Muqimiya (Mainland Sirens 14)


Hailed as the “Sexiest yoga instructor in all Asia”. Muqimiya is undoubtedly China’s ‘first lady’ of yoga. While yoga’s been popular in China for a few years now, it’s only in the last year in which Muqimiya has really gained popularity, appearing in a massively popular Samsung advert that really brought her into the mainstream. (See bottom of this post.)

If you’re thinking her name doesn’t sound very Chinese, well, that’s because it doesn’t. Muqimiya is from the southern Chinese province of Yunnan (next to the Vietnam border) and her mother is from the ethnic “Yi” (pronounced like the English letter ‘E’ in Chinese) group of that area.

Doc apparently has a bit of a thing for yogis, how about the rest of you?












Age: 24
Height: 172cm 5’8″
Ethnicity: Half Han Chinese / Half Yi Ethnic Group
From: Yunnan Province

Muqimiya @ Mainland Hotties
Moko Page
Baidu Gallery
Other Gallery


Absolutely Fantastic Samsung Advert. Muqimiya appears from 2:40 min

Same advert, this time on Youtube

Muqimiya performing dance and yoga on a Chinese TV show

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0 thoughts on “Muqimiya (Mainland Sirens 14)”

  1. Yes, that’s Jackie, longtrack.

    And you took the word right out of my mouth when you said, “Wow!”

    Just, Wow!

  2. Ah. I once dated an Asian hot yoga instructor. The flexibility was astounding in the bedroom, and we often played around with (naked) yoga positions. Some of them were amazing, and others could not have been more uncomfortable. Still, amazing bodies on these female yogis. I’m not wild about Muqimiya, but I definitely like her, and the body is great.

  3. Well, I’ve just had an epiphany
    Time to move on from Fiffany.
    On to the next Siren I stretch
    And into my brain she doth etch.

    If one wishes, one most certainly can
    Travel in China – to the province Yunnan
    And there you should find a selection
    Of girls with a body of perfection.

    Such as this with the alphabet name
    I’m sorry I can’t say, such a shame.
    But crikey, what a body; I’m hooked
    I almost wish I never had looked.

    But look, I did and was wowed
    Her body, just rightly endowed.
    The legs, so slender and long
    Ain’t much on this woman that’s wrong.

    So let’s have a go on the mat
    I’ll be careful, lest I fall and go splat.
    We’ll start with the upright tree pose
    I’m sure, that’ll bring on repose.

    We can move to the Child or Half Moon
    At this point, I’ll have started to swoon.
    So before we get to the Lotus
    We’ll have already initiated coitus.

  4. Thanks Bigfood Dan ‘-)
    I thought it was Jackie.

    lol dipper, at getting ‘epiphany’ into the blog somewhere! and excellent poem as usual.

  5. very sexy….. i think the first pic is the worst of the bunch facially. i love girls that do yoga….especially in those tight lulu pants!

  6. @dbldipper: nice to see your poetry again!

    @Strout: I’m not sure from the available pics, but I’m guessing implants. Looks like a nice job though.

    I’ve dated two yogis myself, and would happily do so again. They have great bodies, age very well, and can do some very interesting things in the bedroom. 🙂

  7. Fantastic body but I see a trend from Mainland Sirens that girls are are artificially “enhanced” with much more “western”/caucasian looks via contact lense, tanning, surgery and etc. In return, some looks great but they don’t look “real” in many ways.

    Yoga chicks .. on the other hand … are very nice.

  8. Wow! Best post this site has had in months. Sure…she’s got some cosmetic enhancements going on there…but they suit her to perfection.
    The only complaint I have is that she won’t be in my bed tonite!

  9. very nice indeed, almost makes me forget fiffany but not quite. classic chinese beauty with the face. Nice body as well. Kinda of girl you could marry.

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