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Japanese Celebs’ Final Acts

Miyu Uehara

In the almost four years since I wrote this piece, I’ve been asked how the celebrity (more specifically female celebrity) suicide rate in Japan compares with that of Korea. I’m, in no way, going to present any analogies or official statistics of this, but since it’s news whenever a famous person dies (by whatever means), all it took for me to find out how female celeb suicide rates compare between Korea and Japan, was some Internet research. In short, Korean female celebs have been more prone to take their own lives in recent years (the “trend” beginning in Feburary, 2005 with actress Lee Eun-joo’s death) but the suicides of Japanese female celebs started two decades earlier. Also, the Japanese ladies seem to be a bit more creative than their Korean counterparts when it comes to the method to end it all, sometimes employing the use of toxic chemicals while the Koreans overwhelmingly favor hanging as the preferred means.

In my search for Japanese female celeb suicides in recent decades, I came up with six names. Of those names, the suicide of the one who was best-known occurred 26 years ago and the ones since weren’t all exactly household names in Japan (as Choi Jin-sil was in Korea). The most recent being gravure idol Miyu Uehara (above), who was found hanged in her apartment on May 12, 2011. She left no note but was apparently unhappy with her chosen career, despite becoming quite popular in her field, with over 400 television appearances to her credit.

Yukiko Okada - Birth of Venus
According to news reports that left several unanswered questions, on April 8, 1986, 18 year-old singer Yukiko Okada was found by the manager of the Sun Music agency (her record label) crying and crouched down in the closet of her gas-filled Tokyo apartment, with her wrists slashed (but apparently not deep enough to cause her to bleed to death). It wasn’t reported why she was taken from there to the Sun Music building, instead of a hospital, but if attempts were made to console and discourage her from making another suicide attempt, they were in vain. Seemingly determined to end it all, just two hours after being found at her apartment and presumably left unattended, Yukiko jumped to her death from the seventh floor of the Sun Music building. There were reporters present when she jumped, as they had heard about the earlier incident at her apartment and that she had been taken to the Sun Music building afterwards. Wanting the story, they sure got it and a lot more, when they witnessed Yukiko jump to the pavement below. A couple of death scene photos were taken before police arrived, and were subsequently published. (View them here and here if you must.) The wave of copycat suicides in Japan that soon followed was dubbed the “Yukiko Syndrome.” An excellent article on that, as well as more details on Yukiko’s life and death, is here. Above is the cover from her January 1986 album, The Birth of Venus, her last one released before her death.

Kazumi Kawai
Actress, model, and singer Kazumi Kawai began her career by appearing in Nikkatsu “roman porn” films after being discovered by director Mamoru Watanabe at the age of 18. She had two failed suicide attempts by cutting her wrists in December, 1996 and again in January, 1997. However, she succeeded on May 9, 1997 by jumping to her death from the apartment window of the man she was allegedly having an affair with; baseball player Kenjiro Kawasaki. (He was not home at the time.) She was also engaged to be married to another man at the time of her death at the age of 32. Ironically, Kawasaki’s apartment was on the seventh floor, as was the office of the Sun Music building that Yukiko Okada jumped from 11 years earlier.

Kyoko Togawa
Actress Kyoko Togawa, sister of singer Jun Togawa, was found hanged in her apartment on July 18, 2002 by a member of her agency after she didn’t show up for a shoot. She left no note and the reason for her suicide was unclear. She was 37.

Miyuki Asou
Miyuki Asou was a gravure idol who crossed over to AV and the harsh (mostly online) criticism she received after making that transition was rumored to be the reason she took her own life on March 18, 2008. She was found dead in her bathroom after inhaling the poisonous gas from the household chemicals she had mixed together. Known as “detergent suicide,” it’s a fairly popular method of ending one’s own life in Japan. She was 22.

Ako Kawada
TV announcer Ako Kawada committed suicide by burning charcoal briquettes inside her car and inhaling the lethal carbon monoxide gas they emitted. Her body was found slumped in the front seat of her car, which was parked (here) just a short distance from her home on the morning of May 26, 2008. In her last blog entry she wrote that she felt mentally and physically exhausted and needed a break. She was 29.

