Gwendoline Yeo for Hanes

Ever hear the expression “don’t get your panties in a bunch”? Well, apparently that’s what happened to Robin (actress and musician Gwendoline Yeo, who’s been featured here twice before) during this recent segment of the fictional talk show What’s Up? with Robin and Leslie. Oh, “Leslie” is Arden Myrin, best known for her stint on Mad TV.

EDIT: The above video has been deleted from Youtube, but you can view the original post and video here.

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0 thoughts on “Gwendoline Yeo for Hanes”

  1. attractive mature lady to look at. But I’d have to ask her to stop talking. *shudder at the accent* What happens to asian ladies when they grow up in america?

    They seem to lose something….. I don;t mean virginity. Thats a given. I mean some special quality that asian women growing up in asia usually have. I can’t recall any ‘import’ models that have this, but i can’t even say what ‘this’ is.

  2. oops my bad. its the blonde with the voice that would make paint peel. hmmmm… rethinking my evaluation….

  3. Kroos, you mean, that ‘demure,’ ‘shy,’ ‘feminine’, and ‘submissive’ quality, the ones that are suited to ensuring that they cook your dinner, wash the dishes, and treat you to a shyt tzu back massage after a hard day of work?

    Just teasing you!

  4. …which is why an Asian-American can often catch my eye, but once they open their mouth (often loud aggressive and masculine), I’m out of there!

  5. Gwendoline previously appeared on Asian Sirens here and here. It seems she can brush up pretty well with the right style and makeup, but without the glamourising, I don’t feel she’s anything special.

  6. CEC All I get above is a big white patch where the video should be. A link and a proxy server might just work. So would you mind posting a link to the video, or how about some stills? Thanks Doc for your links, so I at least know what she looks like. And she’s not that bad looking.

    But haha after what Mr kroos said, do I care if there is sound attached?

  7. Thanks CEC but I will thank you properly when I get to see Gwendoline. The video opens then begins to download but stops and gives an ‘error, please try again later’ message.
    BTW HideFAP seems to be the most reliable proxy server in PRC. But on this occasion, like Gmail, it’s refusing to cooperate.

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