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Swanky @

Daphny @ (Photo by Swanky)

Swanky is NOT the name of the model above, but of the photographer I found at flickr. Swanky lives in the city of Taipei, which is a rather crowded city in Taiwan. He is currently a student, majoring in computer sciences. But he is also a photographer, but not a professional one. The model above is Daphny. There are 205 photos of her.

Well, Swanky may not be a professional, as he himself states in his profile, but his portraits of Asian ladies look fantastic. Check out his flickr selection.

Photography by Chris Carlo

Nikita Esco (Photography: Chris Carlo)

Just got informed about photographer Chris Carlo’s website A nice and clean (pay)site packed with Asian babes mainly from California, US. I specially enjoyed Chris’ covers that you also can find at Chris’ place at MySpace.

Chris, would be great if you can make a special cover for Asian Sirens. Interessted?

Carla Maria

Carla Maria (Photography: Chris Carlo)

Christine Mendoza

Christine Mendoza (Photography: Chris Carlo)

CJ Miles

CJ Miles (Photography: Chris Carlo)

John Harte: ‘different’ photography

Photography: John Harte

I know a lot of you don’t like the unrealistic, touched-up Playboy style glamour photography that’s out there today. All the airbrushing sometimes makes it hard to know what is real and what isn’t. I am not saying John Harte isn’t manipulating his photos, but they are different from mainstream photography. Rather crazy I must say. And that I like!

John regularly exhibits his images throughout Japan where he now lives (he was born and raised in Australia), and occasionally overseas. He has 4 books of his photos published.

Check out his photos on his flickr site, his official website or his MySpace. And of course he also blogs.