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Imagine Models has gone through a revamp, and they asked Asian Sirens (me) to review their current website, to help get their name out to the public.

From the owners:

Thank you for visiting Imagine Models. We feature some of the hottest models and new talent in the modeling industry. Imagine Models has been a pioneer in the modeling industry for over 10 years now and counting. No where else can you find a website that provides a huge selection of hot models, along with professional photography & web design services all in one place.

Below is my review of Imagine Models.Once again, I do not have the old site for reference. But the new site navigates extremely well. Nothing is cluttered, the speed to get from one page to another is above average, and the pages are broken down in straight forward ways. Want to view a model? Click on the model page and you have a list, with a photo. That’s simply and easy. There is also a list of names on the side. The rest of the review I am going to break down into sections.

What the Site Does Well

Beyond simply navigation, the quality of photographer is above average, especially for an import model website. As is often the case, the photos are heavily touched up, but fans of import models (and that style photography) should appreciate the effort.

Everything on Imagine Models is unique to their website, which is uncommon on most import model sites. in addition, I don’t recognize many of the models (which is nice) and even though not all of the models are of Asian descent (which may turn off some of the members), in my opinion all/most of the women on the site have at least a few nice features.

There are also videos of many of the models. The videos load very easily, and though they seem to have a bug that doesn’t tell you how much time is remaining, it is fun to watch these models pose for the camera in a video that isn’t low quality. One thing I noticed was that the Kini Lee video randomly has another model cut in at the end, but otherwise the videos are a decent length.

They also appear to be introducing a “submit yourself” open call to models, and they are receiving participants. I can see that aspect of the website becoming very popular as it grows.

Finally, the owners of Imagine Models are tremendously friendly and actually interested in having their website succeed. I have a feeling that they are going to take criticisms/requests seriously, which will easily help them grow as a company. I cannot tell you how important that is, even if it seems like a throwaway line.

What Needs Work

I don’t know an easy way to say this, but the website needs more content. Much more content. Each model only has one or two galleries, and each gallery only has about 40 photos at most, usually in the same clothes with similar poses. That’s not enough in the world of Google Image Search. What is interesting to me is that I recall this website HAD more content. Models like “Summer” were some of my favorite when I first visited the site a while ago, but most of her galleries have since seemed to disappear. Hopefully Imagine Models will stop by and explain their thoughts.

In addition, the website needs more nudity. Not because people will not be attracted to these models while they’re wearing clothes, but because that is one of the main things that attracts people to import model websites – the chance to see their favorite import models without clothes.

Also, videos are not listed under the model, which is odd because there is a section labeled “videos” under each model.

Final Thoughts

For those that like import models, this website is very promising. It is clean, it’s run well, the models are attractive, and the owners actually care about creating a product that people will enjoy. But it does need work. I would recommend that every model has at least two or three photoshoots in two different outfits, and that each model should also have at least one video. It is vital that they fill their website with more content before I can call it “ready.’ There are videos of models in multiple outfits, and once you get to the gallery, those photos are not there. This is a missed opportunity.

Imagine Models will be a really great import model website someday. It already has some extremely sexy women that I hadn’t encountered in my travels. But in my opinion it needs more content, especially these days where finding import models has become much easier.



That was Emmie Doll’s butt.

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  1. …the 3rd shot…the 3rd I’m not quite sure what it us…is this guess the abstract shape game…?

  2. There’s nothing not to like about the site that I see. Plus, they have one of my all time faves, Teanna Kai.

  3. Oooh Ooooh! Teanna too! On the last page and hiding from me. My Oh My she’s hotter than fire. I feel funny now.

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you – for the review. I appreciate all the comments. I started ImagineModels sometime ago and it has gone through some changes here and there. Just trying to keep up with what others request. The team has is striving to make it bigger and better for all of us. Glad you like th pics, we will keep adding more and more as long as there are sexy women in this world. Enjoy!

  5. As a visitor to the site, without a membership, my review of the site is not so great.
    I mean it’s a good site because there are very hot women there. And it links to a webcam site that lists some of those women too. I’d love to see some of them performing on webcam. 🙂

    But back to ImagineModels. When I enter the site it seems too static. Doesn’t feel like there’s continuous action and updates. There should be some blog or regular newsfeed, so we can see that the site is alive and providing lots of value for our cash (when we sign up).

    As a visitor, when I check the model pages, I only get to see 3 pics and that’s not enough to make me signup. I mean: what am I gonna get? Where’s the info? Will I get more pics? And videos? How many?

    Plus, the way the site displays the sample pics is not that friendly, I’d rather have some center box.

    ImagineModels already has the most important: the hot and valuable models. But to make it work I think there’s some more to be done, in selling the site benefits to the visitors. Just my take, hope it’s useful.

    azngurlluvr: that’s Genevieve, she’s on the site, check the homepage. Have fun! 🙂

  6. I’m surprised to read that the photographer was rated above average … I’m not sure if the same photographer was used for all the models but there are definitely some photos that look slightly outdated and cheesy …

    But of course there are good things about the site as well: CJ and Genevieve Chanelle

  7. And.. you are right. Some of the content is the past content. I was using a different camera and then switched over to a newer model. Good eye. Here is why the past content was added. We were up against a deadline to launch the site. There was a big event coming to the area and we wanted to drive some traffic to the site – so past content was added to make it a total of 25 models to open the site. I’m going to request that the older content be removed. I will let the webmaster know .. and we’ll get the newer content up.. Thanks again for the help.. good feedback! And if you can teach me a little more about photography, please do so. I’m always up for learning more!

  8. Baby Jill is gorgeous. But I’m saving her for when I have time to go through all of the photos I have of her. I have a lot. So shhh. Don’t give away the secret.

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