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Japanese Hooters Girls


For those of you that didn’t already know, Hooters opened up its Japanese franchise last October 25th in Tokyo’s Akasaka Plaza, making Japan the sixth Asian country Hooters has included in their expansion. The other ones are China (Beijing, Chengdu, and Shanghi), the Philippines (Pasay City), Singapore, South Korea (Seoul), and Taiwan (Taipei).

Above, we have Tomo, Chica, and Yuu displaying some of what Hooters is famous for….and the food’s pretty good, too. Yuu was quoted as saying, “when you come to Hooters, you can look forward to having just as much of a good time as when you go to Disneyland!”Only 40 of the 400 young ladies who applied to be Japan’s first official Hooters Girls were chosen. However, 10 of them were not Japanese. I assume those 10 were American, since the trainers during the grand opening were all from various Hooters franchises in the US. I would prefer that all the girls be Japanese, as that would make this Hooters restaurant more representative of the country it’s in, but I suppose if there are Asian Hooters Girls in Western countries, it’s only fair for there to be vice-versa.

Yukiyo during Halloween

Striking the classic Hooters Girl pose, as Yuri shows here, is one of the first things the girls learn.

Japanese Hooters Girl
All the servers take a turn donning a Hooters warm-up suit and pulling hostess duty.

Jieun (who may be ethnic Korean with a name like that), with a plate of the famous Hooters Buffalo wings. I thought wearing eyeglasses was against Hooters uniform regulations but I checked the Hooters Employee Handbook and didn’t see anything stating so.

A behind-the-scenes shot of Marica

Japanese Hooters Girls
Entertaining the customers with the “chicken dance”

Japanese Hooters Girls
Promo shot taken outside the restaurant

Japanese Hooters Girls
A very rare (and obviously candid) shot of the girls not wearing smiles. Now, I’m sure this is against Hooters regulations.

Official Website

Japanese Santa’s Helpers

Kirara Asuka - Chri Chri Merry Christmas

For this year’s Christmas-themed entry, here are a bevy of Japanese beauties appropriately attired for the season, beginning with JAV idol Kirara Asuka (above) shown here on the DVD cover of Chri Chri Merry Christmas. Definitely not a holiday movie for the kids.
Reina Aoki
Gravure idol Reina Aoki

Yumi Sugimoto
Gravure idol Yumi Sugimoto

Azusa Itagaki
JAV idol Azusa Itagaki

Nozomi Sasaki
Gravure idol Nozomi Sasaki

Momoko Tani
Gravure idol Momoko Tani

Mizuki Horii
Gravure idol Mizuki Horii

Reiko Kamiyama
Gravure idol Reiko Kamiyama

Aki Hoshino
Gravure idol Aki Hoshino (first featured here) from a December 2008 promotional event she did for Gekkan Aki Hoshino III

Mirai Haneda
JAV idol Mirai Haneda in a promo shot from her video Mirai Santa is Coming to You

Brenda Lowe

Brenda Lowe

A reader (and probably fan of the TV show Survivor) sent us this link on 27 year-old half-Chinese, half-Bolivian Survivor contestant Brenda Lowe. The former Miami Dolphins cheerleader and owner of Paddleboard Miami was chosen to be a contestant for Survivor Nicaragua after trying out, stating she would “kick ass” doing what they do on the show. Maybe I wouldn’t go so far as to use that term for her performance, but she has made a pretty darn good showing, so far and is currently viewed as a serious threat by several of the other “surviving” contestants.

As of this writing, the viewers have only seen 10 of the 20 contestants voted out of the competition and believe Brenda’s still in the running. However, according to a leaked “boot list” from a reliable source, at the next aired show’s “Tribal Council,” viewers will see Brenda being betrayed by her alliance and voted out as the 11th to go.Even though she wasn’t among the top survivors, Brenda is now known by many fans of the show as Survivor’s “Asian Sensation.”

