Vietnamese Airline Fined For In-Flight Bikini Show

Budget Vietnamese airline VietJetAir staged this entertaining show to celebrate its maiden flight on August 3 – local beauty pageant candidates performed a three-minute, Hawaiian-themed dance in bikinis and sarongs. However, because the airline failed to secure permission for the show, it was fined $1,000! The incident has stirred public debate in Vietnam after photos and videos of the performance spread on the internet. I strongly recommend you watch this video with the sound turned down. 🙂

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0 thoughts on “Vietnamese Airline Fined For In-Flight Bikini Show”

  1. So what exactly is the debate about? That it was sexist or degrading? That they got fined? That it should be a family friendly environment?

    Their performance was definitely not worthy of using Beethoven.

  2. I will definitely try to use VietJet in the future. I feel like a banana, I should have taken the advice and turned the noise off.

  3. I love Vietnam. These ladies dressed no less than many barbershop workers. The government should be proud that their women are so beautiful.

    A little nuts at times, but very beautiful.

  4. if they had these girls all the time i would just be flying back and forth. very nice…although some of the ladies on the flight didn’t seem to be that impressed lol

  5. I’ve spent some time in a long metal tube
    Soaring at thirty-seven thousand feet.
    Chances are slim that I’d run into
    Someone that’s really nice to meet.

    Mostly I fly Western airlines
    Who care little for flight attendant looks.
    If the work hard and promote good safety
    Then for years they stay on the books.

    Things are different in the Far East
    The women FAs are young and nubile
    They’ll serve you very efficiently
    While giving you a nice pretty smile.

    Yet I’ve not encountered any like these
    Whose outfits in-plane are likely to tease.
    But aye, there mates, their lies the rub
    With them I’ll nae be in the mile-high-club.

  6. Pretty tame stuff for Western eyes!O!O
    What the heck was MOONLIGHT doing on that track!? Cute gals! =:-p

  7. Looks like they might have been flying out of Cam Ranh Bay. I doubt the Soviets ever had flights like this when they controlled that airfield:-)

    Beautiful women, cheesy outfits, pretty tame overall.

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