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For those of you who find the Japanese Photobooks a bit too expensive, and want to see a little more than babes in bikini’s, J-List sells nice Japanese Adult Magazines.

Urecco is the best-selling Japanese magazine at J-List. Each issue is literally brimming with page after page of popular AV actress baring their bodies for your viewing pleasure. Some of the highest quality photographs can be found here, creating a great mixture of erotic fetishes and fantasies thanks to the talented eye of Urecco photographers. In bikini’s, street clothes, cosplay, and many times, nothing at all, each issue features only the best AV idols that Japan has to offer. To find out what this issue has to offer check out the product page. This issue also includes DVD with all original content featuring a great mixture of amateurs and professional AV queens.

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  1. i LOVE urecco! used to buy it all the time when i lived there! ass for the cover-girl, i am not sure. yua aida is the 2nd name listed (in hiragana) on the right-hand column, though. the name above hers in kanji is ando something. can’t read the kanji for the first name…

  2. this has got to be the best japanese photo mags…i buy it everytime i am in tokyo…beats the hell out of american mags…amazing photos…

  3. For my money, no one can present female beauty like the Japanese…not to mention that the country has many of the most beautiful women on the planet.

  4. yes. like i said in my interview, there are a ton of great photographers there, but as for the women, don’t judge them based on what you see in magazines. as a guy who lived there for a long time, i can tell you that really beautiful j-girls are few and far between. there are tons of “cute” ones, but so many of them are short-legged, tiny-breasted, and have no butts to speak of. it’s genetic.

    one other thing that you see constantly there is bad teeth and bad skin. so many people with bad teeth! seriously; i don’t know when they will start getting braces as a regular thing like in the states. bad skin is due to bad food and bad air and smoking; so many girls there smoke.

    for sheer VOLUME of hot girls, look to china and southeast asia. bigger gene pool… 🙂

  5. newworks…are you in japan?…is this true…my fantasies are crushed:)….i guess it may be true…i always thought japan or specificall tokyo is full of beautiful women like the ones in Urecco….when i was there at the Grand Hyatt…i did see a lot of cutesy…but gorgeous drop dead beauty are few…shape wise as to height, legs, hips and ass…that is a tough call…we need to inject some variety of genes into the japanese’s gene pool…who’s with me? ! :))

  6. lawboy. i lived in tokyo for about 8 years, so i know of what i speak. 🙂

    i relocated here to bangkok in september of last year.

    as for the gene pool thing: it is a fact that you just can’t get around. it’s an island nation that was very, very closed to outsiders for a very long time. there are even rumors that the reason why you hardly ever hear the crown prince speak publicly is because he is, ummm, a little slow. it’s good that he was allowed to marry a “commoner” outside of the imperial gene pool.

  7. a little slow…ha ha….same thing as it was in Europe in the middle ages…all the royals were a “little slow”. i am so envious of you for living in probably the best nookie countries for us fans of this site…i am only lucky enough to make it 2, 3 times a year…who can give me some pointers on Bangkok ? :))

  8. Hell I’m with you Lawboy! Now I wanna work for you let’s add that variety to the Japanese girls! Newworks you’ve broken my heart with that assessment. All my illusions are crushed…I hate smokeface! Why must women smoke?

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