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Thai Penthouses

Thai Penthouses

It must be Thai Weekend at Asian-Sirens! Another Thai babe posting. Just a little more ‘classy’ this time 😉

Somebody did a great job scanning TEN Thai Penthouses for us! Okay, I have to say, I would rather be able to buy them here in the store every month, but since that is not going to happen anytime soon, these extensive hi-res galleries will have to do! 🙂 No idea how long they will be there, so take a peek before they are gone! The links are inThai Penthouse 1
Thai Penthouse 2
Thai Penthouse 3
Thai Penthouse 4
Thai Penthouse 5
Thai Penthouse 6
Thai Penthouse 7
Thai Penthouse 8
Thai Penthouse 9
Thai Penthouse 10

Urecco Magazine

Urecco Magazine @

For those of you who find the Japanese Photobooks a bit too expensive, and want to see a little more than babes in bikini’s, J-List sells nice Japanese Adult Magazines.

Urecco is the best-selling Japanese magazine at J-List. Each issue is literally brimming with page after page of popular AV actress baring their bodies for your viewing pleasure. Some of the highest quality photographs can be found here, creating a great mixture of erotic fetishes and fantasies thanks to the talented eye of Urecco photographers. In bikini’s, street clothes, cosplay, and many times, nothing at all, each issue features only the best AV idols that Japan has to offer. To find out what this issue has to offer check out the product page. This issue also includes DVD with all original content featuring a great mixture of amateurs and professional AV queens.