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A little over a year ago, we reviewed SFBayModels.com. Back then there were some site issues, navigational issues, etc. But the website has gone through a complete site redesign, so today we are going to review SFBayModels.com again.I’m going to break into my thoughts in a moment, but here is the email we received from the site owner:

I think it’s been about a year since you last reviewed — lots has happened. I redesigned the site, it’s looked sleeker than ever. The members area is also completely redesigned allowing for quicker navigation and ease-of-download.

There’s HD Videos now as well, with nearly 250 models in 2300 galleries, over 350,000 photos and over 100 hours of video.

Still having 5-8 updates every single day and still 100% exclusive stuff.

While I did not get a chance to navigate through the old site, the new website does appear to have very few navigational problems. There is currently no search option, but you get to see 40 models per page (large thumbnails) and you can always “control-F” to find the model on the page. There is also a recent update section, as well as a FAQ/Help section. All three (the model section, support section, and update section) can be seen when you log in.


– Many updates
– Videos (both HD and Standard) that accompany each shoot.
– Retouched photos of many of the models.
– Models that you will rarely see anywhere else.
– Many Asian women.
– Several galleries of each model.


– Few touched up photos
– No search feature.
– Not the type of models that you see on other sites (more in a moment)
– Standard videos come in .flv format, which are very hard to open.
– Not all Asian models.
– Gallery photos sometimes in weird orders.
– Not all nude

Overall Impressions:

I’m on the fence about SFBayModels.com. On the one hand, few of the models are spectacular – part of this is because the photos are not touched up, so if a model has a little bit of acne on her back (as even some of the most beautiful models in the world do) you will see it when you check out the photos. In addition, most of the photosets have a regular background, and while the models have some nice poses, many of the photos are the same in each gallery.

On the other hand, while few of the models look “model like,” that by no means implies that they are not pretty. They are often the type of girl that I would gladly check out from across the bar, simply for being pretty – just not the type of girl I would expect to see modeling. In addition, untouched up photos have their appeal. There is something a little fun about seeing a photo that doesn’t feel like a modeling photo. There is a reason that those “ex girlfriend” sites are so successful – it feels as though you are seeing a photo that maybe you were not supposed to be seeing, and that’s exciting.

Also, while I did not get a chance to see the videos (no flv player), I will say that if you check out the opening video when you visit the site, those videos do seem to be fun to watch.

With easier navigation, a great deal of updates, and videos that are enjoyable, and that “ex girlfriend” appeal, there are many people that will be fond of the new SFBayModels website. For others, it may not be the site for you.

Here are some of the models that I like. They may be featured here in the future as well.

Coco Tran


TJ (Post Here)


Anh Le


Nora Valentin


Vanessa Chang






Xuan Vy (Post Here)




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  1. Dr Lee can confirm, but my guess is that it is a good idea to keep the post on topic – so while you can talk about the models, calling out a specific model in this post will be off topic. So positive, negative – all things are okay as they pertain to the site. However, if there is a model you would like featured, maybe mention it in the comments.

    You can make negative comments about a specific model if I do a post on them.

    If this is wrong, Doc, go ahead and clarify. I don’t really care either way.

  2. TJ’s second pic is working for me.

    Also, I think discussing any of the individual models featured here is still on-topic. However, if there is a lot of interest in a particular model(s), then requesting a post for them (and saving extensive discussion for that) would be the ideal way to go. I will say this though – when there’s disagreements over who is best (as I’m sure there will be), let’s keep it civil please.

  3. I consider a lack of touched up photos as a positive, not a negative.
    Thanks for revisiting this site.

  4. A brief comment, if I may, (about the photo,not the model), #10, Katrina, in the white tank top: The photog here (or the retoucher) was very skillful in the way her breasts seem to just touch or lean against her blouse yet the shape of the nipples and the rest of her torso is conveyed in a very tantalizing(and suggestive) way! It’s reminiscent of the Pirelli Calender photography of years gone by. I miss them.

  5. Nice to see some genuine photos once in a while. Even if without the illusion some women may not shine as much. TJ is hot and Tracey is such a cutey.

  6. You definitely need to sort through the models, but some of them look pretty good at first glance. Some of the models I found most attractive weren’t asian though. Not that thats a bad thing.

  7. It’s very hard for me to choose a favorite when they all look so hot, so unfortunately, I will have to have one of each. Like a little wine tasting or a sampling maybe.

  8. What I like about that site is they are mostly just regular girls. Some are pretty hot too.

  9. Doc, I have to agree. I am always disappointed with SFBayModels because I knew much better looking Asian women when I lived in San Francisco.

    The Bay are is awash with beautiful Asian women. One would expect the quality of the models to be much higher on this site.

  10. Opening videos are slick and the pairing of a girl next door shot along with the nude poses did get my attention. Still it is a very strong opening that falls short. TJ is by far the best catch as she seems to project a very peach perfect smile that left me wanting the rest. Big Time. On quality, Tracy just looks like the local bad girl and the shot of Vy here should not be in the mix at all.

    Except for Linda who does offer a sleepy sweetness in those eyes that could get me to forget where I was going, the models are just too local looking.

  11. Hate to be an ass, but I’ve been there a good few times in the past weeks/months/etc and I have to say I’ve never been impressed by either the girls or the photography.

  12. While this site doesn’t have the most beautiful selection or models, I’ve always liked a few of them including TJ, Ahn Le and Vy. They’re most certainly more girl next door cute than model perfection, but that’s okay for me I like ’em both ways. I can see why this wouldn’t be alot of people’s first choice though, but if you don’t want them I’ll take them assuming my wife will let me have them:)

  13. I agree that TJ is the eyecatcher, but I think she does less with more than anyone else that comes to mind. Her poses, clothes, jewelry, props are all quite distracting.

  14. I like looking at porn, but I don’t like looking at kiddy porn. Either that Tracy Nguyen needs to try better to look older or don’t try at all.

  15. Yeah, it does – I will remove it. And my apologies for neglecting to let you know personally.

    The reason is that these models have actually been removed from his site – I’ll leave it up to the reader to figure out why.

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