Subway Pole Dancer, Feifei


21 year-old pole dance instructor Feifei recently gained some notoriety in the Chinese city of Nanjing, for practicing her trade aboard the local subway trains. Thanks to her skills on the pole and a some passengers uploading videos of one her performances to the Internet last month, Feifei, has now become a local celebrity in the Nanjing 1912 district, where she teaches and performs.Dubbed by Chinese netizens as “Steel Pole Sister,” Feifei has been reported as saying she just wants to make pole dancing more popular….and I’d say she’s the perfect poster girl to accomplish that mission.

During a news interview at her studio last month

Not all of Feifei’s subway performances have resulted in applause or indifference. Here, after catching her routine on the train, transit police escort her to the security office….not for a private show but probably to issue her a citation for unlawful performance.

News story with one of the above-mentioned cell phone videos taken by a lucky subway passenger who was treated to Feifei’s three-minute routine.

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  1. I think I love her. At the 1:36 spot in the video, she does a split on the floor and I just about lost it. And them legs in the first pic above…very nice!

  2. Might have to take a side trip to Nanjing; it’s not far away.
    Hope she gets out of jail quick and gets back into action.
    I’ve seen Chinese pole dancers in one nightclub. And they were nothing like FeiFei. Just bored girls, and only slightly moving.
    Oh and check out one of the other vids on that site. Especially the two girls. One in red the other in white. Long black boots. Arf you would definitely lose it when one slides her crotch down the pole.

  3. Woohoo!! Hottie, hottie!!! I really like this girl. I wish her the best in bringin’ joy and pleasure to people.

  4. Now this my kind of girl – she really has balls (no, not that kind!) and spirit, not to mention a very hot body (especially her legs) and a really sexy face.

  5. wow for real? haha thats awesome and imagine how hard it would be to do some of that when the train is in motion and going against its momentum on heels haha

  6. “Steel Pole Sister” sounds like one of those Japanese action girl movies with crazy action and lots of titillation. Put Feifei in it as the star, have Corey Yuen direct, and I would definitely buy that DVD.

  7. The pole routine is not that impressive. Have seen a lot better. But Feifei looks super hot!
    Slim, sexy legs and definitely a lot of attitude!
    Oh, and flexible as hell too! 🙂

    Look at this one here:
    Funny, when she hits some girls bag.

    Some more:

    Her interview, she’s beautiful:

    Arf, I saw her first. Get out of my way, man.

  8. Those 2 girls in the video from longtack have much better technique, IMO.
    They just aren’t good at doing the routine in synch, they suck at that. Better do it separately.

    But to be honest I wouldn’t mind them doing it out of synch, if they were in a private performance for me. 🙂

  9. Wow, was in Nanjing yesterday and the day before. Wish I knew this, woulda tried to skip the taxis. I guess it would be unlikely to see it live, but there’s only 2 subway lines. 1912 district at night though, wow.

  10. Feifei…”monkey” in Chinese…or, really, “chimpanzee”, since the distinction between apes and monkeys is rather alien to the culture….
    Oh, WTF: think I’ll try to rustle up some work in Nanjing.

  11. Begging your pardon daznlover, but arf was first, I was second (forgetting CEC of course), you were a little late.
    So, on behalf of arf, we say you should get on the end of the line sunshine! hehe 😉

    btw she has very nice teeth too, and speaks well. Clever bit of self-promotion.

    Finally, I gave the link to the vid to a tall, shapely Afro-American colleague in China who remarked she too was about to enrol in pole dancing classes. So it seems pole dancing is getting popular in this country.

  12. Just got home and watched you’re vidclip longtack, and you are correct. The crotch slide @ the 1:25 spot was something special. ;P And you should know by now daznlover, I’m not greedy with the asian-sirens. I don’t mind if you’d like to go first even. Just tell me how the crotch slide feels. 🙂

  13. All that dancing does wonders for her body. She’s really beautiful. I’d love to have her legs spinning above my head.

  14. She could solve budget problems for many municipalities?

    Want the pole-dance car into NYC?

    It costs triple. I can almost hear the cash registers ringing and count the names on the wait-list.

  15. Anyone seen or heard of Feifei lately? Could Google but maybe some other China residents could enlighten me/us.

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