Two New Site Releases From Imagine Models


The webmasters of Imagine Models have been busy. They have two more sites they’re releasing and wanted me to let the AS crew know about them. The photos in this post are from a new site called GMGirlz, which is similar to their original site but focuses on random Asian models rather than import models. I’m fond of websites that have unique models, especially when they’re from the US. The other site is called Recon Videos. I’ve noticed a number of models on that site that I think I want to post on here later someday, when more photo galleries get released. I haven’t been on either site but maybe the webmasters can come and explain their thoughts on the two new websites here in the future. Feel free and ask any questions below.Quina Shi



Amy Vang





Wanitda Chotisen





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0 thoughts on “Two New Site Releases From Imagine Models”

  1. The usual import model fare – I’m sure many of our readers will be interested, but there isn’t really anything here that interests me.

  2. I always appreciate someone bringing more beautiful Asian women to the Internet, and these girls are cuties. How naked do they get?

  3. Let me see: Wanitda is Thai? Quina Shi is Chinese? Amy is Vietnamese??

    all cute though wherever they come from.
    And yes, always nice to see some new faces.

  4. I just watched the Tia Tanaka preview video on Recon. She’s reverted to her natural hair colour, and is now wearing more classically Vietnamese style makeup. And I have to say – now that she’s allowed herself to look truly Viet – I find her quite pretty. Her body’s still average, but I’m a sucker for that classic Vietnamese look.

  5. I love the “sexi girl next door” look of Amy. I very much like the “tease” look of Wanitda. As for Quina, I will give you another chance, if you fire your hair stylist.

  6. weird. I find Quina hotter than Wanitda. Quina’s haircut is messed up but otherwise shes hot. Amy is good. I don’t find Wanitda’s face that attractive

  7. Quina looks a ‘she-male’.

    Amy from behind is devine!!!

    Wanitda is the best over all…my ‘wish she was the girl next door’ pick.

  8. I do like her better without the ink! I wish these young ladies would ask for a second or third opinion about getting all inked up! It spoils their skin like a bruised banana! To bad for her and many others!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Quina –unfortunate hair style:-(

    Amy – pretty eyes and smile, nice cleavage and butt, a little on the stocky side though

    Wanitda – I like everything but would love to see a rear view:-)

  10. WoW!…these girl’s are all arf approved. I see something here that interests me, and that’s boobs and legs. 😉 Something about Wantida’s playful look I really love. Quina’s star tats on her legs are hot to me also. And then we have the sexy Amy to top it all off.

  11. The popularity of CJ remains a mystery to me – if she were Thai I’m sure we’d be questioning her sex. 🙂 Actually, isn’t that sort of thing relatively common in the Philippines as well?

  12. Oooh that’s a bit harsh Doc (re. CJ Miles comment).

    Certainly like Wantida, but then I used to date a girl just like her a few years ago.

    Way too many Amy Vang look alikes in London for me to get excited about.

  13. @Doc I think it’s common all over, it’s widely accepted in the pacific islands. As for CJ I’m with Arf on this one, she has a great arse and I like the fact she is tiny. The tits are ridiculous as are the eyebrows and she looks like a bitch but what can I say I still find her sexy.

  14. So I was investigating the whole CJ Miles controversy here, and saw she’s done a photoset with Francine Dee. And, not to threadjack or nothing, but am I the only one who thinks Ms. Dee is getting better with age? I remember her being decent, but not nearly that nice, a decade ago.

  15. CJ just looks uncomfortably like a guy to me, and as is well known, I’m not a fan of the sort of stocky build she has. I agree that Francine has held up well (and I think the quality of her photography has improved over time), but she still just looks a little too artificial to me – both her facial makeup, and of course her tits (yes I do normally like fake tits, but her nipple position just looks a little too weird).

  16. That first site didn’t do too much for me, but Recon Videos…where’s my credit card…I need to sign up now. And I agree, Tia is really a cutie when she accentuates her roots but then I love the vietnamese girls over all others.

  17. Ah, so Amy is Hmong (from the 14 Jan 2012 post). Nobody corrected me when I was guessing ethnicities above.

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