Brenda Lowe
On the sidelines cheering on the Dolphins, circa 2005

Brenda Lowe
During her stint as a co-hostess on the game show ¿Qué Dice la Gente? (What Say the People?), which was sort of a Spanish-language version of Family Feud

Brenda Lowe
On location for Survivor

Brenda Lowe
It’s obvious Brenda’s company logo features her silhouette.

Science Fiction Double Feature

In the spirit of the Halloween season, here’s the usherette (played by Park Eun-sook) with the opening number from the 2001 Korean version of the Rocky Horror Show, “Science Fiction Double Feature.”

The licensed Korean version of the cult classic ran in Seoul from 2001 through 2008 (although not continuously) with Eun-sook being the first and arguably the best, actress to fill the role of the usherette/Magenta.

Pretty Pitchers

April 4th was opening day for the 2010 Major League Baseball season and if you’ve ever been to a ball game in Japan or Korea, where a well-known person has opened the game with a ceremonial first pitch, I’m sure you appreciated it if the well-known person was an attractive female celebrity, which it usually is.

While the Korea Baseball Organization almost always has mainstream actresses and singers doing the honors, Nippon Professional Baseball often has less conservatively-dressed gravure idols and models take the mound, such as Satoko Miyata (above and allegedly aka Akiko Miyata), who impressively did get it across the plate from the pitcher’s rubber at the Tokyo Dome last summer.Examples of what you might see at the opening of a KBO or NPB game, if you’re lucky:


Han Chae-young
Actress Han Chae-young

Sung Yuri
Singer/Actress Sung Yuri

Hwang Shin-hye
Actress Hwang Shin-hye

Hwang Bo
Singer/Actress Hwang Bo

Park Jung-ah
Singer Park Jung-ah, who had the best arm I’ve ever seen on any of these ladies. Don’t know why she threw from the foot of the mound because it looked like she could have easily thrown a strike from the rubber.


Aki Hoshino
Gravure idol Aki Hoshino, first featured at AS here

Erina Mano
Singer and pianist Erina Mano

Leah Dizon
Singer/gravure idol Leah Dizon (first featured here), who’s not Japanese but definitely popular enough in Japan to open up a game there.

Pretty Pitcher
I have yet to ID this obvious stadium crowd-pleaser.

Satoko Miyata
Another look at Satoko Miyata

Dr. Lee’s Talking Point: Porn, Hits and Hypocrisy

2010/04/14 UPDATE: I’ve decided to remove the links from this post, as these people have had more than enough traffic from us already, and they never linked to us so people could read the other side of the story anyway.

It is with some trepidation that I write this post, as I suspect it is exactly what the people who inspired this article want me to do. But I thought this episode raised a few interesting issues that would make for good discussion as a “Dr. Lee’s Talking Point” article, so I’ve decided to post it anyway.

Recently (as I’m sure some of you will remember), CEC featured Winnipeg blogger/vlogger and import model Keo Necra. As per his usual approach, he sent her a friendly message to let her know that her article had been posted. She responded that she wasn’t happy with being featured on a “pornographic site”, and asked us to post her response to the article in the comments, which we did. Then, when she wasn’t happy with the response to her comments, she decided to post an article on her blog trashing Asian Sirens. By this point, it was starting to become clear that she was using her supposed indignation at being featured on Asian Sirens as a publicity stunt. Then CEC nuked her post and the comments on it. So as there now wasn’t anything for her to complain about, she removed the stuff on Asian Sirens from her blog as well. Incredibly though, that wasn’t the end of the matter.No doubt smelling an opportunity for loads of hits, Keo’s associate Van Kunder decided to do a hit piece on Asian Sirens on her blog. Amusingly, despite the obvious intent of the article, she denies that they need any hits from Asian Sirens, reinforcing the point with faux laughter. Well, let’s just say that the traffic they get and the traffic we get are not even in the same ballpark: for example, the video CEC featured in his article for only a few days has received four times as many hits as Keo’s other recent videos. And while I can’t get traffic stats on Keo’s blog, given that virtually none of her posts have any responses, it is hard to imagine that it is very popular. Furthermore, Keo has converted the text of her original post on Asian Sirens to “*CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK!!* LOOKING for something to read? YOU HAVE TO READ THIS!” and re-titled it “I Annihilate Enemies”. Hmmm…

