Body Paint and Real Estate?


Yes, this is the second body paint post in a row, but this isn’t your typical body paint scenario: these models are at a recent real estate expo (with nearly 100 exhibitors) – in China! It seems that China is rapidly becoming as sexually open as the west, and perhaps even more so in some cases – would this be accepted (in this sort of context) in the US? I know we have quite a few readers in China, and many more who have extensive familiarity with it. Is China really becoming as, or more, sexually open than the US and many other western countries?

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  1. The problem with asking about the US is there are 50 different states and then many hundereds of counties and all will have there own laws defining what’s allowed.

  2. True, Subic Man, but I don’t see this happening at a real estate expo in any of them. Fetish and Fantasy Ball, perhaps, but even then I don’t believe you have total nudity.

  3. No way this would happen in the US at a real estate event, not in any of the 50 states or 1000’s of counties, laws or no laws. For sure in some regions at a Mardi Gras/Halloween/Fetish ball, but real estate? No.

  4. …reason being they wouldn’t dare offend and drive away a significant segment of sex-fearing buyers who are religious wackos or rabid feminists.

  5. I would hardly call the US sexually open. More like middle of the road. There’s a lot of suggestion, but even that gets a lot of people worked up. I’m continually amazed at some of the repressed attitudes here.

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