Japan-Inspired Portraits by jphotoshooter


Flickr user jphotoshooter just sent me a contact invite.

Iā€™m a photographic artist telling stories in collaboration with wonderful (18+) models. Together we are creating cute, sexy and innocent dream scenes inspired by feelings of kawaii Japanese cosplay, anime, and pop culture.

Check out a slideshow of his work on my blog.

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0 thoughts on “Japan-Inspired Portraits by jphotoshooter”

  1. Uh, yeah. Not so much.

    Guess my brain has a little trouble freeing itself from my self-imposed narrow parameters of hot Asian babeness I’ve shackled it to to be able to appreciate such stuff as this. Oh well.

  2. Mike, why linking to your blog whil you can also directly link to jphotoshooter at Flickr?

    I’ve updated the posting with a proper link to Flickr!

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