Official Launch of ‘Mainland Hotties’


Drum roll please….

Curtains, lights and action! Introducing to you all, the one, the only, the unstoppable…Mainland Hotties!!!

MH is a brand new hot off the press and raring to go site dedicated to the awesomeness that is ‘Chinese women’. The last licks of paint and few nails were hammered in only a day or so ago and now the finished article is complete.

So why do ‘Mainland Hotties?’ Find out after the jump…It’s basically an expansion of the ‘Mainland Sirens’ posts that have been cropping up intermittently here at AS. We specialize in just women from mainland China. So whereas Asian Sirens is catering to the niche of Asian women, MH is a niche within that niche.

My vision is for MH to act as a sister site (not the ugly sister I hope) of AS. It simply gives us a forum to collect and expand the content for Chinese models further. I’m open to ideas and really looking forward to getting readers thoughts on how to improve on the site. As it’s based in wordpress there’s some cool things that we can do, here’s a few:

Larger picture sizes
Full screen galleries
Reader polls
Flickr gallery previews
Featured Videos

Also I welcome anyone who’s interesting in creating a guest post of their own to contact me at Asian Sirens really has such a strong team of posters right now, creating really varied and interesting content. I’m sure there’s more talent out there waiting to be discovered. I myself was an avid follower of AS for years, before contacting Lee to offer my services as a contributor.

For now, to kick off the site with a bang, I’ve added a post for a really gorgeous new model Chen Zhao Zi. I hope you’ll agree she’s an enticing way to start things off. Please register and leave a message just as you would on AS to let us know what you think of her. Then come back to AS to let us know what you think of the site also!

Chen Zhao Zi

Full screen gallery options for easy viewing of pics

Chen Zhao Zi

A final note, I will still of course continue to post here at AS. There will be sharing of the content between the 2 sites as well.

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0 thoughts on “Official Launch of ‘Mainland Hotties’”

  1. long article. Took me a bit, as I had to tab in and out for people behind me… But I am quite excited!

    ps. I am interested in hearing Dr.’s opinion on this 😀

  2. I think it’s great – I am intending to link to it soon. We’re still nutting out the details of content sharing/exclusives, but I’m sure we’ll work out what’s best for both sites.

  3. Yeah, I must agree, Lee’s been very supportive of the site and I really appreciate that.

    Plenty more quality articles lined up for both sites. There’s so many wonderful women out there.

  4. Nice.

    But I’m still waiting for you to do a feature of “Asian women in Gympie”.

    You could start with the slightly over-sized middle-aged Phillipino woman working in Woolies…..

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