Japanese Hooters Girls


For those of you that didn’t already know, Hooters opened up its Japanese franchise last October 25th in Tokyo’s Akasaka Plaza, making Japan the sixth Asian country Hooters has included in their expansion. The other ones are China (Beijing, Chengdu, and Shanghi), the Philippines (Pasay City), Singapore, South Korea (Seoul), and Taiwan (Taipei).

Above, we have Tomo, Chica, and Yuu displaying some of what Hooters is famous for….and the food’s pretty good, too. Yuu was quoted as saying, “when you come to Hooters, you can look forward to having just as much of a good time as when you go to Disneyland!”Only 40 of the 400 young ladies who applied to be Japan’s first official Hooters Girls were chosen. However, 10 of them were not Japanese. I assume those 10 were American, since the trainers during the grand opening were all from various Hooters franchises in the US. I would prefer that all the girls be Japanese, as that would make this Hooters restaurant more representative of the country it’s in, but I suppose if there are Asian Hooters Girls in Western countries, it’s only fair for there to be vice-versa.

Yukiyo during Halloween

Striking the classic Hooters Girl pose, as Yuri shows here, is one of the first things the girls learn.

Japanese Hooters Girl
All the servers take a turn donning a Hooters warm-up suit and pulling hostess duty.

Jieun (who may be ethnic Korean with a name like that), with a plate of the famous Hooters Buffalo wings. I thought wearing eyeglasses was against Hooters uniform regulations but I checked the Hooters Employee Handbook and didn’t see anything stating so.

A behind-the-scenes shot of Marica

Japanese Hooters Girls
Entertaining the customers with the “chicken dance”

Japanese Hooters Girls
Promo shot taken outside the restaurant

Japanese Hooters Girls
A very rare (and obviously candid) shot of the girls not wearing smiles. Now, I’m sure this is against Hooters regulations.

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  1. I went to the Shanghai Hooters around its very beginning in 2005….and was disappointed with the talent to say the least…the overall landscape and atmosphere was pretty flat, and I remember catching a glimpses of the kitchen and seeing one of the cooks drop a burger pattie on the floor and proceed to follow the “10 sec’ rule and place it back on the grill….the japanese one looks like its go tsome greta talent….

  2. AmericanArsenal, IMO the wings at Hooters are simply horrible. Of course, I am originally from the Buffalo NY area (Niagara Falls, actually) and we are wing snobs.

    Buffalo style hot wings are never breaded. And medium-hot wings in most Buffalo establishments are way hotter than the hottest wings Hooters serves.

    Now, to apologize for this totally off-topic ramble, I give you this video of a pretty Asian webcam girl taking off her clothes:


  3. Can anyone tell me where I can see this webcam girl? She looks like someone I’ve been trying to track down for some time now. It’s a very long story that I can’t reveal right now, but if she is who I think she is (and I’m pretty sure she is), then I really need to get in contact with her ASAP.

  4. In Asia, it should probably be “hooters” (littler boobs, little “h”). The girls shown here look great, though.

    We like long stories, Doc; especially featuring pretty Asian women.

  5. I think your right Dazn, she looks familiar. I think pic 7 could be the future girlfriend of an AS reader if I can just get rid of the wife and get to Tokyo!

  6. Lol unaltered Asian Hooters. Flat to say the least.

    I want to talk to the White girl in the pic 🙂

  7. A hot asian girl working at Hooters is a nice bonus to getting some food, but why do they have that stupid rule forcing them to wear the leggings???

  8. You mean I spent the entire last week in Tokyo and did not even know about it? I even was in that part of the city and never saw it.

  9. TAtoms, that sounds like a challenge. Find some way to tell her and then let’s see those pics. And bring her along too, we are all good people. 😉

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