Carley @ Dion Wong Photography

Carley @ Dion Wong Photography

Photographer Dion Wong shot lots and lots of Asian models. One of them is Carley. There are 18 shots of her, so check out some of the other models while you’re there.

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  1. How did a nice little island girl get a Roman nose? Carley is ……. OK. Don’t want to incur the wrath of anyone by being too critical. Foxy eyes.

  2. It was the MAILMAN.Some Irish dude.I’m diggin’ her anyway.I wonder if she’d let me pull on those extensions.

  3. Lot’s of nice island flavor. I’d have never noticed the nose, until it was pointed out. Looks fine to me and she is hot with that lei around her neck as she stands on that beautiful tropical beach. I’d love to join her for sure.

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