Asian Sirens Is Looking For New Bloggers!

The title pretty much says it all: if you think you have what it takes to join our illustrious team, contact me. You can look at our other posts to see how we do things – this isn’t a site for just posting anonymous pictures, but first and foremost an information site. You can specialise in any area relating to Asian female models, celebrities or performers, although at this point in time I’m especially interested in someone who can cover JAV and Japanese models in general (as I feel we don’t have them as well covered as other areas at the moment). You don’t need a CV – just a sample article will do. I hope to hear from our next writer soon!

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  1. I find some of the archives stuff fascinating.

    You see some of these pictures and think… So that’s what happened to Susie Elene who played Mai Ling in Magnum PIs “China Doll” episode.

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