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What happened to Hustler’s Asian Girls?


A few years back, Hustler (Netherlands) launched a special series of their magazine, called ‘Asian Girls’. I bought one, and was somewhat disappointed. It was a rather sleazy mix between Penthouse and porn. But still, it was a nice initiative. Only a couple of issue’s appeared, before the magazine died a quiet death. Too bad.

Does anyone know if there are any classy, erotic magazines (outside Asia) dedicated solely to Asian Girls?On special request, some ‘decent’ photo’s from the magazine.

Jasmine and Mizuho Tohno.

Jasmine (Photography: Bob Veze)

Mizuho Tohno (Photo by Samurai Productions)

Magazine covers in Asia

Bang Lang on MOT Vietnam

For those of you living in Asia, beautiful Asian models on the covers of magazines is nothing new. But for those of us living in Western countries, seeing all these beauties on the shelves can be somewhat disturbing sometimes! So when I had to wait at Hanoi International Airport in Vietnam, I could no longer resist, and bought a couple of magazines.

I am having a really hard time reading them ;-), but the photo’s and covers are great! On this issue of fashion magazine ‘MOT’, model Bang Lang is showing some nice moves. There are many more models inside, which I may show you in the future…