Brenda Lowe

Brenda Lowe

A reader (and probably fan of the TV show Survivor) sent us this link on 27 year-old half-Chinese, half-Bolivian Survivor contestant Brenda Lowe. The former Miami Dolphins cheerleader and owner of Paddleboard Miami was chosen to be a contestant for Survivor Nicaragua after trying out, stating she would “kick ass” doing what they do on the show. Maybe I wouldn’t go so far as to use that term for her performance, but she has made a pretty darn good showing, so far and is currently viewed as a serious threat by several of the other “surviving” contestants.

As of this writing, the viewers have only seen 10 of the 20 contestants voted out of the competition and believe Brenda’s still in the running. However, according to a leaked “boot list” from a reliable source, at the next aired show’s “Tribal Council,” viewers will see Brenda being betrayed by her alliance and voted out as the 11th to go.Even though she wasn’t among the top survivors, Brenda is now known by many fans of the show as Survivor’s “Asian Sensation.”

Brenda Lowe
On the sidelines cheering on the Dolphins, circa 2005

Brenda Lowe
During her stint as a co-hostess on the game show ΒΏQuΓ© Dice la Gente? (What Say the People?), which was sort of a Spanish-language version of Family Feud

Brenda Lowe
On location for Survivor

Brenda Lowe
It’s obvious Brenda’s company logo features her silhouette.

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  1. I will say that other than the cheerleading photo, none of these photos do her body justice.

    That said, she is a dragon lady and a master manipulator of people who made a crucial mistake by keeping her primary alliance to someone who stole food from the group and was completely exposed.

  2. I couldn’t care less about Survivor. She should be doing a show about a bikini competition or something.

  3. Asian and Latin mixes are always beautiful.

    Should satisfy even those here who are not particularly ‘fans’ of certain mixes, if you know what I refer to.

  4. Her worst picture is the one she gets dirty. But a dirty girl is usually a good thing. πŸ™‚

    She is captivating, really beautiful. I love these asian/latin mixed babes. And her first picture is a winner, quite athletic.

  5. when the asian cheerleader thread was posted a few months ago I was tempted to bring her up, but the OP was about 2010 cheerleaders. Anyways, she’s a beaut.

  6. She has THE most incredible smile on the show. I watch the show just to see her smile.

    And for an ex-NFL cheerleader, she has un-enhanced, naturally slim upper body with a nice hip/booty that probably came from her Latin genome. She comes very close to my idea type of for a body shape.

  7. Her legs could be a little slimmer for my taste (and she could perhaps benefit from a visit to the Doc), but apart from that, very nice indeed – her stomach is really fabulous!

  8. I have caught the end of survivor after work a couple of times and agree with the collector, I don’t think these really do her justice, she is gorgeous.

  9. Holy crap…. a stunner I can take out on the mudflats collecting bloodworms and yabbies for fishing bait.

    Most other ladies (no idea why) seem a bit put off when I take them there on the first date.

    Can I have her please?

  10. Brenda is a great choice very attractive and she has a wonderful body. I am ready to jump on the bandwagon.

  11. @DrLee, I’m not sure if its just the 30 day Survivor starvation diet, but her legs are actually quite toned and thin under the constant glare of the camera.

    Some of these photos seem to indicate that she has extremely narrow shoulders, and I don’t think that’s actually the case.

    In top photo she’s got one arm up, narrowing her shoulders and in the bottom, her upper body is not turned square to the camera (the antithesis of every other modeling shot), and again has the same effect.

    Her body’s not in question, but she’s a complete control freak, e.g. “I can get men to do anything I want…. Underneath the muscles, they’re just whiny little bitches” (not her actual statement, but close enough).

  12. I don’t believe anything that someone says with a camera or microphone stuck in their face. If they’re amateurs, most freeze up and say stupid stuff; the professionals (celebrities, politicians, sports figures) have very well rehearsed lines, most of which are also stupid.

    By looking at these pix I cannot determine whether she’s HOT or not, but at least she’s REAL. No fake chest, fake nose, fake hair, fake name – just a real woman. One that you could pitch a tent and share a sleeping bag with. Or would go trolling with Kroos.

    One thing for sure, if you bounce coins off of her stomach, be prepared to get hit in the eye – her core is mother lode hard.

  13. Real woman; tough as nails
    From Miami, she hails
    Says she’ll kick tails
    Of most all the males.

    Used to rah-rah
    In a sports bra
    She has no flaw
    Gets our hurrah.

  14. I’m not a fan of Survivor but I did watch tonight’s episode to see if Brenda was indeed voted out and she sure was….even by those whom she said she trusted.

  15. I have a dilemma
    that pisses of some
    I don’t like to cuddle
    the girl when I’m done

    I patiently lie there
    but I’m desperately wishing
    that she’d roll over and tell me
    to go out and go fishing

    But Brenda I’m thinking
    might come along too
    We’ll got out and catch crabs
    right after we screw

    We’ll play in the mud
    while out catching bait
    we’ll do it like rabbits *
    but she’ll fish like a mate

    * disclaimer: I am referring to the cliche that rabbits have intimate relations on a regular basis, and I personally have no romantic experience with rabbits or indeed rodents of any kind

    Some posters have claimed
    there may be one hitch
    While Brenda is pretty
    she might be a bitch

    No problem I say
    I’ll sexually tease ‘er
    and if she starts nagging
    she’ll go in the freezer

    sometimes i worry myself with these rhymes…

  16. lol kroos. Yeah I agree with you, she’d be great out on the sandbars – or mudflats getting yabbies. Imagine you’d be doing the pumping and she’d be picking up?
    Pic 4 looks like she’s just done a bit of bait collecting.

  17. Yeah well I do watch Survivor and was rooting for her at first but she was so full of herself that I eventually switched. Still an absolute gorgeous girl but she knew it too.

  18. Fabio for the win, btw.

    Chase & Sash are the other two in the final three. Chase gets almost non votes. Its revealed Sash offered to pay off Jane’s mortgage if she voted for him and that (as Shannon claimed in a Tribal Council), that Sash is gay.

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