Cebu Pacific Christmas Safety Demo Dance

Last year, Cebu Pacific Air started a program where their flight attendants performed a choreographed dance routine in an attempt to get more people to pay attention to the in-flight safety instructions with Lady Gaga playing in the background. This year, they tried to make the routine more festive by playing Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You in the background during select flights from December 16th to December 31st.

Would a dance routine such as this get you to pay more attention during the in-flight safety demonstrations? Are you like me and just want to see beautiful flight attendant dance around and disregard safety? Or do you feel that the routine is uncomfortable and does less to promote safety? Let’s discuss.

Cebu Pacific Air
Blades Magazine
The Telegraph
Wall Street Journal

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  1. ahh forget the DANCING flight attendants. Now NUDE flight attendants – um the female ones I mean – would get MY attention.

  2. yesI agree Longtack… but the kind of attention I would be displaying would get me thrown off the plane for ‘carrying a concealed weapon”.

    Nah, best to make ’em wear hessian bags and julia gillard masks.

  3. How about on the Western airlines? Some of the FAs are in their 70’s.
    Disclaimer – as a frequent flyer, I appreciate the professionalism of the crews on my preferred airline. No money would be enough (and they don’t get paid much) to put up with the crap that they do.

  4. When I fly, I sit in my seat
    And look at the sky
    Answer not why, if I am safe?
    Did the FA try?

    Buckle my seat belt, low and tight
    Heard many times, I’ve got it right.
    Cabin pressure down, grab the mask
    Breathe in, breathe out, that is my task.

    If for some reason we land on the sea
    Grab the preserver – it will fit to a tee.
    Pull the cord, the device will inflate
    To ensure we don’t have a deep water fate.

    I listen to this and stay well awake
    Knowing that it’s my life that could be at stake.
    So, would the message be very much enhanced
    If the flight attendants accompanied with a dance?

    Would we heed more, if to the tune of M Carey?
    Hoping the words would be delivered more merry?
    Well, for sure, I guess if accompanied by Gaga
    Along with the view of a lovely ta-ta.

  5. Is this only for charters of the high mile club members?… 🙂

    I never pay much attention anyway, so I welcome this totally! Hot pinays dancing and smiling, what a way to fly!

    dbldipper, these kind of things only happen in Asia or in latin countries. Western countries would never allow this, feminists would chase you all the way to court.
    Countries like the Philippines are the last places in the world where you can still have a bit of fun. May it last!…

  6. Dazn – ’tis true. FAs for the Asian airlines that I have flown are mostly young and fairly hot. They hire more for looks, I suspect, than anything else. The unions and regulators have taken most of the fun out of the US bunch, excepting maybe Southwest.

    That said, I was flying a regional recently with an FA comedian. At one point, he told the passengers on the right side to look out the window and they might see a woman on a broom. His ex-wife.

    There was a time when the FAs were marketed more as sex objects (Fly Me!).

  7. I’ve always laughed at the “safety dance” that flight attendants do, particularly on Asian airlines. So it seems to me that Cebu Pacific has simply taken it to its logical conclusion!

  8. Remember Continental Airlines’ “We Move Our Tail For You”? No more.

    The FA’s on Delta, United, American are bad-looking, old and fat. Between unions, feminists, litigation, and “fat pride”, hot young FA’s are a thing of the past.

  9. “Coffee, tea, or me?”
    BTW, maybe they should do their safety dance to “Safety Dance”; instead of Men Without Hats, it could be FA’s Without Clothes:-)

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