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So What’s Going On With Natalie Tran?

With over 431,515,000 views and 1,086,500 followers, Vietnamese Australian Natalie Tran is an absolute YouTube phenomenon. Although I’m not a fan personally, I have to admire the craft of her sharp editing and witty, quick fire dialogue. Incredibly, she was churning out a new video every few days, building up a grand total of 287 clips, until she suddenly stopped without warning four months ago, after posting the video above. Her Facebook page – which is still active – doesn’t give any clues as to why, despite many requests from her fans. Does anyone know?

Spicy Japanese Featuring Kaoru and Hayami Kikuchi

In my previous article on Kaoru Kikuchi, I mentioned that she would soon be launching Sexy Japanese. Well, it has now become Spicy Japanese, and their first video – What Time Is It – has finally gone live, featuring not only Kaoru but her sister Hayami! Dare I say the i-word? What’s more, Hayami has also been featured in FHM – you can see her photos after the jump.





Spicy Japanese YouTube channel
Spicy Japanese Facebook page
Sexy Japanese Facebook page

Love In the Butt?


Apparently the title of this film is actually Love In the Buff, but it sure looks like “butt” to me, which gave me a good chuckle when I saw the poster for this movie in Sunnybank (and “buff” is pretty funny in any case). Anyway, this got me to thinking about all the mangled Asian English I’d seen over the years, and I thought it might make for a good Asian Sirens post. Other good sources of this are restaurant names (one of the ones in Sunnybank is called “Glamorous Wok”) and Japanese porn (for example: “Caution! She is Pretty Bust Monsters!”). Please post your own in the comments!

Michelle Bella

Stripper Exotic Dancer Michelle Bella met Michael Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray at her place of employment, the “social-type club” Speament Rhino in Las Vegas. Michelle was called to testify during Dr. Murray’s trial because she was one of the ladies in his harem whom he texted the day he left a drugged-up Jackson alone to die in bed.

As I implied in yesterday’s entry, I find nothing humorous about the case of a doctor so derelict in his duties, that it resulted in his patient’s death, so I’m not making light of the trial. However, it has turned into quite a media spectacle with an intriguing cast of characters, Miss Bella being one of them, so I am going to place this one under “humor.” Oh, yesss.

Gwendoline Yeo for Hanes

Ever hear the expression “don’t get your panties in a bunch”? Well, apparently that’s what happened to Robin (actress and musician Gwendoline Yeo, who’s been featured here twice before) during this recent segment of the fictional talk show What’s Up? with Robin and Leslie. Oh, “Leslie” is Arden Myrin, best known for her stint on Mad TV.

EDIT: The above video has been deleted from Youtube, but you can view the original post and video here.