Van Kunder repeats Keo’s assertion that Asian Sirens is a porn site, using a reference from Wikipedia to “prove” her case. Well, while it is technically true that Asian Sirens would have been classified as “softcore” under the traditional definition of porn, as I’m sure Van Kunder knows, not many people use that definition today. It is now largely interchangeable with what used to be called “hardcore”: in other words, sexually explicit material, rather than just nudity as is featured here (we specifically do not allow the placing of sexually explicit material, although we do allow linking to it). What Keo and Van are calling “porn” is now more commonly called “adult”.

Van Kunder’s article is also riddled with clear-cut factual errors, including:

*She cites examples of supposed material from Asian Sirens to “prove” that it’s a porn site, but she cites our ads, rather than actual material from this site.

*She claims that all the women we feature are “duplicates”, and that none of them is under a C-cup.

*She claims that CEC is “the voice behind Asian Sirens”.

As for Keo herself, I think I can sum up her outrageous hypocrisy with the following two consecutive tweats from her Twitter stream:

Import season is around the corner! Who wants to capture me in some photos??

I’m so glad I don’t have to deal with anymore easily angered middle-aged perves <3Life's a beaut! 8)

Uh huh. So it’s okay for “middle-aged perves” to come and take her photo, and yet… I should also point out that this info came to me courtesy of Christine (I avoid Twitter like the plague), who is an Asian female even younger than Keo herself – and I know from my mailbox that she is far from alone amongst Asian Sirens’ readership.

Clearly Keo’s supposed indignation at being featured on a so-called “porn site” is a total crock: I think that in reality she was just pissed off that I referred to her blog – and other blogs like it chronicling people’s mundane, everyday lives – as boring, vapid and pointless. And about the only thing I found remotely entertaining about her videos was her impersonations of her mother, which get old pretty quickly anyway.

So what do our readers think? Is Asian Sirens a porn site? Does it matter anyway? And what do you think of these hypocritical, self-proclaimed internet “celebrities” who think they’re too good to be featured here? Or more accurately, whose seriously over-inflated egos are too delicate to accept any criticism of what they do?

UPDATE: Keo has now posted her email exchange with CEC on her blog – it clearly demonstrates that this whole drama really is about my comments that her blog and vlog were boring, vapid, pointless and of little value, even just as light entertainment. So in other words, all of this drama is simply because Keo can’t take genuine criticism, exactly as I suspected all along. And by her own admission, she has decided to turn it into a publicity stunt.

Oh, and it is amusing that Keo has used the fact that we have re-posted her original article to claim that CEC is a liar, when in fact she knows very well that it was taken down as promised on the 25th (as her second tweet above clearly demonstrates). We only decided to put it back up today for reference purposes in relation to this article. And the reason we posted this article is that she decided to continue trashing Asian Sirens after we took her post down, and I felt this raised some interesting issues for discussion.

2010/04/08 UPDATE: Keo’s hypocrisy knows no bounds, it seems. She complains about being featured on a “porn site” without her permission, but now she has published private emails from three AS feature models without their permission! And she uses them to claim that they didn’t know they’ve been featured here, when in fact they’ve actually approved their features here. They didn’t know they’d been featured on a “porn site”, because from their point of view, AS isn’t one! And Keo claims the emails were forwarded to her by someone named “JaneQ”, who is very obviously just Keo herself.

I also know that they’ve asked Keo to remove their emails from her site, but she’s refused to do so (and none of them have asked us to take down their features either). Once again, when Keo asked us to take down her feature, we did, even though we had no legal or ethical responsibility to do so. She on the other hand has published people’s private emails without their permission, and refused to take them down when requested to do so.