SAM targets the Asian-American Man

SAM Magazine

Found this (online) Magazine named SAM. It’s a quarterly men’s magazine targeting Asian-American men. SAM covers topics on self-improvement, sex, humor, success, fashion, sports and more. Although their site mentions a premiere issue, their press kit (pdf alert!) is from 2005. Does anybody know more about this magazine?

Well, SAM sure features some nice Asian foxes.

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  1. “Field-tested secrets to picking up Asian babes.” On the cover of Maxim, that would be offensive, wouldn’t it? 😉

    So, wait–Asian women are often with white men because Asian men don’t know how to pick them up?

  2. This is one of those issues…do Asian women want to be with non-Asian men or do they just not want to be with Asian guys? Do they have “vanilla” fever? Is it a cultural thing or just something I am imagining? Does the race of a mate matter more to Asian-American women than to an Asian-living girl?

    Inquiring (and ignorant) minds want to know! 🙂

  3. Yesterday, a-s posted a video clip in which Gina said that Korean guys are too short. I think that, from the woman’s perspective, the white (or black) American male / asian female thing is about assimilation.

  4. Robin, let me guess.. you found this after you googled “jeannette lee” ? when r u going to post about her, she is hot and accomplised asian girl.. i can post but I am

  5. hey Curtis…i dont think it is necessary just asian men who have problem picking up asian women..i think the informative infor is for everyone:))…we all can use a little help dont you think?….lets not go down this path again…we had this discussion before Gai Jin :))

  6. Hey, I wasn’t trying to start anything. Just trying to have a little fun.

    And for the record, I think Korean guys are HAWT! 😉

  7. I’m sure that stereotypes and cultural biases play a part in the inequity. Girls in this society are conditioned to consider white dudes as the pinnacle of attractiveness and desirability while Asian-American men probably rank somewhere near the bottom of that scale. Think about it. Where was the last place you saw a favorable portrayal of an Asian-American guy that doesn’t play to the stereotypes of the nerd, the “ching-chong” foreigner, robotic businessman, or the dickless kung-fu-master-who-kicks-much-ass-but-doesn’t-get-the-girl?

    Asian-american women, on the other hand, can rank right up there in terms of desirability. They’ve got the “exotic-ness” that Asian-American men somehow lack (?). This website, along with the myriad of other sites out there dedicated to Asian women are testament to that. But where’s the balance? No wonder Asian-american girls grow up wanting their Brad Pitts and Jude Laws, without even throwing a glance at us APA guys. Asian-American Brad Pitts, Jude Laws, etc. don’t exist. The culture won’t let them exist.

  8. bingo Bolo_Boy 🙂 my thoughts exactly….how can we change this? btw not all asian women prefer caucasians…not that there is anything wrong with Gaijin..but lets have a fairer playing field ok? it is much harder that your sex and race are portrayed as such stated by Bolo_boy and have a fair chance with the fairer sex. I am sure if the white dudes are portrayed like Jerry Lewis all the time, they too would be screaming bloody murder. 🙂 by the way Dr. Lee…that little thing about Asian male being stereotype as being less endowed, NOT TRUE, NOT TRUE i tell ya:)….only our Black brothers can have that claim to fame…sorry Gaijin but i think the Viets can hang with the best of ya….just ask your girlfriends…:)…j/k…only joking guys..but the average hung dong is about 6.5…so i think we all here are above average right?…just find better hung guys in those Japanese porns please…they are giving us asian men a bad name:)…signing off captain:)

  9. Don’t forget this goes both ways – many, many beautiful Asian girls aren’t even allowed to date non-Asian men. So there’s bias on both sides.

  10. we should all get to boink who ever we want and wants us…equal opportunity fuckers i say…:)…lets keep race, creed, and size out of the equations :)…..but please find better hung dudes in the japanese porns….it is too sad to see these beautiful AV queens screaming over below average wankers….why is this Dr. ? 🙂 ha ha

  11. because they are getting pay to scream? :)…..i think japanese porns have the most beautiful women and the most average guys…too bad….i think you are right about Koreans guys…i heard they are pretty well hung..must be the KimChi ; )

  12. I can attest to that with first-hand experience! 😛

    Here’s a thought….I visited Japan many years ago and had quite a lot of “luck” with the ladies (luck because I was young and dumb and had NO idea what the hell I was doing! ha!).

    Applying that experience to this thread couldn’t it be said that a lot of us look for the ‘exotic’ mate? I was the exotic tall white dude when I went to Japan so the girls wanted me.

    Just like when an average girl comes to America, looks average but as soon as she opens her mouth and starts talking with that French accent — ooo la la! — she just got hot! ha!

    In the end, who knows WHY the Asian hunnies (hopefully) like us…just keep the goods coming!

  13. yea yea….asian hotties are always good…especially japanese…wow wee…:)…i know what you mean Doc :)))

  14. So far SAM has only come out
    with one mailed out issue. Perhaps
    they’re waiting for more funds before
    putting out another one.

    They never reply back to email. Everyone
    over there must be swamped with their day jobs.

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