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Cebu Pacific Christmas Safety Demo Dance

Last year, Cebu Pacific Air started a program where their flight attendants performed a choreographed dance routine in an attempt to get more people to pay attention to the in-flight safety instructions with Lady Gaga playing in the background. This year, they tried to make the routine more festive by playing Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You in the background during select flights from December 16th to December 31st.

Would a dance routine such as this get you to pay more attention during the in-flight safety demonstrations? Are you like me and just want to see beautiful flight attendant dance around and disregard safety? Or do you feel that the routine is uncomfortable and does less to promote safety? Let’s discuss.

Cebu Pacific Air
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KT So Nude


I don’t usually do news posts, so bear with me because I’m barely doing one now. Most people on this site are familiar with KT So. According to the grapevine, KT So has finally started posting nude (at least topless), and is selling it in Zipset format separately on her site in the members section. Now, there’s word that she may stop doing them or may have stopped already due to someone taking them to file sharing forums, but hey – semi-news is semi-news. So if you’re a big fan like many people seem to be, you may be able to find what you were looking for.

I haven’t found any of the zipsets, but even if I did I probably wouldn’t post them here because of all of the models in the world, KT So has earned her living off being mysterious, and posting links to the photos would be like posting trade secrets. Also, for all I know they’re gone. But hey – the rumor-mill has KT So nude, finally, and that makes it news, and there you go. I’m not really wild about doing news posts but Robin used to do them and he once challenged me to catch up to him in posts. What now, Robin? In Yo Face!Made you look! No photos here. Okay, I’ll throw in one.



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Celebrity and Model Expo – Sunday, Oct 16, 2011


The following post is a press release, and was not written by Asian Sirens. However, I do think it will be of interest to many of our readers, in case they’re bored this Sunday. :-)Tony Damo Entertainment Announces

Celebrity and Model Expo (C.A.M.E.) 2011 Show


Tony Damo Entertainment is pleased to announce that the Celebrity and Model Expo (C.A.M.E.) 2011 show will be held at the La Mirada Holiday Inn Hotel on Sunday, October 16. The event will bring hundreds of fans and photographers together to see one of the best model expo shows brought to you by C.A.M.E., Import Xpressions, Neurotic Minds Exposed, SPN, and Jimi Photography.

Celebrating its second year, the C.A.M.E. show combines business-to-business transactions, networking, and talent appearances all into one. As you step onto the ballroom floor, you will find yourself sharing company with the most beautiful and sexy ladies that you can find on the West Coast. With music provided by DJ Orion and DJ Richie Rich, check out the bikini and lingerie outfits, watch the sexy fashion shows, and admire our go-go dancers as they shake their booty on stage.

For fans, it is a great opportunity to mix, mingle, take photos with and take home autographed photos, posters, and more of some of the seriously sexiest ladies you have ever laid your eyes on!

For photographers, it is a chance to exchange contact information and do business with these ladies on future photo shoots and event appearances.

With more than 69 ladies attending, the hotter than hell list of glamour and import model appearances include the ladies of C.A.M.E., Roxy Ayala, Kay Bae, Lily Figuera, Jelly Ranger, Emkay Vee, Lily Zenna Wang, and Christine Zegers. From Import Xpressions, we have Euniee Kae, Jenny Panda, and Jai Marie. From Import Fashion, check out Ela Pristine Pasion and Nikita Penalosa. Headlining our go-go dancers is the most sexy actress and go-go dancer, Nikita Esco, plus Sharon Shon, Alecia Rabaya, Khyanna Song, Happy Vang, Ashley Malia, Jewelyn TamSing, and Diana Ochoa. We also love to introduce the internationally renowned go-go dancer, entertainer, and model, Jeri Lee, who will be hosting our C.A.M.E. bikini & lingerie show. Finally, see all of the Import model icons from your favorite automotive magazines such as Christine Mendoza, Michelle Yee, Tracy Linh, Xena Xai, Nikki Oh, Kristin Barcelona, Viktoriya Dovgan, April Joy, Joling Ferro, Soniya Lei, Veronica Vhynes, Jackie Treadwell, Holly Lee, Kasumi Shimizu, Ryan Oso, Sylvia Daniels, MzPrincess Nila, Chean Labuen, Sarah Licon, Claudia Judith Moran, Nicole Marie Reckers, Kristy-Lei Juan, Jennifer Swift, Liz Gutierrez, Brianna Nicole, Cedestoni Salazar, Cindee Mikka, Angeline Chow, Siray Kong, Arley Elizabeth, Josie Ratan, Darling Darla, and many more from groups such as Import Glam, Model Vanity, and Models & Mansions.

