Sativa Rose and Charmane Star in Playboy’s Girls with Girls

This sizzling pair – also featured in Feb/March Playboy’s Lingerie – has made more than 150 adult films in the past years. You can find some great photos of them playing together in Playboy’s Girls with Girls, August 2006 (Photography: Kim Mizuno).

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  1. Playboy has come to realize that the “art” of the nude human form is basically worthless for the generation of revenue.To that end it’s actually quite refreshing to see them “saucing it up” at the traditional end of their business…and going straight hardcore with their purchase of Club Jenna.To hell with the “highroad”…show me PORN dammit!

    To your point CLM…viewing girl on girl does little for me…PARTICIPATING in girl on girl as the third leg-that works. )l(

  2. erosdeliria

    My sentiments exactly. I get more turned on watching regular girls off the street fuck it out.

    Pornography is better when its natural because it doesn”t give as many false impressions about sex.

  3. Oh c’mon, Sativa’s name clearly refers to “Avena sativa” (oat) or “Coriandrum sativa”
    (cilantro). I am shocked, shocked that anyone would think it was a reference to illegal narcotics. It means “planted”.

  4. on the same subject…are we not allowed to post xxx here?…soft core is cool enough but some nookie nookie is not so bad….the good doctor..can we say nookie, nookie? :)..nice pix…girls on girls not so bad as long as you add lawboy sandwich…he he

  5. This literally is girl-ON-girl action.

    I personally love to see Charmane do girl-on-girl. Hell, I love to watch Charmane do girl-on-anything! 😛 ha! If Kobe is my queen, then Charmane (and Sabrine Maui) is definitely my princess!
    (whatever the f*ck that means! ha!)

    But I think we can all agree, if mom’s and g/f’s and grannies are looking at Playboy without even a raised eyebrow — then you know it’s not porn. PB is the safe place to go if you want to look at nice looking females, boobies, and examples of photoshop talent. Not much else.

    On a side note:
    PB bought out Jenna?! When did that happen? She was already making $15 million a year doing porn — wonder how much she sold out for? Think she has a solid gold dildo? (hope that last word isn’t on the A-S Homeland Security list!)

  6. I don’t like Playboy, and lesbo action can be boring sometimes, but anything that Charmane is in is certified hot. She’s one of the hottest Asians in American porn. And Sativa Rose is one of the hottest Latinas in American porn as well.

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  7. NOTE: This was initially posted in response to a racist thread started by livu8yp02, which has now been deleted.

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  9. I applaud the effort of the mods to keep Asian-Sirens on topic and free of racial and political rants. I would hope we all here to admire beautiful women and the artistic creations of the photographers – why inject heavy, somber and divisive topics?

    FWIW, the “there’s oppression everywhere – if you don’t see it your just not informed enough” posts have the same effect as the actual racist posts. They are divisive and defeat the whole purpose of the board.

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    There a thousands of message boards devoted to historical wrongs and those who still want hang on to them – I personally visit a board like Asian Sirens to get away from all of that.

  10. is over…now we can go back and enjoy God’s beautiful creation……oops i said God…maybe i should say some unknown great being, allknowing…:)) he he…too deep of a discussion over such things are for other Boards..we are here for only one thing…i mean two..or maybe three ; )…..way to go doc

  11. Charmane. Wow. I’ve always preferred to see her in action (on video, that is) rather than posed, but lately she’s been taking some really tasty pictures. And maybe age has refined her beauty.

    Last year at HIN LA, she and Francine Dee had the most popular booth. We couldn’t get near it, there were so many guys piled up. 🙂

  12. Fo’ Sho’!!!

    I said it before and I’ll say it again — two thumbs up (and a you-know-what WAY up!) for Charmane!

    Doesn’t matter the medium: video, pics, trading cards, postage stamp, ViewMaster, etch-a-sketch…I’ll take Charmane any way I can! 😛

    Anyone know if Charmane and Sabrine Maui have done any work together? I suppose I could go search it out but…I’m a lazy ass perv who doesn’t like to work for his porn! ha! But seriously…have they?

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