John Harte: ‘different’ photography

Photography: John Harte

I know a lot of you don’t like the unrealistic, touched-up Playboy style glamour photography that’s out there today. All the airbrushing sometimes makes it hard to know what is real and what isn’t. I am not saying John Harte isn’t manipulating his photos, but they are different from mainstream photography. Rather crazy I must say. And that I like!

John regularly exhibits his images throughout Japan where he now lives (he was born and raised in Australia), and occasionally overseas. He has 4 books of his photos published.

Check out his photos on his flickr site, his official website or his MySpace. And of course he also blogs.

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  1. Hey does anymore know where there are some good asian wallpapers of women?


    im especially looking for one like the photo of the ad to the left for

  2. sorry got cut off, i said i was looking for wallpapers like pictures from the 24 main street add on the left of the site

  3. Kaori is the model in the BW photo on the first page. (first page today anyway). Also in the nudes category.

  4. Thanks redlaw! Although the photography at MyPrivateTokyo isn’t really to my taste (for example, I really think black and white is seriously overused these days, and inappropriate here), Kaori looks very cute indeed! Do you know if we can see her galleries elsewhere?

  5. Well we will have to agree to disagree on Black and White. I love looking at it and working with it. But as for Kaori, I am not positive but I think if you look at the AS post on Nobuyoshi Araki, (please help me with the hyperlink) she is in the montage of photos in the center picture.

    If anyone else knows more of her, please let me know.

    She is in several of the galleries on the MyPrivateTokyo site.

    Genius of Love

    Creeping Up Slowly

    Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover

    Let My Love Open the Door

    Many are color.

    Please put out an APB on sweet Kaori.

  6. Thanks redlaw – I fixed your links.

    Do you think this might be Kaori here? Whatever the case, she’s a real cutie! Looks like a job for the Google master. 😉

  7. We need more alternative stuff like this, the mainstream Japanese pics all seem the same… anyone know of any Japanese photographers who are doing interesting stuff with naked women? Besides Araki?

  8. Unfortunately, putting the exact image code in a post stops pMachine from displaying it as text! Use the following code without the spaces:

    [ img ] image URL here [ /img ]

  9. The immages are sent to me by a girl who lives in the philippines. They are on my computer but I can not find them on the net. These pics have to be a model, but I have never seen her before. I thought you guys would be able to identify her if she really is a model, cause this girl says she wants to marry me and I think she is a fake.

  10. Well, TBone most probably is some girl using a cybercafe and posing as a beauty, just to get your attention (and money and ‘love’).
    Get your friend on webcam is the only way to see her real face. And then, again, she may ask a friend to be on webcam while she types. Be careful, don’t believe in the ‘i love you’ words.

  11. you are very correct, I joined a site to find an asian wife 15 days ago, Funny because I got over 700 e-mails from Filipina women. Told all of them I either need to see them on cam or they need to take a pic of them self holding a sign saying my name on it. I got some of the funniest responses from the fake people on there. LOL One of them was even trying to send me pics of Bea Alonzo who is a tv star over there. But the one I choose is on cam every time we talk and what a sweetheart she is. is the site, look out for the scammers but there are some real sweet girls on there too.

  12. Hey T-Bone,

    You can post a pic of her here by going to and uploading the pics then post the URL link here.

    Be careful though man with any of these girls wanting to marry you or telling you they love you. I hate to keep bringing this link into every thread but read this guys story before you commit to anything.

  13. Darklighter1

    Thank you for this, I really appreciate you looking out for me. A little about my situation for you. #1 any girl who asks for money for any reason I delete from my messanger and put her on ignore.
    #2 they must verify who they are on web cam. #3 if they send me any nude pics, I delete tham. #4 they must let me make all the decisions on how things are going to be handled.

    I got burnt once, not any where near as bad as this guy you showed me, but I wont get burned again.

    And I have narrowed my search down to just one girl in the whole process, she is not the prettiest girl i could have chosen but she is the only one that followed all my rules and that chats with me every day with web cam.

    I called immigration and they told me that in order for her to come to live with me in the USA, I must visit her first.
    Our wedding will be in the USA.

    So if any body else is looking for an asian wife, In all your sweetness to these girls, give them the rules up front. Tell them that they are not the only one you are chatting with, they hate it, but it makes them want you more. LOL

  14. this is just weird….what is up with the rules and everything…i dont know you can start a relationship on equal footing when one side is setting the rules of the game….sorry Tbone..IMHO…..good luck with all that and check with an imigration lawyer about the rules of the game to bring her here or you can send me an email…good luck to ya…

  15. You would be amazed on how some girls have the patience to follow all the rules, have a 2 year marriage and then divorce to get US citizenship. Or maybe you know this already. But always helpful to share this point. Don’t rush it.

    Good luck and treat her well, let her make some decisions too, it’s a 2 person marriage. 😉

  16. If you dont set rules for yourself, You get burned. If i would have not followed my rules I set up for myself then I would have sent money to like 200 women who asked. They all had pictures but few could actually prove it was them.

    Just like if you go to a bar and you like some girl, talk with her, like her even more then she wont give her phone number and asks you for money. Duh You just going to hand her $500 because she says she needs it? NOPE

    The rules are for you to follow so you dont get burned.

  17. Under the circumstances, TboneTodd’s approach sounds perfectly sensible and reasonable to me. He isn’t talking about what happens after marriage, but how he selects somebody to marry. I’m sure it will be more of a two-way street once their relationship actually gets under way, right Todd?

  18. Glad to hear you’re taking precautions T-Bone! Just really try to get to know her for some serious time even if it means multiple trips over there. Don’t rush into anything bro! Good luck though with all!!

  19. hey TBone…good looking guy you are..those ladies will definitely fall for a handsome Gaijin….my advice..check with a smart immigration lawyer before you do anything…i emphasize smart:))…you should be fine…good luck to ya and the lucky lady…wish i were single too:)

  20. thanks, the site i joined has services and immigration lawyer’s attached to them and I have already contacted them for the next steps.

    Y’all are Cool.

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