Our fashion shows will showcase outfits provided by Neurotic (, Twisted Cherry Lingerie (, and Bad Aby Designs ( And ladies, if you say I love Bad Aby Designs at the door, you can get in for free!

Last, an additional music act called the Beat Burnz featuring Dizzy and Jonny Ill performing Hands Up will be there for your enjoyment.

You can check out for the complete list of lovelies.

The La Mirada Holiday Inn is located at 14299 Firestone Blvd., La Mirada, California 90638. Just 25 miles from Los Angeles Airport (LAX), 21 miles from John Wayne Airport (SNA) and 15 miles from Long Beach Airport (LGB). Special discount rate for the show may be available. Please contact us for information.

Hours are 11AM 6PM, Pacific Standard Time (P.S.T.). Tickets are available in advance by going online at or at the door. Cost is $20.00 USD. Get an online $5.00 USD discount if you know the promo code. For the first 100 ladies who have a C.A.M.E. show flyer, admission is free, $10.00 USD otherwise. Attendees who have a student or first responder I.D. (such as military, police, fire, etc.) shall pay $10.00 USD. Please note that C.A.M.E. is an 18 and over event. Persons may be asked for identification by security staff.

Bring your cameras and bring your friends! You ll be glad you CAME!

Dr. Thao Nguyen

First of all, even though this entry may have a humorus tone, I’m not placing it under the “humor” tag. After all, the reason UCLA Med Center cardiologist, Dr. Thao Nguyen was brought to the media spotlight, was because she testified at the trial of a doctor whose irresponsibility cause the death of his patient, who was one of the greatest entertainers ever.

With that said; I’m not surprised that I’m not the first to have noticed the unique charms and fashion sense of Dr. Nguyen and yes, I’m going to say what I’m sure some of you will be thinking as you watch the above video: It does look like she got that jacket from Michael Jackson’s closet.

Miss Universe 2010


I had no idea that the Miss Universe pageant was being televised on Monday night here in the states. Usually, I don’t find out about it until the very last minute and end up missing most of the telecast. This year, I was able to watch a good amount of the pageant and check out the Asian contestants to write this article.This year, I was made aware that the pageant was on television via Facebook when a friend of mine (who is Vietnamese and smoking hot) mentioned that Vietnam did not have a representative for this year’s pageant. I still cannot believe that Vietnam was unable to find one beautiful woman in that entire country to represent them in this year’s pageant. Even so, there were still plenty of Asian contestants for me to check out.

On the Miss Universe website, I first wanted to find out who was the highest rated contestant out of the Asian countries going into the pageant. I was surprised to find out that the highest rated contestant was also from an Asian country. That happened to be Venus Raj representing The Philippines. Going by her photos, I felt that she looked okay but wasn’t wowed by her.

On the telecast, the first Asian contestant that I was able to get a good look at was Miss Thailand, who I was really amazed by. Out of all the Asian contestants, I feel that she is the most beautiful. I was hoping that she would make it into the top 10, but unfortunately, she wasn’t able to make it into the top 15.

Venus Raj was able to make it into the 10 top, and later, into the top 5. She ended up as the 4th runner up with Miss Mexico taking home the crown. I would have liked to have seen Miss Thailand take it home, but that wasn’t going to happen. At least she took home the awards for being the most photogenic and for having the best national costume.

Did anyone else check out the pageant? Did you have a favorite? Besides Miss Thailand, Miss Malaysia and Miss Indonesia were my other favorites, but I did not get one look of them while watching the telecast. Let’s discuss.


Miss China: Tang Wen


Miss India: Ushoshi Sengupta


Miss Indonesia: Qory Sandioriva


Miss Japan: Maiko Itai


Miss Korea: Joori Kim


Miss Malaysia: Nadine Ann Thomas


Miss Philippines: Venus Raj


Miss Singapore: Tania Lim Kim Suan


Miss Thailand: Fonthip Watcharatrakul

Miss Universe Website