Photography by Chris Carlo

Nikita Esco (Photography: Chris Carlo)

Just got informed about photographer Chris Carlo’s website A nice and clean (pay)site packed with Asian babes mainly from California, US. I specially enjoyed Chris’ covers that you also can find at Chris’ place at MySpace.

Chris, would be great if you can make a special cover for Asian Sirens. Interessted?

Carla Maria

Carla Maria (Photography: Chris Carlo)

Christine Mendoza

Christine Mendoza (Photography: Chris Carlo)

CJ Miles

CJ Miles (Photography: Chris Carlo)

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  1. I love Mendoza but that chick needs to lose some weght. If she would lose about 15 or so pounds the right way by losing fat not muscle and doing with proper strength training and not starvation dieting, she would be perfect.

  2. I think Ms. Mendoza’s reaction to criticism of her weight would be summarized by the configuration of her right hand as shown in the photo above.

  3. i dont know about if she is too thick…i think photos add some weight to ya and you have to be stick thin to come across proportioned…is this true doc? does it really add 10 pounds to your pix compare to real weight?

  4. I think it’s a myth – actually, a skilled photographer can appear to take weight off a model (which is what glamour photographers usually try to do). It’s all about angles, lighting, distance – even clothing.

  5. I’m a fan of Chris’s work. He’s shot many of my favorite Import models, such as Christine Mendoza. Christine maybe too thick for some people’s taste, but she is gorgeous just the way she is and she doesn’t need to change a thing. That thickness is sexy. Maybe if you’ve seen more pics of her then your opinions would change because she does look a little too thick in that photo that has been posted with this article.

  6. Yeah Christine is too chubby for my taste too so never was really interested in seeing her naked….well unless it was in person in the privacy of my own room. But to be compared to other popular models like a Francine Dee or Sung Hi or Felicia Tang I just could never see her being in their class.

  7. Mendoza is prone to gain weight. That’s just her metabolism. She’s in her mid-twenties now (I think she is older than 23 which is what she lists herself as). Take a look at pictures of her from 4 or so years ago. She has gained weight. What will she look like at 30? 35? Now don’t get me wrong, she’s beautiful. And, yes, I would walk through a desert to spend one night with her. But if she were somehow to fall into my bed tomorrow and profess eternal love to me, I would put this chick on a diet, get her a personal trainer a gym membership and ban all high calorie food.

    Hey, who wants a porker no matter how cute they are?

  8. Wow, I was told that I’m featured on this site… I’m actually a member.

    So, you want a special cover for Asian Sirens… not a problem…

    -Chris Carlo

  9. dang came across an old post but i definitely think christine IS one of the hottest models out there .. maybe she would be hotter if she toned up .. i used to say natasha yi was just fine the way she was til i saw her “body make over” shes 10x hotter now

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