Wipe Out.

Suns Dancer Carla enjoys “t-shirt time” at US Airways Center (and has a great arm to throw those t-shirts into the crowd) and would love to wear the gorilla suit (the Suns’ mascot) just to see what it’s like.

Arielle is in her second year with the Sacramento Kings Dancers (formerly known as the Kings Royal Court Dancers). Next to dance, football is her favorite sport.

Also a second-year Kings Dancer Brittney lists soccer as her favorite sport after dance.

Ashley is in her third year with the Toronto Raptors Dance Pak. She’s currently a student studying physical health and education, and is a big Elvis fan.

Also in her third year with the Dance Pak, Char is a professional dance instructor and choreographer. He hobby is playing the guitar.

Nikki has been with the Utah Jazz’s squad, the Nu Skin Jazz Dancers, for six seasons. She’s a registered nurse and running in a marathon is on her “bucket list.”

Which cheerleader would you most like to see interviewed for a solo feature?

Erika (Chicago Luvabulls)
Mona (Atlanta Hawks Cheerleaders)
Eri (Portland Blazerdancers)
Lisa (Portland Blazerdancers)
Helen (Dallas Mavericks Dancers)
Natsuki (Dallas Mavericks Dancers)
Pam (Detroit Pistons Cheer Team)
Thera (Golden State Warrior Girls)
Patrisha (Golden State Warrior Girls)
Regina (Golden State Warrior Girls)
Katrina (Los Angeles Clippers Spirit)
Bianca (Los Angeles Clippers Spirit)
Shannon (Los Angeles Clippers Spirit)
Veronica (Los Angeles Laker Girls)
Jennifer (Los Angeles Laker Girls)
Linette (Los Angeles Laker Girls)
Julianne (Miami Heat Dancers)
Annie (Philadelphia Dream Team)
Brittni (Phoenix Suns Dancers)
Carla (Phoenix Suns Dancers)
Arielle (Sacramento Kings Dancers)
Brittney (Sacramento Kings Dancers)
Ashley (Toronto Dance Pak)
Char (Toronto Dance Pak)
Nikki (Utah Nu Skin Jazz Dancers)

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  1. damn!! they are alll hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Toned, pretty, and have an athletic body. It’s awesome that most of them are in school and have goals.

  2. It seems that cheerleaders in Asia have more conservative outfits than the American. I also noticed that Asian Americans have more tone bodies than the cheerleaders in Asia or it could be due to the outfits and diet…..

  3. and plus having a toned athletic figure is considered attractive to most men here in the states versus men in Asia which they prefer skinny bodies with no tones, curves, and they like tall women.

  4. Figures that Golden State & Sacramento would have the largest number of Asian cheerleaders.
    Love the Bay Area.

  5. I don’t know. They all have nice bodies but I was surprised at how many I found not to be that pretty facially (AS standards).

  6. okay……ya are right they are not that pretty in the face…I guess I was just too focus on how toned their body is….hahaha

    I agree ashley in toronto is the hottest. She got the cutest face.

  7. Beautiful women, let down by mediocre (out of focus, mainly) photography, which might account for the lack of appreciation for some of their faces.
    Hoping Carla doesn’t get to love the gorilla suit; it’d be a shame to hide that body.
    Arielle (Sacramento Kings) is my pick of the bunch though. Lovely face, gorgeous smile and hot body. Great legs!

  8. What a great post, as a huge NBA and Laker fan I’ve always loved the cheerleaders. I will say that most of them are prettier in person or on tv than they are in the photos and the quality of the pics suck but it’s still great to see them all in one place. I know for sure the Clippers and Laker girls are hot and great bodies in person but the Laker girls pics were not flattering. I was pleasantly surprised by the Warriors and Raptor girls, Regina first, Ashley and Char tied for second and Mona in third for me.

    Thanks again for this great post.

  9. I think if Natsuki’s shorts were one size smaller they might disappear. Warrick Capper would be proud.

  10. Brittni of the Suns dancers is so freakin’ cute! I also have the feeling that most of the ladies here would look much better in person, which is a theory I wouldn’t mind testing out:-)

  11. What a fabulous and fun post! Awesome! Great pics with links and a poll! I love nurses – so Katrina is the one for me.

  12. ‘nother cheer!!!

    Oldie from the high school days. For you Aussies, etc., a “bit” is an old American word for quarter. Buck, of course, refers to our almighty dollar.

    There’s certainly cuties in the bunch and I’ll put my bits, at least my naughty bits in for Brittney from the Kings. Their team is so bad that probably the best part of the game would be to watch her on the floor.

  13. and I was gonna say ‘duck’.

    Better explain to the US readers that Warwick Capper, as mentioned above by Luke72, I believe, was an Aussie AFL footballer who used to wear short, tight white shorts.

    And dipper, 6 bits is over a buck isn’t it? $1.50. So if the order was ‘2 bits, 4 bits, a buck, 6 bits’, then ‘tits’ would be the rhyming word, right? Just sayin’.

  14. No, two bits is a quarter, so a buck comes after 6 bits. “Shave and a haircut, two bits!” (Da dada da da, Da Da)

    Tits or $%ck, it’s all good:-)

  15. This was a fun post! Enjoyed poking around the galleries and wallpapers. Beauty is not just facial, these girls have athletic bodies and energy and both of those are sexy. Watching them dance is a great turn on.

    I voted for Regina (second would have been Katrina) because I think they are hot and would give a good interview. I would pass on anybody whose favorite TV show was Hannah Montana, for instance, don’t think the interview would have much substance.

  16. @ luvasianwimin
    uhhhhh how would you know those two girls would give good interviews. I don’t see any interview videos of them.

  17. I thought Char was the definite standout here, although I see she’s running second to fellow Dance Paker Ashley, who for my taste is totally ordinary. Interestingly, she’s also the least fit – the only one here without toned abs.

  18. I’m feeling for must have been such a difficult thing for him to make a choice from all these beauties. πŸ˜‰

  19. @quyen
    The girls mostly had questionnaires associated with the official websites. Standard stuff like “interests, hobbies, favorite TV show” etc. The responses can tell you something….

  20. @slackerking: Brittney is coming third. The clear winner is Ashley, which is even stranger. For my money, the one who definitely should be winning is Char, who is running second – I wonder if people might be mixing them up?

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