Dr. Thao Nguyen

First of all, even though this entry may have a humorus tone, I’m not placing it under the “humor” tag. After all, the reason UCLA Med Center cardiologist, Dr. Thao Nguyen was brought to the media spotlight, was because she testified at the trial of a doctor whose irresponsibility cause the death of his patient, who was one of the greatest entertainers ever.

With that said; I’m not surprised that I’m not the first to have noticed the unique charms and fashion sense of Dr. Nguyen and yes, I’m going to say what I’m sure some of you will be thinking as you watch the above video: It does look like she got that jacket from Michael Jackson’s closet.

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  1. In my experience, Vietnamese women make for the MILFiest MILFs. I think it’s because they’re so sexually suppressed when they’re young, so once they’ve gotten married and had a couple of kids, all those years of frustration come flooding out…

    As for Michael Jackson, I think he is one of the most overrated entertainers in history, but obviously millions disagree with me.

  2. She reminds me of someone I work with (who isn’t Vietnamese but rather a Filipina).

    As for MJ, I find him very talented, and yet at the same time I also find him overrated. But there is often a disconnect between entertainment superstardom and talent.

  3. Well, sometimes she looks alright for an older women–but then there is this:


    Hell no!

    Michael Jackson was a talented entertainer, I suppose. His stuff wasn’t really for me, though and I agree he was very overrated. As for his death: was this doctor negligent? Perhaps, but Mike’s demise was predominantly self inflicted, I think.

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