Japanese Santa’s Helpers

Kirara Asuka - Chri Chri Merry Christmas

For this year’s Christmas-themed entry, here are a bevy of Japanese beauties appropriately attired for the season, beginning with JAV idol Kirara Asuka (above) shown here on the DVD cover of Chri Chri Merry Christmas. Definitely not a holiday movie for the kids.
Reina Aoki
Gravure idol Reina Aoki

Yumi Sugimoto
Gravure idol Yumi Sugimoto

Azusa Itagaki
JAV idol Azusa Itagaki

Nozomi Sasaki
Gravure idol Nozomi Sasaki

Momoko Tani
Gravure idol Momoko Tani

Mizuki Horii
Gravure idol Mizuki Horii

Reiko Kamiyama
Gravure idol Reiko Kamiyama

Aki Hoshino
Gravure idol Aki Hoshino (first featured here) from a December 2008 promotional event she did for Gekkan Aki Hoshino III

Mirai Haneda
JAV idol Mirai Haneda in a promo shot from her video Mirai Santa is Coming to You

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0 thoughts on “Japanese Santa’s Helpers”

  1. Very few things I like more than a beautiful Asian woman in Santa themed attire. And these girls do not disappoint. Thanks for all the great pictures throughout the year.

  2. It is the evening of December twenty-fourth
    And, as typical of this far in the north
    Outside the snow quietly falls;
    This sign of the season gently recalls

    Those happy days when I was a boy
    And for Christmas I’d want a favorite toy.
    One year I hoped for a fire truck
    That I’d seen in the paper, just by luck.

    I told my parents – I would so happy be
    To see this fancy truck under the Christmas tree
    It had bells, lights, siren and a working ladder
    All that I wanted, nothing else would matter.

    I woke that morning, as all kids do
    And run to the gifts and search the boxes through
    For those labeled with my name
    My presents – oh what fun I would claim.

    On that day, I realized two of the greatest gifts ever
    A fire truck, yes, but not one adorned so clever
    Just a simple plastic toy, with only wheels that moved
    Which now, in hindsight, has only proved (grammar, sorry)

    That the second gift, of much more import
    Is easy to remember, in short.
    I think of nothing hopefully not rare
    Than your parents love and care.

    So, to all you readers I now call:
    My Christmas wish for all
    As you waken, whisper softly to your Asian dove
    Merry Christmas my dear – it’s you I love.

  3. They should replace those fake Santas at the local shopping malls with these girls. Who wouldn’t want to sit on her lap and whisper what you want for Christmas? I’d certainly tell them that a lot more would be waiting for them on their rounds than cookies and milk.

  4. If these girls were Santas, I think they’d have to sit in my lap. 🙂

    Nice work again dbldipper, and happy holidays to all from Asian Sirens.

  5. Santa Baby, indeed! I don’t have a chimney, but I’d build one for any (all???!!!) of these ladies.

    Merry Christmas everyone, whether you’re Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Atheist or Agnostic — Peace on Earth, Goodwill Towards Men is a great sentiment. With that in mind, let’s hope that our Korean Sirens remain safe despite all the tensions on the peninsula.

  6. Wingsfan, you were testing us, to see if we were paying attention on the “ronisparadise” link. Weren’t you?

    Merry Christmas or whatever it is you chose to celebrate this time of year.

  7. Yeah I saw ronisparadise first and thought you might be a little confused as to which holiday it actually was…Wings. Trick or treat came to mind, then I saw the rest. Very nice. Merry Christmas

  8. It kinda would be funny if Santa was an old, fat man with and asian fetish and lots of little Asian girls in christmas garb running around.

    Those velvet pants wouldn’t stay too clean then.

  9. Merry Christmas everyone!

    It’s too late to ask Santa for Azusa Itagaki and her delicious arse.
    She is on my Christmas wish list already.

  10. Well, there are definitely better pictures of Roni out there; and she’s more into cougar territory than MILF territory. But still, she’s got a pretty hod bod, especially if you like ladies with extra curves.

  11. Sorry Wings, I realize now Roni is 1/2 Chinese according to her press. I thought you got her from Pictures readers wives section (maybe one of Kroos’ girlfriends) 😉

  12. Sorry…my comment was not intended to be racist. Just commenting that even those who do not celebrate Christmas could enjoy these santas

  13. And some more Santa chicks (and an elf):























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