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Aida Makoto – Japanese Artist


Aida Makoto is a Japanese artist. His work is designed to push buttons and draw a reaction. Much of it is highly controversial (he has a 50 minute video of the back of a man while he masturbates, for some odd reason) and much of it involving sex and women. His work is… interesting, with some of it standing out more than others, but here are some of the photos that are relevant to this community and I’ll have many links at the bottom in case you would like to learn more about Aida Makoto and the rest of his works.Photos:







Gallery Profile
Interpretation of Works
Behind the Scenes
Cockroach Photo

Calling All Asian Sirens Readers!


Do you love tedious labor? Do you love beautiful Asian women? Do you love both? Then boy do we have the job for you.

We would like to create an archive page of this site using Tumblr, but unfortunately we don’t have the time to do it ourselves. That’s where you come in. We need an Asian Sirens reader with a lot of time on their hands and the willingness to do work for free to help create a newer, better archives page, much like the one you see on Shuai’s Site on the top left of the page.

Shuai Ge will tell you how to do it, but essentially we need someone that can help create for us a better archive so that we – and you – can easily go back in time and see the beautiful models we’ve made available. If you’re interested, click on the “Contact Asian Sirens” link on the left. Let us know your degree of interest using arbitrary numbers, such as 4241412 or 9.1. I, personally, will thank you in a post, and we all know how important my opinion is to you guys. Hint: Very.

Thanks in advance. And just remember, if you do it, Cho Hye Eun will smile.**May not be factually accurate.

Northeners vs Southerners Test


Northerner Chinese women, Southern Chinese women. Is there a difference in the way they look? Many believe so, but is it really true? We decided to find out in the most unscientific of ways possible by putting together an interactive test for our readers.

It’s been a while since we did our last interactive test on Mainland Hotties, the last one got pretty good feedback so a new one is well overdue. It’s not just hot Chinese babes you know. We expect to educate as well… sometimes… at little… well not really at all, but hey.

Northeners vs Southerners Test

Spot the Mainland Hottie


Think you can pick out a Chinese person from a line up of various Asian nationalities?
A lot of people I’ve spoken to over the years here in China swear blindly that they can. Now it’s time to see if you can…


I was inspired to create a simple test by last weeks South Park episode, (‘City Wok’ owner Lu Kim is furious as he realizes everyone in the town thinks that Japanese and Chinese people are the same).

There’s usually plenty of speculation here each time we have a model who we can’t pin down the nationality of. So there’s plenty of people who talk the talk and say they can tell an Asian model’s nationality from a photo. Let’s see if it’s really that easy. Hop over to Mainland Hotties and find out.

Test Link

Aby Rulloda

Aby Rulloda

Abigaile (Aby) Rulloda (pronounced like her Facebook user name; “Rule Yoda”) is hard to place in an single category, which is why I entered her under “mixed bag” here. She’s a successful model, go-go dancer, ring girl, fashion designer, and competitive kickboxer who’s the current WCSC (World Combat Sports Challenge) Super Flyweight Champion.

Wanting to learn a little more about Aby first-hand, I contacted her about an interview and, needless to say, was very pleased that she took time out of her busy schedule to answer my questions. Well, all except for how she got her nickname.The origin of her nickname aside, Aby was very eager to talk with me about her endeavors, both in and out of the ring. One of which includes the launch of her own lingerie and bikini line. Check out my full interview with Aby here.

Aby Rulloda
From an Imagine Models photo shoot last summer. Aby models bikinis just as good as she designs them

Aby Rulloda
Showing her pole dancing skills at an Asian Diva Girls erotic dance class. Aby participated in this one with her twin (yes, twin) sister April, who currently lives in Tokyo.

Aby Rulloda - White Mesh Cami Set

Aby Rulloda - Tropical Onesie
This and above: Aby modeling two of her own creations from Bad Aby Designs

Aby Rulloda
At the 2009 WCSC Ring Girl/Spokesmodel contest

Aby Rulloda
Before a match at San Francisco’s Kezar Stadium (Photo credit: Jeff Spirer)

Aby Rulloda in action
In action against Lindsay Marino (Photo credit: Jeff Spirer)

Aby with the WCSC Super Flyweight Belt

Her Official Website
Her Facebook
Her Myspace
Her Youtube Channel
Bad Aby on Twitter
Bad Aby Designs