Spicy Japanese Featuring Kaoru and Hayami Kikuchi

In my previous article on Kaoru Kikuchi, I mentioned that she would soon be launching Sexy Japanese. Well, it has now become Spicy Japanese, and their first video – What Time Is It – has finally gone live, featuring not only Kaoru but her sister Hayami! Dare I say the i-word? What’s more, Hayami has also been featured in FHM – you can see her photos after the jump.





Spicy Japanese YouTube channel
Spicy Japanese Facebook page
Sexy Japanese Facebook page

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0 thoughts on “Spicy Japanese Featuring Kaoru and Hayami Kikuchi”

  1. Actually, while I think Hayami does look Japanese, Kaoru looks Korean to me. I think Hayami is cuter, but Kaoru is sexier.

  2. The close up with the lips saying i ma na n ji is just so hot with them juicy candy red lips of goodness.

  3. the FHM pictures appear look remarkably untouched by photoshop. I could definitely learn Japanese this way.

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