Thai Penthouses

Thai Penthouses

It must be Thai Weekend at Asian-Sirens! Another Thai babe posting. Just a little more ‘classy’ this time 😉

Somebody did a great job scanning TEN Thai Penthouses for us! Okay, I have to say, I would rather be able to buy them here in the store every month, but since that is not going to happen anytime soon, these extensive hi-res galleries will have to do! 🙂 No idea how long they will be there, so take a peek before they are gone! The links are inThai Penthouse 1
Thai Penthouse 2
Thai Penthouse 3
Thai Penthouse 4
Thai Penthouse 5
Thai Penthouse 6
Thai Penthouse 7
Thai Penthouse 8
Thai Penthouse 9
Thai Penthouse 10

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  1. Interesting how Penthouse Thailand is really just a topless magazine. No bush, no genitals, no straight on butt shots.

    Cultural observations aside, good god, the last one on link 5, “The Money Cat”, just about defies description. What a beauty. And it looks like Mr. Yurman shot her. Has she been featured on here before? Anybody know her name?

  2. I don’t know who that girl is but she is gorgeous. Haven’t seen her in anything else though, but what a beauty indeed. She’s listed as Pat Nisa. I need to find out what happened to Thai Penthouse. All of these pics are from 2003.

  3. The Money Cat is one of the “clubs” on Adam Yurman’s The girl is called “Lisa” there, and she has 3 other clubs too. She is a great model and she really seems to connect with the camera.

  4. //comment edited because of lay-out problems

    Hey Amigos!

    Yeah, the Money Cat is pretty fine — but what is that exactly? A hacked thai-english translation meaning “expensive pussy”? 😉

    I always like the internation editions of nudie magazines better than the homegrown stuff — especially the covers. Don’t know why, just do.

    Seems like in the Asian arena Playboy only does Japan and Penthouse only does Thailand:

    Just found a Chinese Playboy from 1990 —

    And a 1989 Hong Kong Penthouse —

    I’m sure there are tons of other Asian editions out there…what do I know!

    (Sorry for any link vs. layout problems!)

  5. why do you guys keep doing this to me, i already said that i am booking my flight already..stop teasing me:))…who is going with me? 🙂

  6. If I didn’t had to work, I’d be going with you LawBoy. I bought a Japanese Playboy when I was in Japan and there were 0 Japanese in the magazine, just White chicks.

  7. HA! That’s funny! I guess it’s produced for the Japanese male audience — and they want to see blonde American chicks with big tits! I guess just because it’s “Made in Japan” doesn’t mean there are actually any J-babes inside as we would all like.

  8. playboy in japan is lame! there are so many other good mags there that are way better.

    penthouse here is the best girly mag in thailand, hands down. but don’t hold your breath about ever seeing genitalia. that is very, very against the law here (but then again, so is prostitution and that doesn’t stop anyone. haha!)

  9. I paid alot of yen for the suck ass issue of Playboy I purchased. I just thought it was cool since it was all in Japanese. I did buy some mags that were better and cheaper than that Playboy. I wish I saw a copy of Penthouse when I was in Thailand, I would have brought one home with me. I did buy a Maxim, Di-Chan and an FHM and those mags were really good. The Maxim even came with a free condom.

  10. i think the best mag in japan is Urecco…most beautiful girls and most artistic…almost as good as Doc’s pics..:)…ha ha

  11. i think the japanese has it right on for their techniques…most amazing results given the fact that from what i hear, not a lot of lookers from their population…i like adam’s pics too but you can see some subtle differences with the japanese photographers..

  12. i guess these are the reasons why we go to school, work hard and make money:)) just count your blessings that you can go to the far east sometime in your life:)

  13. Candyman’s fantastic .zip link won’t work for me – any chance someone could reload it?

    I’d really appreciate it.

    Oh, and Dr. Lee, you should never apologize for running a better platform. /wink

  14. Hi folks,

    just returned from holiday, just to find this great post – except all the images and the zip are gone. Anybody can help with re-post?


  15. Who can help this dude?

    I am Kristof
    I Came to this website in the search from thai penthouse magazine. I look for the numbers arround 1999.
    My girlfriend was Miss Penthouse at age of 25. (think vol 6)
    unfortunely she has no picture from this period.
    I saw that here used to be a link to a lot op thai penthouse magazine arround this period. But all the links are broken. Do you still have the zip files on your computer?

    I hope you can help me in the good direction

    kind regards


  16. (just because he seems to have the internet archived on his comp).

    would appreciate it if somebody else had it too… Candyman, obviously should, no? Haven’t seen him in a while though.

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