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Sex and Politics

Sachiko McLean

I had an email exchange recently with a right wing extremist who took exception to the political opinions I express in the FAQ section of my web site. Apparently he even posted something I never actually said on several mesage boards! When I pointed out to him the fact that I never said what he accused me of, he then accused me of altering my FAQ! This is in spite of the fact that (as regular visitors to my site will know) I have not changed anything in my FAQ since we launched our site a year and a half ago!

Anyway, this poor deluded individual got me to thinking about the relationship between sex and politics.Many people say sex and politics don’t mix, but I think this is naive. Politicians (and religious leaders) have been using sexual supression to control the masses for millenia. A recent example that applies particularly to sites such as this one is 2257, which seriously restricts what American web sites can post on the net. The Bush administration’s pandering to the religious right is restricting what you can see on the internet, and it will only get worse if you don’t take action.

Anyway, that’s my opinion on this volatile issue. What’s yours?

P.S. The photo above is another shot from the same fashion session as the last pic I posted here. I thought it was appropriately ‘serious’ looking for this subject! 🙂


Blia Cha @

People often ask me about Asian-Sirens: What does ‘sirens’ mean?

Well here’s the answer:

1. Greek Mythology. One of a group of sea nymphs who by their sweet singing lured mariners to destruction on the rocks surrounding their island.
2. A woman regarded as seductive and beautiful.
3a. A device in which compressed air or steam is driven against a rotating perforated disk to create a loud, often wailing sound as a signal or warning.
3b. An electronic device producing a similar sound as a signal or warning: a police car siren.
4. Any of several salamanders of the family Sirenidae, such as the mud eel, having an eellike body, permanent external gills, small forelegs, and no hind limbs.

I think the second description covers the load quite well 😉

Pham Thu Hang: Miss Vietnam 2005

Pham Thu Hang: Miss Hanoi-Vietnam 2005

Just 12 days away from my trip to ‘Nam, I decided to check out Miss Vietnam. Although the Miss Universe election was on May 30th, 2005, I took a peek at the Vietnam delegate. 20 year old Pham Thu Hang is a student at Hanoi Business University and likes fashion, music, singing and travelling. Check out some pictures and some video’s. I am not sure how she ended, but it wasn’t in the top 15. Well, I think she’s cute 🙂

Shae Mark’s Asian Girlfriends

I know she isn’t Asian but I was visiting the official website of Shae Marks the other day and noticed that her website packed with pictures and videos of herself and other models has been replaced with a simple portfolio page. Does anybody know what happened with her site and why she isn’t working anymore with Tammy (or Misha) who runs the sites for Sung Hi Lee, Kaila Yu and many other models?

Famous part of Shae’s website was Shae’s Playpen where you could find 200+ different model galleries including favorite Asian models such as Linda O’Neil, LeAnna Scott, Felicia Tang, Yumi Lee, and many more. To catch up old memories I’ve selected 30+ images from the past (only for members). Enjoy it!

DJ Nakadia – Thailands first international top DJ

DJ Nakadia

I found this Thai beauty on a poster of Ultimate DJ Gear which was on the door of a DJ store here in Amsterdam. So I decided to check her out.

Born in Thailand she grew up on a farm in poverty. Before 2001 she had never heard club music. Only when a model job brought her to Europe, she had her first club night and decided to change her career from modeling to DJ’ing. She bought turntables, and only two years later she was already touring the world. The former farmgirl became a global DJ within only 3 years. In 2004 alone she played over 110 performances in 19 nations – most of them in leading clubs (her style: Hardtrance and Trance). Nakadia is now a DJ booked out months ahead and constantly traveling the world. (Check her tourdates to see if she will spin some tunes in your neighbourhood! ;-))

She still loves to model, but after her big success as a DJ started, she is only available for some selected shootings now and then. (Experience: around 200 shoots in Thailand, Itay, France, Germany, Austria and Holland).

So, If you want to hire her, for the music, or for the modelling, contact her on her official website.You’ll find some nice photo’s on the model part of her site, and on this photosite, which somehow also seems to belong to her.

Nakadia Facts:

> height: 1,65 meter
> measures: 85-55-80
> eyes: brown
> hair: black, straight, long
> shoes: 36
> dress: 34
> Bra: 80b
> weight: 45 kg

DJ Nakadia

Thanks to ‘gweilo’ we now have some nude photo’s. You can find all six at the AsianSirensPhotos Yahoo group (you will have to join the group to see them!) but decided to put three of them here.

DJ Nakadia

DJ Nakadia

DJ Nakadia