Thailand’s Got Talent – And That’s Not All

I’ll let the video speak for itself. Enjoy!

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  1. Travis, is it possible to post a link to the video, so I can copy it into a proxy server?

  2. Longtrack, you can right click on the video and select “Copy Video URL”, or other options to get that information.

  3. Thanks Dean, learn something new everyday.

    But even my proxy won’t let me access a YouTube video.

  4. In the USA we get lots of news
    Most of which you really can’t use.
    We rarely hear much about things overseas
    Mostly locan and some political sleaze.

    So ask most people here about the land of the Thai
    You’d get a response, along with a sigh
    “I don’t know much,” they probably would say
    It’s somewhere else, ’round the world ’bout halfway.

    Yet I’m sure if you’d try – you really would press
    Most people would say, “well, I’ll venture a guess.”
    The food’s pretty spicy and they eat lots of rice.
    And the beaches, I bet are sandy and nice.

    They had a tsunami ago and that was too bad
    All those dead people made me feel really sad.
    But when you’re out on the town and she’s looking quite coy
    Be sure and check – it might be a boy.

  5. Thanks Doc that was the URL I got from right clicking the space where the video was. No go!
    Now extra thanks to Shuai Ge who understands the situation some of us find ourselves in behind the Great Fire Wall. Let’s try that one!
    sigh- life wasn’t meant to be easy.

  6. Thailand: Land of Refinement and Diversity.
    Imagine that kind of genderbending on Murkan national TV.
    (…or save yourself)
    Really that is pretty routine for Thai TV.

  7. haha thanks for posting that! Leave it to the Thais to so closely copy an American program but give it a distinctively Thai twist. 😉

    Also enjoyed dbldipper’s contribution – so true how little my fellow Americans know about Thailand! So often I’ve come home from a trip to the Land of Smiles and get asked the question “now where were you again? Taiwan?” It’s good that I have a sense of humor… (sigh)

  8. My thai girlfriend showed me this video and one with a one-armed guitarist a few months ago. I was a little disturbed by it.

  9. There’s also an immensely popular Chinese version of the original “Britain’s got Talent” show (No points for guessing the Chinese name).
    Interesting thing is, which you can see also from the Thai version is that the show has been carbon copied down to the last detail for the international versions.

    Amazing, i thought that at least in China the producers would want to change stuff to adapt to the local market. Seems the show’s format has universal appeal.

  10. In retrospect I probably should have posted this one sooner, but I’ve just been going through everyone’s posts chronologically (unless they are particularly newsworthy).

  11. I must say the female judge was hot looking! I was stationed in Japan, Korea and the Philippines, nothing surprises me any more! LB’s are all over! If felt bad for many of the GI’s who thought they got a good thing until they did a package check! Always do a package check first, unless you are into that kind of thing!

  12. This ladyboy looks less masculine than many of the ladies we have featured here.

    When I was in the Philippines with my wife, a fellow service member tried to warn me that I was with a tranny (my wife isn’t masculine looking, but she quite a bit taller than the average Filipina). Anyway, I assured him that everything checked out:-)

  13. Nah, I think he was sincere. Besides, no reason to try to steal another guy’s girl in the Philippines, cuz there’s lots to choose from.

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